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Speed Runner Walkthrough Guide – Return to Monkey Island 1 - steamclue.com

Hello, this is a walkthrough of each part of the story. It is intended to help you get through the main story objectives quickly and finish the game as fast as possible.
– Play in CASUAL mode (to solve more/less puzzles.)
– Click the "." button to skip dialogs. Use the "" button to skip dialogs
– To skip to cinematics, use "ESC"
– Double click on the LMB for faster running
– To move faster, choose the last line from () dialogues
WARNING: This extensive walkthrough guide contains all the major spoilers. This guide is only for those who have played the game once.

Prelude – An Unexpected Tale Begins

Chuckie, talk to us
– Get the pegleg key from the Scurvydog Shack by going to the Scurvydog Shack
– Leave the Scurvydog Shack. Combine the pegleg outside house key and the outhouse entrance.
– Enter the Outhouse and pick up (, which looks like a coin.
– To receive 2 Scurvydogs go to the Scurvydog Shack.
– Go to the right, just after "your parents", and exit the Scurvydog Shack.
Continue on to the end of the location to the left until you reach the purple wooden fencing door
– Open up the door and walk to Guybrush's right-hand side.

Part I – A Friendly Place

After ending the dialogue, you can head down to docks.
– Enter Scumm Bar. Talk to the 3 new Pirate leaders and exhaust their dialog lines.
– Continue to the left on the pier that LeChuck's ship is situated
– Talk with Iron Rose (Quartermaster). Tell him that you would like to be a Swabbie and become Guybrush
– Go back to the Scumm Bar, then enter the Kitchen and speak with the Cook.
– Take the untangled string item from the mini pier to your right side of the kitchen.
– Go to the Low Street, and exhaust Elaine’s dialogue
– Go the International House of Mojo to end the dialogue and meet the Voodoo Lady
– Get the following items: the knife & the frog. Interact with the disguise bag
– To exit the conversation go to the Govenor’s Mansion.
– Read and try to borrow "Ingredients", a book on the bookshelf.
– Speak "I'm sorry" during the sword fight with Carla
– Give Carla your frog and then borrow "Ingredients".
– Return to the Scumm Bar chef and give him the "Ingredients” cookbook
– Combine the knife, the mop, and the cook's knife
– Take the wood scrap from the mop to Wally at Wally's Maps-n-More.
– Take the monocles from the table, and combine them in your inventory
– Go to the forest, and follow the path indicated by Wally's map
Combine the knife and mop tree to make a mop handle
– To get the serial number, visit the Museum of Pirate Lore.
Locke Smith must be contacted to obtain the key for the display cabinet.
Locke Smith's shop sells crackers.
– Go into the Museum of Pirate Lore, hand the crackers to a parrot, then use a display case key to open the lock to steal an eyepatch
– Visit the Internation House on Mojo to give the eyepatch the Voodoo Lady. To have the eyepatch magically enchanted
– Go to Lechuck’s ship location (. Do not place the Quartermaster on the screen.). Mix the untangled string, the mop handle, with the enchanted epatch
– Keep your disguised identity secret and give the mop back to the quartermaster

