Spearhead Mod – Basic Changes – Company of Heroes 2

Spearhead Mod – Basic Changes – Company of Heroes 2 1 - steamclue.com
Spearhead Mod – Basic Changes – Company of Heroes 2 1 - steamclue.com

Made for those who wish to grasp the basics of a dead beauty called The Spearhead mod.
Quick rundown and explanation of what the mod is about.
Personal and subjective? You bet
Why? Because people with far more hours than me did nothing in terms of guides. They resort to game chat and server.

What is Spearhead

Realism mod for CoH2
Not realistic, not ♥♥♥♥ spiel.
It changes a lot of aspects of basic gameplay so that it becomes faster but also slower. It takes more time and effort to learn how to be effective. Also, there is cheese and OP ♥♥♥♥. So not much different than vanilla or any other mod.

Basic changes

-Basic squad size is 5 models for all nations except Soviets (Their basic squad size is 6)
-Every squad except very few have a Squal Leader weapon, usually an automatic (A squad of Pioneers for instance will have 4 soldiers with Bolt Action K98 rifles, and a Squad Leader with MP40)
-Sightlines are increased. The squads can see further when they standstill. When they move the line of sight shortens, and when they sprint it’s even smaller.
-Sprint on all infantry units, or some form of it. All of them are free of cost.
-Grenades are much more powerful, molotovs and bundle grenades especially
-All flame based grenades can decrew light vehicles and cause engine damage on even heavier targets
-Grenades such as Bundle Grenade can stun and immobilize all tanks, and kill lighter ones.
-Anti-tank grenades and panzerfausts are much more dangerous, often able to score one-hit kills. Also pretty much all german units have panzerfausts
-All units have two texts- Fluff and Gameplay important
Fluff-Changes based on which doctrine you picked, and with veterancy on certain units.
Gameplay important-Yellow text at the bottom of unit card, stating squad size, armaments, possible weapon upgrades, and Training/skill level of the squad. Also it’s intended role.
Crew Weapons
-All can camouflage and hold fire regardless of faction or doctrine
-MG and Mortars cost Manpower and Munition
-DSKHa and 50.cal perform sub optimaly currently, so be advised.
-AT guns are RNG machines, much more so than vanilla.
-Mortars have small automatic attack range, so you will have to actively order it to bombard targets.
-Mortars can one shot light vehicles and light tanks on direct hits.
-Light vehicles (Jeeps, Kubelwagens, Unarmored Trucks, etc) can be easily killed / decrewed with just a few shots. Much squishier than vanilla, but also make up for it with better utility early on.
-Light vehicles (222, Halftracks, scout cars, UC, etc) have thick enough armor to repel almost all infantry small arms, but will get cucked by AT Rifles. Use that to your advantage.
-All light vehicles can get suppressed (222 with 2cm autocanon isn’t on the list, regular 222 is)
-All untis have two texts-Fluff and Gameplay important
-Light Tanks-Can get one shot by things like AT guns, Panzerfausts, mines, and direct impact mortar shells.
-Medium tanks-♥♥♥♥ vision compared to vanilla, don’t send them out alone. Can get one shotted if critical hit “Ammo rack explosion” occurs. The crit can come from almost any AT weapon.
-Heavy tanks-Look up Medium Tanks
Artillery- Anything over 15cm is currently “Overpowered” as it can annihilate almost sector wide areas.
-All artillery (Including mortars) can use Counter Battery, turning it into a braindead “who will fire first and lose” game.
-There are things I probably missed, you can find em out yourself
-AT mines can one shot most vehicles
-All infantry can construct sandbags and bunkers
-all factions have acces to at least 3 types of mines
-almost all units have acces to 6 weapon upgrades per unit
-Each building excluding HQ has upgrades (global and unlocks)
-Axis don’t have Manpower cache but can construck Kampkraft Center like CoH1
-All units have 5 levels of veterancy, veterancy is streamlined into boosting same stats regardless of unit, for all units.
-Unique icons for each infantry squad
-Time to kill (TTK) is much shorter than in vanilla, leading to faster gameplay in terms of unit wiping
-Being out of cover matters much more
-Tanks shouldn’t be sent out alone.
-Points give you +3 manpower alongside the regular resources.
-All factions have munitions and fuel caches


