Starting Tips and Hints No Spoilers! – Fallout Tactics

Starting Tips and Hints No Spoilers! – Fallout Tactics 1 -
Starting Tips and Hints No Spoilers! – Fallout Tactics 1 -

This guide contains no Real Spoilers, but offers Hints Tips and Tricks in creating your character / What you need to know to play this game properly without having to be a Min Maxer or some such! Noob Friendly!

Semi Cannon – Should it Count?

Fallout Tactics is considerd Semi cannon – Most people who play this will tell you it 100% Should count towerds the story there are elements in this game that is 100% Talk about in FONV and other installments.
There are a few reasons why its ‘semi’ cannon
1) When making the game they decided that the East Coast should use a differnt currentcy (Ring Pulls) This has been ret-con / changed into just Caps
2) The MC Basicly dosnt excist BUT there Actions and such DOS Excist (Just done by differnt characters a group of people over-all larger then what you control in game)

The Game itself and how you play it

1) Due to play testers only testing the Real time mode, the Game is 100% Balance and meant to be played in that mode, Dont play the freekin Turn based option Period
2) Pick up eveything you can and sell it back at the Bunker Yes your apart of the BoS but you need to earn your own Cash
3) Just becouse Speech isnt in the game (Replaced by the Pilot Skill) and this game is more ‘Combat’ Heavy dosnt mean you should ignore Charisma, Alot of things in this game are based off of your Base Charisma (How / when you get promoted what items are for sale how much the natives like you so on so forth its just a Flat Charisma check now)
4) Drugs are pretty cool considering your SPECIAL Can go above 10 SO Dont be afraid to use them at times! Just becareful of Psyco (While its god like its RARE AF!)

Skills and Perks what you should know!

1) The Speech skill been replace by Pilot – Yes there are Cars and Jeeps and such in this game Mad Max Style, Yes there are companions who get this skill you shouldnt have to worrie about this skill at all if you want a Pilot get a Companion later on whos a f-in Pilot
2) Big Guns is useful and its what is normaly Recommended your MC Should Tag, However if you do this PLEASE pick up another weapon skill like Small Guns, Unarmed or Melee as well so you can you know kill baddies in the early stages of the game, Same with Energy Weapons.
3) Yes Unarmed Combat is useful, Hell the first time I beat Toughguy Mode was with Unarmed Jinx Build was LOLZ Fun,
4) I do not recommend Toughguy to start if you had problems with FO1 or FO2, If not then basicly it gives bonus XP (In total about 3-4 levels worth by end game) But prevents Save Scumming (Basicly you cant save in missions only in bunker)
5) Gifted is USEFUL AF! Becouse the game dos do FLAT Ability checks at times and its WAY more important to have good abilitys then skills in this game Gifted is HIGHLY Recommended!
6) Kamakazi isnt as bad as you think – it gives +25% (Yes Percentage) Damage which is no Laughing matter! but I wouldnt take it on a melee / Unarmed character
7) Fast shots is GREAT unless your wanna be a Sniper or a Melee character in which case you can skip
8) Small Frame isnt bad yeah less Carry wight but you can get your other 5 Companions (Total 6 people in your squad yourself included) to carry ♥♥♥♥, As such its not AS big of a deal as you might think it is to carry ♥♥♥♥ the +1 Agi is an extra stat point remeber what I said about Gifted? STATS / ABILITYS ARE HUGE in this game!
9) yes get a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Combat Skill i hate some of these youtubers which ive seen or peeps talk about sometimes how they didnt like the game a t first coz they decided to make Charisma science boy and try to talk about there feelings, YOUR IN THE BOS BASICLY THE ARMY WHEN THE PALADIN TELLS YOU TO JUMP YOU JUMP AND IF YOU DUNNO HOW HIGH YOUR NOT PAYING ATTENTION!
10) Yes even small guns can take you to end game thanks to ammo type and how cheap you can get the ammo, Spraying ♥♥♥♥ tons of bullets at your enemies or being a Sniper is 100% Effective, Lay down that Covering fire soldier!
11) The Perk Tag (Level 12 requirement) is great for your companions to pick up!
12) Mutate is also a great Perk! (Level 9!) For your companions to pick up!
13) LIFE GIVER – It Requires 4 Endurance at least, but it gives so much HP +4 HP a LEVEL! this is your Waifu of Perks / Traits IT IS Buged on the LEVEL you take it however to not give the HP on that level but dont worrie level up once you be fine and be in love with a solid hard on three times what you normaly get, Your no longer a woman for you girls out there, your have a D now thats how smexy this Trait/Perk is
ok I Exaderate a bit on this Trait/Perk but it is VERY good none the less!
Below are some nice Traits and the SPECIAL attack to them and level and skill, NOT ALL The Nice Traits just Some! Note I Name the Name of the Perk the SPECIAL then Level then the amount of times you can take it (x1 for once or x2 for twice you get the deal)
Strength – ST
Perception – PE
Endurance – EN
Charisma – Ch
Intelligence – IN
Agility – Ag
Luck – Lk
Action Boy – AG 5 – Level 12 x2
Bonus Rate of Fire – PE 6, IN 6, Ag 7 – Level 15 x1
Life Giver – EN 4 – Level 12 x2
Toughness – EN 6, Lk 6 – Level 3 x3
Tag – Level 12 x1
Slayer – Ag 8, ST 8, Unarmed 80%+ = Level 24 x1
Bonus Ranged Damage – Ag 6, LK 6, – Level 6 x2
Better Criticals – PE 6, LK 6, AG 4 – Level 9 x1
Mutate! – Level 9 x1
Please Note Doctor skill and First Aid! – Both of these skills are EXCELLENT for healing you cipple limbs and removing the Bandage effect on your character and such!