Part II – A Dangerous Journey

– Get the pamphlet. Take the ghost bird feed and feed it to the chicken on the right.
– Grab the mop. Wipe the grease from the porthole with the mop. Repeat this 3 times
– Escape through the porthole. Go to the right of screen and climb the ladder that leads to the upper deck.
– Find the middle of your ship to initiate the conversation
– Return to the Hold, open the Box and Take Murray With You
– Go back up to the upper deck through the window (Gullet. You will not be able to get out of the Hold,), and you will need to go into the (lowerdeck).
Murray can be washed in the washing machine located next to LeChuck’s cabin to flatten Murray
– Go up to the Upperdeck, and flatten Murray with the cauldron
– Once Madison's ship is found, climb up the crows' nest and gaze through the spygla*s.
– Visit Iron Rose to tell her about your idea of Monkey Island
Iron Rose is available to discuss what you should do to change her vote
– Give her a pamphlet to get her votes
– From the top of the ship, climb down the ladder. Then, from the side of it, turn left until you reach your rudder.
– Now climb down the rudder, and grab the knife from Gullet’s back.
– Begin by climbing up and then through the porthole. Then, climb down towards the lowerdeck.
Flair her with the knife if you want to win her vote
– Go to the ship’s galley and talk to Putra. Once she has requested promotion papers, she will be able to give you all the options related to "chef".
Putra can be asked about her vote. You will discover that she is still committed to voting for Iron Rose.
– Get the promo papers from the table, and go to LeChuck’s cabin
– Once you've been kicked out, enter LeChuck's cabin to talk to him again.
– Use First Swab Report on the Rat near LeChucks cabin
– Go into the Ship's Galley to use the First Swab Report in the Kitchen
– Go into the Hold to use the First Swab’s Report on the greased and chicken poop
– Use the First Swab Report at the Upperdeck with the mess next to the cauldron (red potion leakage)
Iron Rose must be given the First Swab Report completed. In return, Iron Rose will receive additional paperwork
– Combine the Putra request of promotion paper with the Iron Rose paperwork
– Talk to Flambe up the Crow’s nest to find his favourite food
– Go to LeChuck’s cabin and give him the combined paperwork
– Putra will be promoted by the ship's galley if she goes to the ship’s Galley.
Talk to Putra and get Scorched Alaska at the table
– Flambe, the Scorched Alaska gives a hand to Crow's nest
– Flambe's joke book is now available in the crate.
– Take the book and go to the Upperdeck to give it to Apple Bob
– Go to bell in the Upperdeck back and ring the bell two times
– LeChuck may be shouting at the crew. Instead, go to Lechuck’s cabin to use the mop and desk map to swap maps
– Go back towards the bell at the Upperdeck and ring it once
– Once you have won the votes, combine flatten Murray to the cannon and fire it.
– Use the last words of the dialogue to LeChuck

Part III – Return from Monkey Island

– Continue straight towards Monkey Island until you reach the end.
– Take the skull at the left side of the beach and enter into the jungle
– Take the shovel to the redberry bush by following the map of Secret of Monkey Island.
– Chase the Madison crew at Giant Monkey Head. Grab the skull and the daisies close to the wooden fence.
Madison's crew will be happy to help you determine what you need to wear a disguise to get into LeChuck's ship.
– Follow the instructions on the map to the volcano beach.
– Head underwater and try to return to LeChuck’s ship
– Once underwater, move to the left until LeShip's anchor is pa*sed and grab the skull
– Get on the rudder and climb up the anchor
Gullet needs you to help him complete his poem by choosing: Germs; Roses or Snack
– Talk to him once more and ask for his Poem books
– Take the skull and leave LeChuck's ship.
– Get the skull from the beach by going to the spot with the shipwreck
– Go to Madison's Giant Monkey Head to give Madison's team Gullet’s poetry book to make it a disguise book.
– Return on the side to LeChuck's boat and recite the poem to transform into Gullet
– Climb to Flair's Upperdeck and talk to Flair. Then, go to LeChuck’s cabin and steal LeChuck’s journal.
– Go back into the Lowerdeck to grab the sheet Music on the wooden barrel by the trapdoor towards Hold
– Talk to Putra at the ship's galley. She will tell you LeChuck her favorite dish.
– LeChuck's favorite meal is yours to serve.
– Visit Madison's Crew Giant Monkeyhead to Madison’s Crew. To the right, Murray is impaled onto a wooden stick and 6 other wooden sticks
– Place all 6 of the skulls on the wooden posts and remove the arm bone.
– You can interact with LeChuck by using the inventory's journal. Find his catchphrase and keep it in your mind.
Madison's crew knows everything.
– Examine the music sheet to identify the notes you need to play. The skull is impaled on a wooden pole.
– To find out which musical note corresponds best to which skull, you can use the arm bone from each skull.
– Copy the note from a music sheet that was placed on the impaled head to complete the puzzle
– Choose the dialogue lines matching LeChuck's catchphrase taken from his journal.
– Order LeChuck's favourite dish by selecting "Okay …"
– Choose your last line of dialogue to be thrown from the cliff.
Grab the shipwreck manual and Murray and go to the beach.
– Follow the instructions on the shipwreck repair manual

