Survival Mode Without Dying – Cartel Tycoon

Survival Mode Without Dying – Cartel Tycoon 1 -
Survival Mode Without Dying – Cartel Tycoon 1 -

This guide will show how to beat survival mode while not dying. That's the way it should be. !

This guide will show you how survival mode works.

In survival mode you must get enough legal funds to pay off Paniflo Rados, a corrupt police chief. As demands increase over time, you'll need to constantly increase the amount of dirty cash you make and the ability to launder money. Ramos can kill your capo for not meeting demand.
Technically, it is not over. You can still play by making a member of your cartel the new capita. Demands will be reset to their lowest level. If you ask my, this is not a problem at all.
The real challenge is how to You can survive with the starting capso That's why this guide was created. This guide is based Version 1.0. Future versions will not likely update it. After 100+ hours spent in the game survival mode without dying was my last challenge. I'm done now. But I do hope for future DLCs.


It is expected that you have a good understanding of game mechanics and the ability to manage money flow and product.
My approach is to select a particular capo with certain traits. A certain region is also necessary. You must keep playing new games until the map is created with the regions described below.

  • Starting Capo: Wilfredo Arias
  • Capo Traits are Deliver, Green, Cannabis Cultivator, Access To Dryer I, Access To Farm III
  • Starting Region: Cerro Tacarina
  • Neutral Regions
  • Modern Residency: Buildings that you must have unlocked


Mechanics Of Demands

Once you have already exported your first drugs, the first demand will always trigger. To stall requests, I recommend keeping your hands off the throttle as long as possible. It is worth taking the time necessary to establish a production system and researching the products that you require. You can't stop production forever. The first demand will always be on 22.04.1988.
You get a little downtime (after you pay, usually between 7- 9 days) before your next demand comes in.
List of demands:
Survival Mode Without Dying - Cartel Tycoon - Mechanic of Demands - 46FDF05
The $1,000,000 requirement will continue until you conquer enough areas to win the game. You must be able to control 7/10 of the regions.
I recommend always calculating how many dollars you can launder each day and comparing that to the table. This will enable you to easily determine if the demand is met or if more items are needed to bring in more cash. Be aware of additional expenses that could drain legal funds, such as the payment of cartel members or maintenance for buildings.

General Strategy

Phase 1: The first phase is when you start making money from cocaine
Wilfredo has access at Dryer I,. You can also immediately call research Dryer II. Wilfredo also have access to Farm III. This combination allows cocaine production as Cerro Tacarina already has Lab III. You will build two cocaine production networks step by step. Strategically placing a modern residency in strategic locations will boost production and money laundering.
Phase 2 – You will make more money with dried cannabis
After you complete the mayor quest, take over Soledoso. You will then build a chain of cannabis producers and an airport to export it.
Phase 3 – You will make even more money from meth
You will take over Molino and build a meth manufacturing chain (. 3 chemical plants are already in place for you to conquer). An airport is also available for export.
That's it. The strategy. I won't spoil my readers, so I suggest you just stop reading. Take the strategy as a starting point and have fun coming up with the rest.
For those who are interested, I have a stepbystep guide (that literally lists everything I did, why it was done, and when it happened) following some general hints.

Loyalty, Terrorism and Law Enforcement

Terror: Avoid the third Star The DEA triggers everything. I was always unhappy with my life. They cause too much damage and interrupt your money flow, making it impossible to pay the demands. If you want to increase terror, for example, because you need stuff to conquer for a quest. Make sure you have enough loyalty, and a mayor with a favor available to lower terror just before the star.
Star 1 & 2 are not too bad. If you do have suspicious buildings, (star 1, police (star 2 – will not activate. Before you threaten terror, verify that this is the fact. The feds (star 2) won't block a road. If they block a road in an important area, that's great. If not you can bribe them for $2k legal currency (the amount required to bribe each time increases, so remember)).
Loyalty: Do not spend legal cash on loyalty Sponsoring stuff via (buildings, for example charity tournaments at). You will need every penny of legal money to pay the demands, especially at the start. If you want loyalty, conquer a village to buy their stuff with DIRTYmoney. Buy drugs and sell them for the highest loyalty.

