SPAZ2 Walkthrough (Zombie Maps) – Space Pirates and Zombies 2

SPAZ2 Walkthrough (Zombie Maps) – Space Pirates and Zombies 2 1 -
SPAZ2 Walkthrough (Zombie Maps) – Space Pirates and Zombies 2 1 -

This guide is a strategy to beat the zombie alpha and his horde regardless of difficulty or scenario.


Walkthough Guide for SPAZ 2 (Sandbox with Zombies)
By J-Kitty
Hello Everyone welcome to my guide for SPAZ 2. I’ve been playing for a while and while I found a lot of details on the forum and some sparse guides on the game there’s not one that is fairly comprehensive. So I decided to create my own. This guide will show you a strategy to get to and beat the Zombie Alpha even on Insane Difficult.

Starting out in a harsh environment

Regardless of start you will want to do three things. First, switch your movement speed to Boosted as time is of the essence when you are just starting any scenario. Second is to load up the hanger bays with short buses so you have a bit of a threat level without any gear. Third, is to “toybox” your ship by jettisoning everything except for the mothership core. Even though you are weak you are literally the fastest ship in the game at 149 speed and can easily outrun any other ship on the Starmap.
The first goal should be to map the entire region as it makes it much easier if you know what everyone else is up to (especially the zombies). Collect all the lore books as they provide a minor resource boost without as much of a delay as gathering a resource node. Plus it doesn’t give goons so you won’t take up additional rez. Depending on your start you may want to sell off all but 20 of the goons when you get to a star base though to conserve more rez. Once the map is complete look for the Void Militia region and head there. As you gain levels you’ll want to choose in the order of Strike Force>Attack>Trading>Defenses>Reload time> >Boost>Capacity>Scavenge.
The reason for this order is because your Strike Ships are going to be doing a majority of the damage for a good part of the game while you run around the battlefield trying not to die a terrible terrible death.

Arming yourself for conflict

The first step to success is to get ingratiated with the regional powers. Reequip your ship with junk gear and man it to the best of your abilities. Start with helping completely lopsided fights against bandits (lopsided in your favor that is) this way you can get the data on the strike units safely and get some better gear hopefully. The region you should first go to is the Void Militia to try and get yourself some mac hammers and particle hoses. As right now you are just trying to keep the other ship’s strike squad from blowing you up while they are fighting. It also will help you take down more squads faster to build up that data
After you get strong enough weaponry head to the Sun Hunters to replace some cores and your engine with their stuff so you can stop moving at a snails pace on the battlefield. Keep helping a faction bully the bandits until you get to a sufficiently high threat level to make it so that you are on equal terms with the bandit hives. This may vary depending on the scenario you are in but if you are strong enough to take down a hive then you’ll be strong enough for what comes next.

Making friends by zombie slaying

There are two ways to quickly get rep with all factions one is by defeating zombies and the other is by curing zombies with Rez. Do this a couple of times so that you have a fairly positive rep with the different factions. You don’t need much at first maybe 10-15 rep with all factions but it will be enough to ensure the next goal will be able to be done without interference from another faction.
You may have a hard time of it by having to pick off enemies here and there as they tend to group up but, try and pick off stragglers or low level zombie bases. The best strategy to taking down a zombie base is to attack the “nodes” around the base itself first to get rid of all the strike units that spawn then finishing off the core while kiting around it.
You’ll want to switch out the Mac Hammers to one of the Health damaging weapons as well as taking a couple miniguns for anti missile defense as Zombie bases tend to flood you with missiles for fun. Unlike regular units that can go to any faction base but, take permanent battle damage while forgetting to rearm zombies regenerate to the exact or near exact same threat level but it just takes a while for them to get back to the capital. Once you are in the positive for rep it’s time to retreat and regroup so you can put an end to the menace for good (or at least for a while depending on the playstyle)