Part IV – Things get complicated

– Get the cookbook from the table by the crying cook at the Scumm Bar.
– Face the Voodoo lady by going to the International House of Mojo at Low Street
– To learn more about the 5 golden keys, visit the International House of Mojo.
– Visit Wally's maps-n-more to request a sea map to help you navigate the ocean and find different islands.
– Go to High Street Jail and talk to Otis to find Stan. Stan is located in the Ice Quarry at Brr Muda Island
– Go to Governor's Mansion, give Carla the cookbook and take "The endless narrative of the voyage which would not end"
– Go to The Shipyard and take Stan's photo from the shop that he used to work in.
– Take the firewood from the ground to the Lookout.
– Reach the ship, sail to Scurvy Island
– Take the note from the table and the Elaine's photograph to the camp located north of the island maps.
– Read the note, locate Elaine's location on a map, and then go there
Talk to Elaine about her project. To receive a flyer on scurvy, you will need to ask.
– Take a few lemons from the basket at the trees
– Find the nest at the top of the map by going to the right
– Take Guybrush from the nest.
– Access to the picture frame and combine Stan (, left), with Guybrush (, right)
– Open your inventory and head to Brrr Muda Island.
– After being stopped by the Judge, you can sign the form and check the last box.
– Talk to the guard at the Ice Quarry on Brrr Muda Island, and tell him you're calling for a social call.
– Show Guybrush the Guybrush pictures and show the guard the picture frames
– Enter the Ice Quarry, and reach the end to find Stan.
Stan the Elaine scurvy Flyer
Stan should be asked to remove Stan from the Ice Quarry in order for him to receive the judicial order
– Use Stan’s shackles to secure the serial number.
– The small tunnel to the left of Stan can be used to discover a secret exit out from the Ice Quarry
– Go up to the Ice Castle to enter the Queen’s throne area
– Use the matches to light the wood and the fire.
– Talk with the Queen to find out if you are eligible to receive her golden key.
– Challenge her at the Heartiness Challenge to unlock your town hall and learn what type of fish is required for the challenge
– Open your inventory's sea map and head for Barebones Island
– Ned should be given Stan's judicial orders and Ned should take Ned’s financial records to receive Stan’s audited financial information.
– Open the inventory's seamap and head to LeChuck’s vessel
– For the Demon humor book, go to Apple Bob's Upperdeck.
– Head to the Lowerdeck, into the ship's Galley, and grab the Demon peppershaker
– Open the inventory seamap and head to Melee Island
– Go into the Fish Shop and get the type of fish you need to complete the Challenge of Heartiness
Locke Smith will give you the serial number code from Stan’s shackles. This will enable you to receive a key.
– Talk to Locke Smith about her mother's name "Old Mrs. Smith", then continue the dialogue until you reach the golden keys from her
– Open your inventory and head to Brrr Muda Island.
– Head to the Town Center, into Town Hall and enter the room with the Heartiness Challenge.
– Place the fish that you have purchased from the Fish Shop into a bucket
To start the challenge, place Demon Pepper on the Bucket. Ring the triangle to ring the bell.
– If you are asked to bring a fish to your place during the challenge, take the fish out of your inventory and not from the bucket. This will allow you to win the challenge
– Go into the room with the Intelligence Challenge (. Enter the mezzanine room). Place the firewood on the chimney shaft / fireplace.
– Use the matches together with the firewood to light the flames and ring your triangle to complete the challenge
– The Queen will be looking at water droplets hitting the bucket during the challenge. You can then look at the Queen's test papers and quickly swap yours with hers to win this challenge
– Enter the room equipped with the Seriousness challenge (Backroom) and ring a triangle to begin the challenge
– During this challenge, do not pick the "HAHAHA!" dialogue line from Queen Elizabeth. When it's your turn, tell a joke.
– Once the first key has been received, you can go to the Courthouse at the Town Center.
– Stan's financial records should be given to the Judge. Ned (Stan's accountant will pretend to be) for a judicial ordering with 10 years instead.
– Stan at Ice Quarry should be contacted and he will issue the judicial warrant with 10 year terms.
– Use the Locke Smith shackles lock key to unlock Stan's Shackles
– Pick any dialogue while Stan is changing Elaine’s Scurvy Flyer
– Grab the new Scurvy Flyer from The Table
– Open the inventory's seamap and head to LeChuck’s vessel
– Head to the Lowerdeck, and you will find the golden keys on a wooden tray in front the stairway.
– Open the inventory's sea map, and sail to Adrift Ship
– Talk with the quarantined pirates. Show them the new Scurvy Flyer so they can get on board your ship.
– Take the Bella Fisher sea map and combine it with that from Wally
– Open the seamap from the inventory and navigate to the X marked in the map
– Lower your anchor and climb down below the water level
– Take the golden key and climb the anchor.
– Open your inventory's sea map and sail to Terror Island
– Head to "unlucky places" and grab the silver key (from the skeleton).
– Take the oil lamp and go to the mystery clearing on the island.
– Continue to the "twisting way" on the Island, until you reach a gate that has a strange sign.
– Use the knife and remove the strange sign from the door lock
– Use a silver key from the Skeleton to unlock the door
After unlocking the doors, you will be able to enter the dark cave
– Combine the matches from your inventory with the oil lamp
– Continue through the cave until the scene changes
– At a crossroads of three paths, choose the one without an X.
– Read the sign after you have reached the darkness-covered cliff.
– Leave the dialogue between Herman Toothroot & grab the golden keys left to his stone beds.
– Always select the last dialogue line in the dialogue about a golden key
– To exit the cave, open the inventory and examine the sign at the entrance gate.
– Open your inventory and sail to Melee using the seamap
– Go into the International House of Mojo at the Low Street, and use all 5 of your golden keys to open the safe close by the door
– Choose the dialogue option “A Hundred”

