Streamlined Controls/Tweaks – Receiver 2

Streamlined Controls/Tweaks – Receiver 2 1 -
Streamlined Controls/Tweaks – Receiver 2 1 -

Easy to reach key placements that should be more intuitive than default setup. I also wanted revolvers and pistols to have similar key locations even though some of their functions are a bit different.

The Purpose of Rebinding The Controls / Who This Would Appeal To

Firstly I wanted to change the locations of certain keys to reduce cramping my hands and keeping important keys in easy to reach places. Secondly I wanted to have key placements make sense, to mirror and close the gap between revolvers and pistols in terms of opening and closing, ejecting and inserting bullets. This control setup is for players who struggle with the default controls and want an easier time learning how to play or veterans who want to try something new and don’t mind relearning the some muscle memory. If your comfortable and like your current control setup this may not be for you.
This control scheme should work for holding or toggle crouch/sprint

What I Changed

Aim Toggle | N/A | Get rid of it or put on right click
Crouch | C | Left Control | Just an extra option if you like to hold it like me
Holster/equip gun | Tab | Got rid of ~ to prevent unwanted shooting of foot when reaching for a mag
C o c k hammer | Left Alt | Very accessible for revolvers
The rest of the changes are meant to close the gap between revolver and pistol functions.
Swing out cylinder | Q |
Close cylinder | F |
Use extraction rod | R |
Insert bullets | E |
Toggle safety/full auto mode | X |
Slide lock | F |
Pull back slide | R |
Eject/drop magazine | Q |
Inset magazine/bullets | E |
And that’s it! Give it a try, hope it helps some of you!

Written by Suchsneak

I hope you enjoy the Streamlined Controls/Tweaks – Receiver 2 guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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