Strategy for Starting Strong – War Thunder

Strategy for Starting Strong – War Thunder 1 -
Strategy for Starting Strong – War Thunder 1 -

An introductory strategy for beginners to advance rapidly.

Beginning strong

Under the “Battles” tab there is a mode called “tutorial” to learn the basic movements of units. Use this to learn basic functionality. Each unit, once unlocked,
also allows a “test drive” feature for each unit with targets for practice.
The general economy of War Thunder operates on three types of currency: Silver Lions, Research Points, and Golden Eagles. Golden Eagles are available for purchase and allow
immediate advancement of units and their equipment, battle ratings and crew expertise. The other two currencies are earned through play. Research Points are required
to advance your unit’s equipment and unlock new units. Silver Lions are used to repair units, purchase new parts and units, and are also used for making wagers.
A good player will prioritize nations and units to maximize earnings to rapidly unlock new units and higher battle ratings (BR), which will allow advancements through
the nations which have more difficulty in certain BR levels.
Game Modes
Game modes vary from Aracde (basic) to Simulation (Advanced). If you have additional equipment like joystick or VR headset, these will help if you choose the more
advanced modes. If you do not have additional equipment, Simulation is not recommended, especially for aircraft.
modes: arcade, realistic, simulation, ground a*sault, air a*sault.
The last two modes provide bonus multipliers upon completion. Success leads to multiple bonuses per round but each mode only provides bonuses once per day. This is
also a good warm up mode before engaging other human opponents. The more difficult modes also provide higher rewards.
There are three theatres of battle: Land, Air, Sea. You also have the option of integrating air into your land or sea battles. It’s recommended to start with land units
so you can get used to controls and game play mechanics.
Units are ranked in BR, which determines the highest level of unit you can use or face off against. You begin in the BR of 1.0 and move up from there.
In order to advance rapidly in war thunder you must be able to move onto objectives and destroy the enemy. There are three main aspects that determine your ability:
mobility, firepower and armor. You can research upgrades for each unit to improve in these areas.
Crew: Crews upgrade with experience, so remember to upgrade them. You should also purchase the “qualification” upgrade for a crew when they unlock a new unit to give
the crew a +3 on all aspects of that particular unit when you unlock it.
Strategy for Success
The game begins at the start of WWII, with the Axis powers coming out strong in offensive ability. For this reason, Germany and Japan are recommended for
starting nations. Japan has a gla*s cannon called a Ho-Ro that can pop any armor in its BR and even units in higher BRs but needs a little upgrading to get into their
better planes and bombers. Germany however has good starting units for every theatre of war, so for this reason, Germany is recommended for the beginning nation to
start unlocking Silver Lions and Research Points (RP). Start with a ground or air a*sault mission to unlock the bonus multiplier then move to Arcade Mode until you’re
competent enough to try realistic.
Capturing objectives and bombing runs are the go to for points, and the Sd.Kfz.221 light tank is great for mobility to capture the objective before an enemy can arrive
to challenge you. Right below this tank on the research ladder is the SIG which can kill tanks several BRs higher than it, so prioritize unlocking it. Make sure to
test drive it so you can get used to the significant shell drop. These two tanks together will allow immediate objective captures and tank kills.
Objectives establish a point of a*sault so you can limit your opponent’s movement by finding useful areas between them and their objective to form choke points which
they must move through or around. Form these around cover and concealment and take a position that will require an enemy to move before they can see or fire at you.
You should also probably shadow another player to learn from and support each other.
So drive out, capture objectives until you lose your light tank then switch to your heavier tanks to defend them.
Keep using this basic ground forces strategy to advance through research and acquire Silver Lions then move over to air and start unlocking the bomber units
and playing arcade mode to upgrade your planes as fast as possible. With the bomber units destroy the objectives to get hefty bonuses.
That’s it, that’s the basic strategy to help you advance rapidly from the start and come out of the gate strong to climb the BRs as fast as possible.

Written by saishi ningen

This is all we can share for Strategy for Starting Strong – War Thunder for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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