Rivaling Gangs

Talk to them often to make them feel comfortable. There are enough problems. To win survival mode you will need to Take over 7 out of the 10 regions It's easy to get the loyalty of other gang leader members.

Your Cartel Members

You shouldn't be too picky when recruiting men and women. You will have to accept whatever the game throws at you initially. Keep an eye out for your crew This is especially true if your people get disloyalall (. For example, if terror levels are not at their desired level). Members going rogue were responsible for more than one loss. One of them blew-up a bank that was my first for $50k. Another time, the rogue actions triggered the third Star and DEA kicked my arse. I will say it again: keep an eye on the crew and ensure they are loyal. A few dollars per month is a lot cheaper than losing your bank.
Great members to recruit
Anybody with benefits for cocaine will be a great hire since you will make most of the money from cocaine. Jorge Ortiz is a coca farmer. DulceVega (is an) rivaling gang leader. But most importantly, they can sell cocaine. MAKE A DEAL about coca . You will export a lot coca, so the cost will drop drastically.
Survival Mode Without Dying - Cartel Tycoon - Your Cartel Members - 8CF3328
Gena Vargas is able to easily double the price on a set number of units by making an offer.
Random characters will be thrown at you, so you'll need some luck. However the strategy works even with no special cartel members. Before I gained powerful characters like Gena, I beat the game.
If you want to conquer those regions, make sure you have someone with robberytrait for Tensaca Mayor quest). kidnapping(is required for Foscani Mayor quest).

Screenshots: Cocaine Production

Survival Mode Without Dying - Cartel Tycoon - Screenshots: Cocaine Production - 46F9DA1
Area 1
Shows first coca production chain:
4x Farm III
2x Item Warehouse
1x Dryer
1x Lab IV (was right next to pier. As this is a later game screenshot, I already demolished the old one and built a new one.)
Shows second coca production chain
4x Farm III
2x Item Warehouse
1x Dryer
1x Lab II
Area 3
It clearly shows the Modern Residency. It covers all money laundering buildings as well as the entire coca production.
Everything not in 1, 2, and 3 was constructed slowly over time once I had enough funds.

Screenshots of Cannabis Production

Survival Mode Without Dying - Cartel Tycoon - Screenshots: Cannabis Production - 0AAFF31
Late game screenshot. I don't have any early game screenshots.
The production started with the pre-built buildings.
Plantation II
I am dryer
All the additional stuff in the screenshot were added after I had enough cash.
Survival Mode Without Dying - Cartel Tycoon - Screenshots: Cannabis Production - 7035601
Dried cannabis is packaged in (avocados) and exported via (orange bows).
The purple arrow indicates the setup for opium. It is purchased in the village using dirty currency (in order to increase loyalty). It is then packaged in the workshop in (with avocados and exported via an airport.
Avacodos were grown in a Molino area plantation. One avacado III plantation is enough to provide three Workshop III.

Screenshots: Meth Production

Survival Mode Without Dying - Cartel Tycoon - Screenshots: Meth Production - 5142A48
Late game screenshot. Sorry, no early game ones.
The production started with pre-built buildings, which were then conquered.
1x Chemical Plant II
2x Chemical plant I
1x Lab 2 (required to be built)
1x Warehouse 1 (required to be built)
All the additional stuff in the screenshot were added after I had enough cash.
Methamphetamine can be exported via the airport (.

Step by Step Walkthrough

Although I didn't plan to share this sheet with anyone, I thought it might be of use. This sheet contains the build-order and details of nearly everything I did during playthrough. I began to take down every step as I failed several times. I wanted to know where things went wrong so I could make adjustments. Finally, I created this build-order which allowed me survive without dying.
Warning: The sheet has many spelling and grammar mistakes, is messy, and I am too lazy to clean up. If you don't like it, you can just ignore it.
Thank you for reading all the ways down!
— Blau


Written by Blue

I hope you enjoy the Survival Mode Without Dying – Cartel Tycoon guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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