Establishing an Empire

The reason for the positive rep is so that when you start base building you’ll get recruits and at the same time prevent any group from deciding to declare war on you. Find yourself an out of the way corner with a lot of build space to settle down in that doesn’t border a faction if possible and it should be well away from the zombies. Match the base type with the bonuses listed in the sector to give yourself a better advantage. Once you’ve built a base go and recruit what remaining lone captains you can find since by this time the zombie alpha has probably started snapping them up like no ones business. You can have 4 Captains (including yourself) per territory so you can only recruit three this time around. You should also use the money you have to strengthen the defenses in the territory as it factors in for the “war effort”.
At this point you should start knocking off bandit bases in order to accumulate scrap. Start with your own territory and branch out a bit so you can give your area some breathing room. The money you get from it can be invested into building more territories. Assign each territory a captain as you’ll take an upkeep penalty the more bases you personally control. You’ll also want to branch out fast to try and cover as much area as possible in order to build up a large bankroll back at your capital. Get as many Lone Captains as possible and don’t pillage them from other factions (other than zombie of course) as to put an end to the zombie outbreak you’ll probably need their help.

Two Paths to the Alpha

At this point you have two choices in order to get enough war support to be able to end the zombie menace. The first path is to outbuild the Alpha on your own, which while possible on the easier settings the harder difficulties have the horde expanding too far too fast so you may get stuck in a situation where you lack the capability of catching up to him.
The second path is to make alliances with the other factions and their territories get included in the calculation for the war effort. This one can also be “eliminated” as an option if you take too long and the Alpha knocks out the other factions but most likely you’ll be able to get an alliance with the two strongest factions in order to reach the magic number.
Once you’ve hit the Magic Number then you’ll be able to attack the capital city of the Alpha in an ‘event’ based mission. Unlike the regular campaign the fight between you and the Alpha is just the same as a normal base attack just with the Alpha Zombie in his ship as well. When you succeed all of the zombie territories are instantly eliminated returning to neutral territories and all infected captains are freed. Any faction that was wiped out though stays wiped out.
Furthermore, after you hit the corresponding number the event stays open permanently so you don’t have to worry about the other factions falling once the path is made. This is very important in harder difficulties because odds are good you will need to prepare a lot more before you can confront the Alpha.

Bringing down the Alpha

The harder the difficulty the more your ship needs to be a monster before you can complete this event due to the seriously extreme buffs zombies get in combat on those settings. At this point it’s where your Empire comes in. More specifically the ability to buy items as “special orders” at 10x or more their original costs. Going into the shopping guide you can choose the type of item you need and then move the slider bar over to the specific level of gear you want. The higher level the gear the more expensive the price increase. As such a healthy economy is needed to be able to customize your ship to the point of being able to finish the fight.
Use the other factions to box the Alpha in while “stealing” the Captains back from the Alpha. As you get stronger you can do things like attacking the Alpha on the star map to keep him from building for a while or taking back territories but this is not a finite solution on harder difficulties as they will build faster than you can bring them down. The goal isn’t to take back the galaxy one sector at a time it’s to buy enough time to get your ship strong enough to finish the event mission. Larger maps actually have an easier time of this because while the zombies can build more the event mission is static regardless of strength of the horde itself. Furthermore the larger maps prevent the horde from grouping up meaning hit and run attacks are more viable for a while.
Once you have a comfortable amount of gear you can give it a run. The battle itself is straight forward and just one base with 2-3 nodes and the Alpha. Start by taking out the nodes before moving onto either the base or the Alpha then finish off the other one. Once you’ve cleared the map the galaxy is saved…. unless you have the respawning zombie horde feature turned on of course.

Conclusion and Thanks

So there you have it. A rough guide on how to bring down the Zombie Alpha even in the game’s hardest setting. After the Alpha is down you can go about trying to conquer the galaxy or you can try a different difficulty or setting.
I’d like to thank Minmax for making such a fun game and ask you to check out my guide for Survivalist if you haven’t had your fill of Zombie Hordes.

Written by J-Kitty

I hope you enjoy the SPAZ2 Walkthrough (Zombie Maps) – Space Pirates and Zombies 2 guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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