Part V – Below the Monkey Head

Talk to Elaine until you reach The Cavern of the Giant Monkey Head
– Continue to your right until you reach a fork in the path at the broken cliff.
– Jump into the lava and enter the door at your right
– Grab the knife from the ground and proceed to the door on your right.
– Now, take the stone coin and place it on the monkey sculpture. Next, go to the room to your right.
– Take the stone crackers and stone coins, place the stone sword onto the monkey statue, and then go to the next room.
– Pick up your stone spygla*s, take the stone coin, and place the stones crackers on the monkey sculpture to get the stone mug.
– Next, head to the right and then go down the stairs that lead to the door.
– Grab the coin from the stone and go through the room to your left.
– Put 3 coins in the chest at the statue monkey's chest and go to the next area to your right
– Take the stone coin from the ground and place 2 coins into the chest of the statue monkey. Then, go to the next room to your right.
– Take the stone coin from the ground, place 1 coin in each of the statue monkey's pockets, and then go to the next room to the right.
– Continue down the stairway, through the now open door
– Now, head to the right
– Take your knife and make a cut at the statue.
– With your knife, stab the statue. Now use the stone cup from the inventory to pour the liquid from it. Head to the next room to your right.
– Put the empty mug and the drain in front a the destroyed monkey statue
– Continue to the left, through the 3 chambers, then descend the stairway until you find the door.
– Take a right turn near the lava and read/peer the stone slab. This will help you solve the puzzle.
– Go to the Alley and enter the door. You will be given the key ring by Stan.
– Use your key ring to open all the lights in the park.
– Get in touch with Elaine to tell her that you are ready for the adventure.


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