Ability Scores!

Yes this is where I talk about abilitys no im not going to be one of these elitest scum bags and tell you the Magic Min Max Stat spread mostly coz as a long time RPG Gamer and such i found Min Max Tables to be stupid as ♥♥♥♥ manipulative and tend to miss the point more then half the time, But with enough truth behind it that it blinds people into going OOO PRETTY!
Important Note! – Your Stats / Abilitys / SPECIAL Can go above 10 via with Armor or drugs! so dont be able of them!
Reguardless lets talk about your SPECIAL!
S – Strength – The amount depends on your build, For Unarmed / Melee users you want about 8, For Perks and Traits, For Big Gun users 8 is good for the Heavyest of weapons but 7 will do, for Small Guns ? 5 will do most of the time 6-7 For the Heavyest of Sniper Rifles however! but even as a sniper rifle or such 6 Strength is good, Energy Weapons? Some are Heavy (Like the Energy / Laser Mini Gun) so about 6-8 Strength is needed, 8 for that Big Energy Minigun otherwise 6 is normaly just fine!
In Short 5-8 is what your looking for in Strength!
P – Perception – This is what you need as a Sniper, Dump stat for Melee / Unarmed Builds 5-6 is good enough for none Snipers heck even Big gun users can get away with 6 Perception, More is cool however but dont think its a must have unless your trying to Snipe! 6 is normaly Required for some good Range Traits however! I Normaly go for 6 and stop unless im trying to build a Sniper, And sometimes dump it for a Melee/Unarmed build!
E – Endurance – Yes this game is a Shooter your in the BOS and your going to be shot at, However you dont need to pump Endurance the Trait LIFE GIVER gives you all the HP you need, Its good for the toughness Trait / Perk and Life Giver thats about it, You can reduce this down to 4 if your feeling up for it, so long as you get Life Giver or Toughness, However this is only true for Range characters, Unarmed / Melee users will want Endurance reguardless + Life Giver and such! I Mean heck some Vet players even state its ok to start off with 1-2 Endurance! I dont recommend it but i can totaly see a new player starting with 4 in this game!
C – Charisma – Yeah your shooting more then normal but due to alot of in game features and such that check your FLAT Charisma, Most people will Recommend 8 Charisma this is so you can get promoted at a good enough rate and have acess to the best items when they become avible for you to buy, Gives you the best companions who will be willing to travel with you due to your leadership score / Promotion / Rank and have the Native Civs like you!, Having more then 8 is kinda considerd a waste, HOWEVER It is possible to still get some of the better stuff in life with Less charisma just not RIGHT off the bat and such, 6 Charisma is OK! so if your struggling to find 2 extra Stat points and cant spare Endurance of such then 6 is OK I say OK becouse well 8 is over-all a Good Charisma to have but I have been able to do just fine and get good acess to gear and companions and such via 6 Charisma, Just try to do the extra missions now and again and be a good boy/girl! But be warned even with 6 your miss SOME things but you still get MOST of the things open to you sooner or later
I – Intelligence – So Skill points are not AS needed as you think, its you + 5 other peeps you can spread your skills needed between all of you, Not a doc? You can get a companion who is a Medic / Doctor, Dont have Outdoors man? Thats fine someone eles can have that skill, Becouse of this Intelligence isnt that super needed
however Intelligence 6 is normaly the point peeps get due to Perks / Traits, More is cool if you can spare it, But you dont need to pump this heavly, If you dont want Bonus Rate of Fire for your guns you can go less Intelligence if you need but … You still want enough skill points to level up your main attack skill decently enough + whatever other skills you have.
A – Agility – So even numbers if what you want and the higher the better, Its basicly Max Action points and Action point Recovery, 6 8 or 10 are the numbers I recommend, Why Even numbers and not an odd number? Action Points, They only increase and change based on a Even Number, its fine if you dont get 10 Agility you can make due without it especly considering you need other attributes, But this is an important Attribute reguardless! so if your going to have a 10 somewhere … Agility might as well be it!
L – Luck – So this is for your Crit builds Better Crit Traits and other such things, If you dont care about Crit (totaly fine for none Sniper Builds) you can kinda Dumpster Luck to a point so dont be afraid to do so!
So the RANGE we are looking for in Ability/SPECIAL scores?
Strength : 5-8, To be able to use the weapons you find in the wasteland!
Perception : Dump Stat or about 6-10 is what your looking at
Endurance : HP and what knock not super useful due to Traits / Perks just being Super Beefcake with your HP (Life giver is your new Waifu in this game) 4+ however is what your aiming for!
Charisma : 6-8, For your Min Maxers, 8, But if you dont wanna be a min maxer 6 is fine you can still get some of the best stuff with it just a little bit extra effort however if you have less your going to miss out on some of the best items / companions in the game period (Heck even with 6 your kinda missing some things, Truth be told
Intelligence : 4+ Yeah you prob want about 6 or higher but you can make due with 4, If you wanna be a butt head and try for a 1 Intelligence i mean I will not recommend it for a new player but sure why da ♥♥♥♥ not you wont from my understanding/knowledge get special dialogue for having low intelligence however so meh w.e
Agility : Even Numbers so 6 8 or 10
Luck : For Crit builds / Snipers and such? The more the better! For thouse of you who are more Ork Dakka Dakka players or dont give a Shizznack? Dump Stat

