Supermarket Simulator: My Top Tips for New Players

Supermarket Simulator: My Top Tips for New Players 1 -
Supermarket Simulator: My Top Tips for New Players 1 -

Supermarket Simulator: My Top Tips for New Players

Getting Started with Deliveries and Payments

When I first started playing, I didn’t really understand how the delivery payments worked. Basically, here’s the deal – you pay a small fee based on the number of items in each delivery:

  • 1-3 items: €2
  • 4-6 items: €4
  • 7-10 items: €8

It took me a while to figure this out, but I realized it’s smarter to order items in sets of 3, 6 or 10. That way, I don’t overpay the delivery fees. Pretty clever, right?

Pricing Items for Happy Customers

I did a lot of experimenting to find the right prices. If you price stuff too high, people just won’t buy it! But you still need to make a decent profit. After some trial and error, here’s what I’ve found works best:

  • Price items around 10-20% above the market price.
  • Going above 20% tends to turn customers away.

This seems to keep my customers happy while still making me some money. Not bad!

Being Smart with Loans

When I first started upgrading my store, I took out a bunch of loans without really thinking about it. But then I realized those loan payments can really add up! Here are a couple of things I’ve learned:

  • Only take loans when you really need to, like for important upgrades.
  • If you pay back a loan early, keep an eye on your payments tab. Sometimes extra payments still show up even after it’s paid off. Super annoying.

Speedy Checkout with Rounded Prices

Dealing with long lines and counting out change was such a pain at first. But I found a simple little trick – just round all the prices to the nearest €0.05 or €0.10. Makes everything go way faster! Customers don’t seem to mind.

Gotta be careful not to give people too much change though. That green light at the register isn’t always right!

Keeping Customers Happy

Making sure people don’t get frustrated and leave bad reviews – that was hard for me to get right at first! Here’s what I focus on now:

  • Check the customer feedback tab regularly so I can fix issues fast.
  • Set prices on new items ASAP so people don’t buy stuff for free accidentally!
  • Make good use of the morning time when the clock is paused to get organized.

Organizing Your Store

I don’t bother storing stuff in the back. Leaving boxes and pallets on the street seems to work fine, usually, they don’t disappear. No penalties yet for messy streets as far as I can tell!

One thing that threw me off was running out of shelf space. Bigger stuff like toilet paper takes up more room. Had to get creative with where I put things!

I like rearranging all the time to make it look nice. Gotta make room for new stuff once you get more licenses!

Having Fun Customizing

It took me forever to figure this out – you can pick up and move the computer table! Duh!

Only boxes go in the storage room, even furniture if you box it up. And don’t forget you can close open boxes by pressing C. Saved me once when I almost threw out a whole box of groceries!

No need to worry about boxes bumping into shoppers. I kind of enjoy leaving them all over as obstacles and seeing people go around, lol!

Alright, those are my best tips for new supermarket simulator players. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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