Stat Breakpoints – ELDEN RING

Stat Breakpoints – ELDEN RING 1 -
Stat Breakpoints – ELDEN RING 1 -

Analyzing each added stat point and its benefits to find where the diminishing returns give you the best value for your levelups

Introduction / Methodology

Elden Ring handles some stats a little wierdly; often times the benefits ramp up such that the first point you put in gives you very little but each additional point gives more and more… up to a cutoff. Thus you generally want a stat either as low as possible or directly at the breakpoint with anything in-between costing you value. That makes classes with the LOWEST starting stats in things you do NOT want, the most valuable to a min/maxer. For class starting stats please refer to the Elden Ring Wiki – []  and keep in mind; even with respecs, you can’t go below the lowest value allowed by your class, so a Wretch is stuck at a min of 10 while eg a Vagabond can take Arcane down to 7
Why should you trust what I say over anyone else? Because I always offer you access to the raw data for you to see for yourself. Which is available here. – []  (This data was recorded with v1.02 of Elden Ring)
Keep in mind; each level gives a baseline bonus to Physical/Magic/Fire/Lightning/Holy/Immunity/Robustness/Focus/Vitality, the table shows the ADDITIONAL increase to these, over-top that baseline. Which is why I label them eg “Focus+”
My methodology for collecting this data is as follows. I started as a lvl 1 Wretch with 10s in all stats. I… “acquired” enough souls/runes to level one stat all the way up to 99, hand recording all the stat changes for each point, and then reset and repeated the process for each different stat. My character was completely nak*d for this to avoid any unwanted contributions. Now, this works for most things, but I’m not happy with the data for Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence/Faith. There is data available for these, but I will need to do more in-depth testing and analysis on them, so for the moment just assume the 40/60 rule applies to those, until we learn otherwise.
Since this information was hand recorded, there is always the possibility my finger slipped and eg hit a 2 instead of a 1 and I never noticed or something else like that, but since the raw data is available to all – you are perfectly free to rerun the experiment yourself and check the results. That said there is at least one error in this data on Fromsoft’s side and not mine. Discovery from Arcane scales linearly; as in – one point in, one point out… except at 91 Arcane, then it gives you 2 points and then zero points for lvl 92 – this seems to me be a clear mistake, but it is in the game so I record it. Not that it’ll really affect anyone 😛


Vigor = 40/58
Hard decrease at 40, and very little benefit going from 58 to 60
Mind = 40/~55
Focus hits a hard decrease at 40, but FP actually continues to ramp up all the way to 52 then slowly tappers at 55 and 57 with a hard stop at 60; best value here would be at 55, but look at the raw data to see what I’m talking about
Endurance = 25/50/60
Stamina hard stops at 50, Equip Load has two stopping points at 25 and 60, and if you care about it – Robustness has a hard decrease at 40
Strength = TBD
Physical defense is fairly linear and does not have any hard stopping points only soft ones, you are probably not taking Strength for the Physical defense, but take a look at the raw data if you want to see its progression
Stat Breakpoints - ELDEN RING - Breakpoints - 5B1E8ADC3
Dexterity = TBD
Stat Breakpoints - ELDEN RING - Breakpoints - 6C0AD57E0
Intelligence = 20
At least for Magic resistance there is a hard decrease at 20, for casting power that remains TBD
Stat Breakpoints - ELDEN RING - Breakpoints - 7E153AB93
Faith = TBD
Stat Breakpoints - ELDEN RING - Breakpoints - E58070B2C
Arcane = 20/91
Like Intelligence, Holy resistance here has a hard decrease at 20 while Vitality shows softer decreases at 15 and 39; Discovery as mentioned previously is linear (mostly) all the way to 99

Written by Drake Ravenwolf

Here we come to an end for the Stat Breakpoints – ELDEN RING guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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