Companions to look out for / Party comp!

Companions can level up in the bunker when you complete missions usoly they level up at the NEXT Bunker and there skills and perks / traits are auto a*signed to suit there base play style
So there are a number of Companions you should Eye ball reguardless of your MC or other such things just becouse of how good they can be
1) Torn – Can pick her up Early game starts off at level 1 starts with Bonus Hand to Hand Perk which makes her one of the BEST unarmed combatents you can pick up and Unarmed combat isnt a bad combat skill to have!
2) Jax – This is one of the few characters which can be a excellent Big Guns user with a little help (Via Mutate to give him Gifted for the right SPECIAL to carry the biggest of ♥♥♥♥) Also a Good Early Game (Pretty much right to boot) character you can get at the start (First or second mission completed)
3) Mother – she’s really strong in the mid-game coz you know shes a SPOILER! obvioiusly Mid Game character, For Late game …
4) Dos – the best aimed shot-oriented energy user in the game.
5) Clarise – the best fast-shot oriented energy user in the game.
For at ANY part of the game
6) For Pretty much any part of the game anyone with 8 or more Perception as they can make good Snipers even without the greatest Agility or skills or Perks or such.
MOST of the companions truth be told are pretty decent over-all
a few worth mentioning companions
1) Dillon – freaking best sharpshooter in the game The only thing is you must Mutate one of his Perks/Traits for Spoiler Reasons and becouse of said Spoiler reasons however is also one of the reasons why I sometimes avoid him but if you can avoid said spoiler reason being to much of a problem then Hey!
Party Compesition !
MEDIC! – 1 or 2, Your Medic / Doctor / First aid user at Least 1, If you have more then 2 its ok they can sometimes be needed but sometimes its best to keep medics / Docs in the recuit pool in case your doctor dies and your not save scumming just so you can pick them up later
Small Gun users – 1 to 4 Having at least 1 of your small gun users being a sniper is super useful! heck eveyone being a Small Gun sniper later on can be super useful provided they work for it but having 1-2 of them more of a Bursty type of a user or a Shotgun spread user or such is also useful!
Big Guns KABOOM! – Yeah the Pilot skill should tell you why, There are Mad Max like Vech in the game they need to go up in flames same with a few other things BEST to do it via Big Guns, There ARE C4 / Plastic explosives and other traps you can use but its hard to use them effectivly when some of the targets your trying to use them on are trying to gut you open! so at LEAST 1, Maybe 2 of these guys if you can get em properly so 1 to 2
Energy Weapons – 1 or 3 yeah you can have more but Energy weapons is a bit more later on and can be a bit on the Expensive side of things to get 3 or more people with them full stock and loaded it is possible but it can be differcult to do!
Unarmed Combatants – Totaly doable and they can be mean and ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ up and sometimes can be your fav companions / characters in the game due to what they can do Unarmed Combat is better then Melee for the most part due to a number of weapons (Kicking is god tier later on for unarmed combat) watching enemies get knock down and such is just amazing.
so 1 to 3 Is good to have
You can have a character fit in more then 1 role (Medics can be energy or Small gun users or some such for example, You can have a big gun and a Small gun user in 1, swaping over to a bigger gun when said Jeep goes meep meep im gonna gut you later on or some such)

Written by THAC0

I hope you enjoy the Starting Tips and Hints No Spoilers! – Fallout Tactics guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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