Starter Guide: A revolutionaries Guidebook – Home Behind 2

Starter Guide: A revolutionaries Guidebook – Home Behind 2 1 -
Starter Guide: A revolutionaries Guidebook – Home Behind 2 1 -

A Starter Guide for Home Behind 2. Gives you the information you need to save Scaria.

Start your first Game

Quick Info

Class: Medic
Stats: Intelligence
Talents: Roll for Intelligence and heal effect without negatives
Hobby: Music or Board Games
Height/Weight: 165cm – 174cm, 55kg – 64kg (No Stat changes)


When starting your first game, you will only be offered a limited choice of classes for your main character. While all of them have merit, the Medic would be my recomendation. They tend to be rarer during the first few missions of the game, and are therefore harder to recruit. Plus, having a healer early on, makes the start of the game a bit easier.
At the start, just focus on Intelligence, mainly to buff your ability to heal. As a bonus, this will give you better odds when looting, and more supplies/better weapons are always welcome. During the game, a mixture of intelligence and resolve in a 2/1-ratio allows you to spam your group heal during battle, which should be more than enough for every standard battle.
Intelligence and heal effect are a good way to buff your Medic, but Resolve, Moral and Speed (speeds up the cooldown of secondary abilities) are also welcome. Try not to get too many negatives. While a malus on fortitude or block chance is neglegible for a medic, they can only be removed after unlocking training in your Command Center, which will happen near the middle of the game.
Music offers resolve, Board Games offer intelligence. Both will be useful, so pick what you currently have less of (most likely resolve).
Both height and weight of your character are not cosmetic stats, but will in fact alter the stats you start with. Light, small characters are more nimble, tall, heavy characters are stronger and can take a beating. For a medic the neutral option of 165cm – 174cm, 55kg – 64kg is a good pick, but getting a few points of fitness that way is a possibility.

Classes and Team composition

Quick Info

First Slot: Slave (Alternative: Shielded soldier)
Second Slot: Tribal Warrior (Alternative: wildcard slot, pick whatever you like)
Third Slot: Medic (Alternative: Order Pastor)
Fourth Slot: Serial Killer (Alternative: Magister)


First Slot
Slave: Gets a malus on defense, and the first slot gives a malus on dodge, so a Slave may not be the obvious pick here. But when skilled with fitness (more HP), some resolve (using the ultimate more often) and some agility (more speed and accuracy), they are surprisingly capable. This is a result from the ultimate skill, that allows self healing, combined with a submachine gun for the high fire rate. The hard labor ability is also very useful to prevent injuries. Blind swipe isn’t useful for a tank, but another way to deal damage is always welcome. When it comes to armor, I would recommend medium, one without a malus on speed. Light armor with a +0.1 speed bonus is also useable, but relies even more on the ultimate ability.
Shielded Soldier: Prevents damage by using blocks, and with the ultimate can get a 100% block chance. Heavy armor and some extra defense is also a good investment. The only downside is, that they tend to collect injuries rather quick. A strength/fitness build should make them a real nuisance for your enemy. The debuff ability is very useful in boss fights to prevent the special enemies (Jackal, Viper, Alef) from wrecking too muck havoc.
Second Slot
This slot allows a wide variety of classes, as long as they are able to take a few extra hits. Good ideas would be the Tribal warrior, Commando or Religious Warrior.
Tribal Warrior: With a strength/fitness build very tough, and able to deal nasty single target damage. Due to the way the damage is calculated, a shotgun would be the recommendation for this class, and since they are only a second row fighter, a medium armor without a malus on speed is enough to keep them save. The self heal ability works over time, which makes it not very useful during short encounters, but during longer ones, it can save your healer some work. If you want to use Haroun for this slot, be aware that he will die during a story event. So make sure to have a replacement.
Commando: Very similar to the Tribal warrior, but more focused on group damage and using a stun ability to take enemies out of the fight for a short moment. Strength/fitness serves them well, and their ability to heal themselves is a boon during every fight. The only downside is, that group damage tends to be less useful that focused attacks on a single enemy.
Jackal: Only useable after unlocking it on hard mode during the first boss encounter. But the abilities are both nasty and overpowered. Especially the ability to buff yourself until the end of battle, can ramp up during longer fights, since it stacks indefinitely. On top of that a nice self heal and an ultimate that heals on kill and prevents enemies from using skills. Only an option for your second or third playthrough, but definitely a fun one.
Third Slot
Medic: My personal favorite regarding the healers, not because they heal the best, but because they have little downsides you have to compensate for. Intelligence and resolve helps you to spam your ultimate ability, while the hypodermic needle can give small boosts inbetween the bigger heals. Armor should be light and focus on speed gain, the weapon is mainly picked for the ability bonusses. The anesthetic ability sounds great on paper, but the chance to silence the enemy is too low and the duration too short to make an impact in most situations. During the final battle it can be useful, however.
Surgeon: The by numbers best healer in the game, with one very unfortunate downside, they can’t heal themselves. With three abilities focused on healing, two with the ability to recover injuries, they can keep a whole team alive under heavy fire, without problems. But due to their unfortunate lack of self heal, they either require a secondary healer in the team or a bodyguard to soak up damage for them. Personally, I avoid them, since they force you to micromanage the team too much.
Order Pastor: Not a traditional healer, since the Pastor uses shields to keep others alive. This also causes him to use mostly resolve, and with a light, speed focused armor, they tend to be pretty reliable when it comes to keeping your fighters alive. The obvious downside is, that once the damage is done, it is not easy to recover from. But since shields seem to prevent injuries from happening, they can be very useful in every encounter.
Fourth Slot
Serial Killer: Those guys are wild. With a strength/agility build, they can reach DPS-values far exceeding the 200 mark. Since two of their abilities cause damage with pretty high multipliers, they can wreck a whole team on their own, if kept alive. Especially their ultimate ability is dangerous, because it restores morale on kill, which allows to slaughter one enemy after the next. On top of that, the abilties also cause a lot of injuries, boosted by the seeing red skill, which can be used to weaken bosses and tougher enemies permanently.
Magister: Can also deal pretty nasty damage, but relies heavily on resolve to do so.On top of that, they can steal the enemies morale, which can prevent the activation of their ultimate abilities. While not as devastating as the Serial Killer, they can turn the tide, by keeping the enemy team from utilizing their full strength.
Other combination
Of course a lot of other combinations

Equipment and rarity

Fighter Rarity
Equipment Rarity and Level
Types of Weapon and armor

Ressources and your Base

Quick Info



Command Center
Vending Machine
Satellite Phone

Written by Ensus

This is all we can share for Starter Guide: A revolutionaries Guidebook – Home Behind 2 for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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