Every faction has six (6) fixed doctrines hand made for the mod
Each doctrine is centered around a particular theme. Heavy tanks, artillery, motorized warfare, infantry, etc.
List for each faction
Soviet Onion
-Rifle (Cheaper conscripts, infantry centered, no heavy tanks (Outside KV1) or AT options outside BS-3 AT gun)
-Shock (Generalist, offers shock troops as well as T34/85 tanks and KV2)
-Tank (Good infantry, Cheaper tanks, IS2 and T34/85 Ace as well as regular T34/85, limited artillery options)
-Artillery (Penal squads, Large artillery guns, only Kv8 as a heavy tank, limited AT options)
-Tank Hunter (SU and ISU’s of all sorts, Polish Kurwa Battlegroups, limited artillery options)
-Motorized (Spec Op infantry, Katyushas, Lend Lease Shermans, overall generalist with somewhat lackluster late game depending who you ask)
Want to git gud? Play Artillery, Tank and Rifle
United Stonks Forces
-Tank Destroyer (Lamo Tank destroyer tanks, but top ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Bloody Bucket infantry units)
-Ranger (Mavericks pick whenever he plays Allies, light vehicles galore, ranger squads, random veterancy on Rear echelons and Riflemen, Jumbo and Long Tom arty gun. Generalist)
-Mechanized (♥♥♥♥ ton of Sherman types, calliope, Light vehicles and broad range of infantry units)
-Airborne (Expensive 101st Screaming Eagles squads that will make you sell a kidney for reinforcements, lackluster AT options, artillery mainly from officers)
-Tank (No artillery outside officers, Pershing, not much else)
-Rifle (Blue and Gray cheap infantry, M1919 on Riflemen, Priest, 105mm Howitzer Priest. Infantry and defense oriented, good all rounder with a lack of heavier AT)
Want to git gud? Play Tank Destroyer, Airborne and Tank
United Kingkong Fryer
-Dunno any doctrine as I hate Brits since CoH1 and don’t play em. Also scuffed faction that can’t get balanced in vanilla let alone here lmao. Skip it and thank me later.
-Ost (Ostruppen squads, potent AT options, Mortar halftrack, MG42 concrete bunkers,105mm Howitzer, Elefant. Dig in and arty doctrine with AT)
-Infantrie (Veterancy on your three mainline units with each battle phase purchased, Jagdpanzer 4. Lacks heavy artillery outside officers. Used to be top meta but nerfed down a lot)
-Straff (German Penal squads, 112 mm mortars,captured T34’s, Brumbarr, 105mm howitzer, dig in arty doctrine without AT. Also Rocket Halftrack)
-Leichte (Light vehilces galore, Panzerwerfers, Panther A tanks (♥♥♥♥♥♥ engine), Italian Battle groups, captured weapons on infantry squads, generalist)
-Fallschirmjager /Lufftwaffels (Fallschirmjager infantry with only 2 tanks (2 and a half) in it’s roster, and only officer artillery. best used in 1v1s. Also Ostwind)
-Panzer (Good infantry, good tanks, Panthers, Tigers, King Tiger. No artillery outside officers, fuel hungry ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, broad choices of tanks. Also Ostwind)
Want to git gud? Play Fallschirmjager first, everything else second (More or less all of them will give you a hard time regarding something, good all around)
Sausage Suckers (SS) (OKW in vanilla)
-Panzerjager (Potent infantry with ♥♥♥♥ ton of AT abilities, captured Shermans, Jagdtiger ,jagdpanzer 4, no artillery outside officers. Somewhat of a generalist)
-Mech (Light vehicles, Rocket Halftrack, 15cm Immergrun Howizer, heavy emplacements. Weird mix of Light vehicles and Static defences and arty. Good for digging in, bad for attacking. Also not so good AT options)
-Sturm (Maverick pick whenever he’s Axis, Offense oriented doctrine, Sturmtiger, 105mm Howitzer,lacks heavier AT and limited AT options on most infantry)
-Propaganda (cheap Volkssturm infantry, Panzerwerfer, Tiger Ace, Veteran Panzergrenadier squad, Volkssturm Panzerjager squads. Best generalist in the game, in the right hands the biggest pain immaginable)
-Jaeger (Increased sight on units, invisible units on minimap, Panther tanks, No artillery outside officers, fallschirmjager squads)
-Panzer (Potent infantry, Rocket Halftrack, Panther command tank, Panthers, Tiger 1’s. Good all rounded capable of comebacking from extreme situations)
Want to git gud? Play Mech and Propaganda, then Sturm
-Each doctrine has unique battlegroups it can call in to complement it’s forces, usually it’s a “missing link” regarding infantry. Be sure to check all of them out.
they are
-Rifle NKVDs
-Shock Black Guard
– Tank whatever they are called
-Artillery bulgarians
– Tank Destroyer Armia Krajowa
– Motorized VDV
-TD Nisei
-Ranger Brazilians “Smoking Snakes”
-Motorized “Free French” and whatver they called veterans
-Airborne 82nd
-Tank Buffalo
-Rifle whatver they called sneaking guys
-Ost Romanians and Hungarians
-Infanterie Luftlande
-Straff Sicherungs
-Leichte Italians
-Fallschirmjager Brandenburg infiltration specialists
-Panzer Kampgruppe Lehr panzergrenadiers
-Pzjager 30th Waffen, canon fodder (And actually good unit CaptainAirstrike)
-Mechanized Nord
-Sturm Kavalerie
-Propaganda French Waffen SS
-Jaeger Pringle Eugen and Handschar
-Panzer Estonians and “Infinite Panthers”

What else is there?

There’s a Discord that is called Spearhead but is mostly just Steel Division 2 talk
Main developer is cool but has to work with ♥♥♥♥♥♥ tools and with only one other person helping him
Chances are you won’t find many games that arent vs AI , premade kiddies or bad ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ map
Avoid maps made by “Deviant”
♥♥♥♥ kriegspiel
Wikinger has better explosions
I made this at 2 am and took me like twenty minutes. Maybe if people with more hours than me could write actua guides mod would be more lively kek
I ain’t playing the mod anymore
(Also to whom it may concer.-♥♥♥♥ you, you know what you did rabbit)

I hope you enjoy the Spearhead Mod – Basic Changes – Company of Heroes 2 guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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