Story Events – Space Raiders in Space

Story Events – Space Raiders in Space 1 -
Story Events – Space Raiders in Space 1 -

List of events that occurs when leaving maps and their consequences.

Player is too aweful


♥♥♥♥ you! I’m doing my bestYou kill ** leaves your team
You’re right 🙁Thanks, guys💜Discover Blueprint
This is all Loren’s faultWoo!✔️* joins your team


Grav Lift


*character*✖️* gains Poorly Animated




S*rip it for parts!Cut that baby down💙You find a Minigun
What’s that part do?Study the plane💜Discover Blueprint
What’s that noise?Help the pilot✔️* joins your team


Arcade game cabinet


Only way to make kids workI smart💜Discover Blueprint
Only way to make kids werk🙁✔️* joins your team


What to watch first?


Mick and RortyWub a lubba dub dub!✔️* joins your team
Stardoor SG1♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Goa’uld* leaves your team
Home, MDIt’s never lupus💚Crew healed for 8 HP
Past tense of loseLost had a better ending than this stupid game* leaves your team


Space fighter


Take the space fighter♥♥♥♥, I was really hoping for something awesome✔️* joins your team
Stick with the old faithful…I didn’t know * could fly* leaves your team


Konkey Dong


NobodyEveryone’s sad🧡25 bolts and 5 wires
*character*Painful silence✖️* gains All Thumbs
*character** is the Dongmaster!✖️* gains Dong Master


Learn something from the crew


Oh shut up already* trips on the leg✖️* gains Clumsy
We’d never abandon youWait, he has more food?💛5-6 food
Are you done? Can we go now?We’ll make a friend!💜Discover Gary
KK✖️* gains Coward


Heavy boxes


Red boxes!!!Exciting💙You find a Weapon
Medical suppliesEr. What?💚Crew healed for 8 HP
Tech gearNerd!✔️* joins your team
Computer terminalSigh… *unzips*💜Discover Blueprint


Jammed airlock


*character*Eureka!✖️* gains Master Inventor
*character*Ain’t that a ♥♥♥♥♥✖️* gains Coward




Hunt for a StarbuxGroan💛1-4 food
Look over the edgeBlock out the screams* leaves your team


Robot that takes its clothes off


Exotic dancerShe’s on the task✖️* gains Master Inventor
Robos*ripperI’ll start filming immediately?✔️* joins your team
RobohoBut… I like her 🙁💙You find an RPG
HobotIt’ll be our secret🧡50 bolts and 10 wires
StripinatorThat’s not s*xy?✖️* gains Weird AF
CrystalCheers!💛1 food
Whatever she prefersBut it has bo*bs…Lost Blueprint


Dead mom joke


No prob – It was funBoo yah!✔️* joins your team
Please fire NickTake the consolation prize💜Discover Blueprint
Please shoot NickUhhhh… Maybe💙You find a Sniper Rifle
Why was Nick even born?Oh ♥♥♥♥leaves your team


Pit stop to strech a legs


Explore the shopEureka!💜Discover Blueprint
Check the freezerOnly if you shower first✔️* joins your team
Actually, cockroaches are delicious♥♥♥♥ em. *crunch** leaves your team


Exotic dance club


Look at those moves!Worth it* leaves your team
Get a drink or two…Sweet! … *hic*💙You find a Weapon
Check out a VIP roomI know those feels, bro✔️* joins your team
Her dancing is aweful, but look at those curvesEureka!💜Discover Gary


Frakking Toasters reference


I don’t get itNo, that’s ok✔️* joins your team
This sure isn’t The GalacticaSo say we all💚Crew healed for 12 HP
I love Star TrakSet phasers to stun!💙You find a Tesla rifle


Derelict ship and fantasy destinations


Guns ‘r usI can be a cowboy✔️* joins your team
all-you-can eat buffeetWith… with their feet?💛18-23 food
A whoretelGross. Unless?💙You find a Weapon
A rare twoseumI only need one💜Discover Blueprint


Anything is better than these rations


Check the tables for leftoversSweet, gyros!💛4-6 food
Hide, quick!Oh It’s just a person✔️* joins your team
Organize the body partsEw, but ok💜Discover Blueprint


Drink and pilot in a tutu


Pretend to not see itThat may work💜Discover Blueprint
Make fun of the pilotWhat was that about the tutu?✔️* joins your team.
Actually, that’s hotI think I forgot something…Lost Blueprint




Engage the overrideI thinks he overreacted* leaves your team
Let him have his fun – I’ll watch the shipHack the planet💜Discover Blueprint
He can go, but I’m not stayingI guess he’s with us now✔️* joins your team


Give up their share


NobodyWait, the ship has guns?* leaves your team
*character*Wait, he has medkits?💚Crew healed for 4 HP


Fighter x forklift race


We don’t have time for thisDiligence is the mother of good fortune✔️* joins your team
I’ve got $20 on the fighter* won’t need rations anymore* leaves your team
I’m team forkliftThe Crew rejoices💚Crew healed for 8 HP


Why bother looting


Play games!Oh no!* leaves your team
No slackers here!Let’s use this💜Discover Blueprint


Glowing red things


Science experiments gone wrongI get it now🧡29 wires
Haunted by dead crewSigh of relief💜Discover Blueprint
Rows of frozen bodiesThis is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥* leaves your team
Glowstick raveCheck her pockets for glowsticks✔️* joins your team
Portal to hellHistory is boring✖️* gains Very Normal


Movie quote

PurposeDefinitely not.✖️* gains Angelic
CoincidenceI don’t get it. What?* leaves your team
That was the best line from any movie everThank you, kind sir💜Discover Blueprint


One more roll


Charisma check*character* must be a bard✔️* joins your team
Constitution checkHe ate too much processed food anyways* leaves your team
Intelligence checkThanks… Wait, who is the BBEG?💜Discover Blueprint
Dexterity checkWho says cheaters never prosper?💜Discover Blueprint


♥♥♥♥♥♥ engine sound


Check the shopSqueal with glee💜Discover Blueprint
Look, a car accident!Whew. That was a close one.✔️* joins your team
Is… is that a s*rip club?Hoot and Holler💚Crew healed for 4 HP


Tipped police car


♥♥♥♥ on the police carWhat a way to go* leaves your team
Pop the pig’s trunk!Oops they did it again💙You find a Shotgun
Break the lightsShe is hiding from the cops? She’ll fit right in✔️* joins your team


Written by Max Rainwell

Here we come to an end for the Story Events – Space Raiders in Space guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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