Starter – Master Save Guide – Grand Theft Auto III

Starter – Master Save Guide – Grand Theft Auto III 1 -
Starter – Master Save Guide – Grand Theft Auto III 1 -

A starter or master save file will have all possible collectables, missions and odd jobs completed at the start of the game (usually after the first mission). This way the player can start the game in an upgraded state and/or enjoy the story without worrying about the extra content. This guide will list the requirements and any tips needed to create a starter save in GTA III.


This is a short guide on how to create your own starter/master save for Grand Theft Auto III. While many of these saves are already online, the challenge of creating one of these saves is rewarding in its own right.
In GTA III, the missions Give Me Liberty and Luigi’s Girls need to be completed first before the player can freely explore Liberty City. In completing a starter/master save the player will have the following unlocked when they begin the story.

  • Health, Adrenaline and Police Bribes at safe houses
  • Unlimited Sprint
  • All Weapons at safe houses
  • The Borgnine Taxi

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As a general note, these tasks should ideally be completed before the story is progressed. Following certain missions, the gangs will turn hostile towards Claude and in some cases with upgraded weapons, thus making many tasks harder.
This guide also applies for the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Definitive Edition version of Grand Theft Auto III


Side Missions
Vehicle Missions

  • Paramedic (12 Levels, any Island)
  • Firefighter (60 in total, 20 per Island and non consecutively)
  • Vigilante (60 in total, 20 per Island and non consecutively)
  • Taxi Driver (100 Fares, any island and non consecutively)

RC Missions

  • Diablo Destruction (Portland)
  • Mafia Ma*sacre (Portland)
  • Casino Calamity (Staunton Island)
  • Rumpo Rampage (Shoreside Vale)

Off-Road Missions

  • Patriot Playground (Portland)
  • Multistorey Playground (Staunton Island)
  • A Ride in the Park (Staunton Island)
  • Gripped! (Shoreside Vale)


  • 100 Hidden Collectables (33 Portland, 36 Staunton Island, 31 Shoreside Vale)*
  • 20 Rampages (6 Portland, 7 Staunton Island, 7 Shoreside Vale)
  • 20 Unique Jumps (8 Portland, 4 Staunton Island, 8 Shoreside Vale)


  • Industrial Import/Export (Portland)
  • Emergency Import/Export (Portland)
  • Suburban Import/Export (Shoreside Vale)

* The Dodo is required for the Shoreside Vale Bridge Hidden Package. Which in itself can be difficult due to the handling on the plane. This also applies when delivering it for Import/Export as it needs to cross two bridges. Guides on flying can be found online.
** The Import/Export list cannot be fully completed as the BF Injection, FBI Car, Barracks OL and Rhino are unlocked via story progression.


Vigilante = Police Bribes (1 per 10 successful kills)
Paramedic = Health and Adrenaline Pickups and Infinite Sprint
Firefighter = Flamethrower
Taxi Driver = The Borgnine Taxi
Import/Export = Pickups for vehicles from completed lists
Hidden Packages

50Body Armour
60Molotov Cocktails
80Sniper Rifle
100Rocket Launcher


100% Completion

What is left to achieve 100% completion

  • All Story Missions***
  • Completion of the Import/Export Lists (BF Injection, Barracks OL, FBI Car and Rhino)

*** Mission Lockouts
Certain mission chains need to be completed before other certain mission as they become disabled and as such completion of 100% cannot be achieved

  • Complete Luigi’s and Joey’s mission chains before Salvatore’s mission Last Requests.
  • Complete Kenji’s mission chains before Donald Love’s Waka-Gashira Wipeout! and Asuka’s mission chains before Donald Love’s Grand Theft Aero.



Further information on missions, collectables and odd jobs can be found at GTA Wiki – [] . I hope this guide has been helpful and enjoy the journey of creating your own starter/master save. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below.

Written by InfamousDivad

This is all we can share for Starter – Master Save Guide – Grand Theft Auto III for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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