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Tactical Builds – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 1 - steamclue.com

Hello friends! In this guide, I will be showing you the best tactical Builds within the game. I tried to make Builds for every type of player. These Builds allow you to quickly progress through the game. All Builds that I have made have been tested.

Alchemy Builds

1-The Most Powerful Tactic Alchemy Build
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Alchemy Builds - D313A59
Toxic Blood mutagen was what I chose to use instead of Euphoria. Euphori was the most unstable mutagen I have ever seen. Instead of increasing my attack potency in most areas, I discovered that it does not have any effect. Euphoria is not strong enough to be a mutagen. It's a strange and unusual mutagen. I didn't get good results. This Build is ideal for anyone who wants to build an alchemy build. Make sure you keep your toxicity up. It is similar to the Black Blood elixir's working principle, but it can only be used against certain creatures. This Build was designed to increase the health and inflict damage to the enemy. It also teaches you new alchemy techniques, increases your toxicity score, and keeps you toxic. Place Morana Devana, Dazbogh or Dazbogh Runestones upon your swords to poison your enemy. Your sword oils, toxic blood, and the Igni Sign will all cause damage to your enemy. Your enemy will also be poisoned if they drink the Black Blood Elixir. You can also use October's boil essence to heal the damage done to your enemy. This Build is extremely powerful. (Viper Armor or Manticore Armor is recommended)
2-Combat-Alchemy(for beginners):
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Alchemy Builds - 6B321F1
This Build is great for beginners. This Build is good for a beginning. Because of the revival feature, any potion dosage will restore 25% health. Your maximum toxicity will increase when you learn new formulas for alchemy. The effects of the mutagens in slots will be increased by the combination, and your health should increase. The oil you put on your swords can do more damage and poison your opponent. I added light, strong and avoidance attacks to the conflict portion. You can change it as you wish. The eddy will be extremely useful here. With a rotating attack, you can easily defeat and even poison your enemies. . (Prefer Light-Heavy Armors) A blizzard potion is available to help with the outburst.
3-Sign-Alchemy(For beginners):
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Alchemy Builds - 90E6158
This Build almost has the same alchemy abilities, but instead of the poisoned knifes ability, you can endure pain. There are 5 signs. All signs can be used in a balanced fashion. The Axii Sign called deception can help you a lot in the main story. It will increase Axii effectiveness in dialogues and make it easier for you to progress in the game's main story. I used the Griffin school techniques skill to increase intensity of all signs in a balanced manner. (A medium weight armor will be sufficient. Petri potion, a recommended Griffin armor, can be used in order to increase the severity.
Alchemy at 4-Bear School
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Alchemy Builds - F120928
This Build is not suitable for bear school techniques. To increase the power of the toxic blood mutagenic in the middle, my acquired endurance, pain tolerance, tissue Transmutation and synergy ability were used. All heavy attacks in our Build are available. Igni I specialized in the signs and Quen. There are two abilities, metabolism boosts or bear school, that are general abilities. Bear school techniques will give your armor more health and attack power. Metabolism increases, on the contrary, will greatly increase your tolerance for potion.

Sign Builds

1-The Most Powerful Tactic Sign Build:
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Sign Builds - 6622710
This sign Build is at the highest level. Griffin school techniques (Griffin helmet recommended) will significantly increase your sign strength. Yrden sign can be used with maximum efficiency. You can increase your adrenaline burst speed to gain adrenaline. If you attack your enemy with an Ign sign (if the sign is used, your adrenaline levels will be renewed, and you will be able use the sign without stopping. You can quickly fry your enemies. Quen is a sign that indicates low health. You can quickly recover your health by using the alternate version (Heliotrope). You can finish the lair. (You can increase the strength of the Build by using tawny-owl, maribor forests and petri potion. I recommend placing perun and veles stones on your swords. The critical hit probability for the marks is increased by placing a mutagen called magic sensitive in the middle. The enemy will explode. But, you'd rather kill with marks than with marks. You must draw might in a might field that supports the sign you choose.
2-Aard Sign-Combat Build:
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Sign Builds - FF3846E
As you can see there is an Aard sign located at the base. The Aard Sign has been enhanced to the maximum level. Your Aard sign will allow you to not only freeze your enemies but also cause devastating damage. The alternative mark mod will make it even more efficient. All enemies will be frozen around you. The blizzard potion will immediately kill your enemies. You will die if your attacks are fast and you do not respond quickly enough. You will see time slow down with each enemy. As you cling to your Aard sign, enemies will freeze, and you will defeat them all quickly. forest elixir Using e, you'll notice a dramatic increase in your Aard strength.
3-Combat-Sign (for beginners):
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Sign Builds - 5F61A40
It is far simpler than our original Build. The Igni sign is strengthened by the ability to accelerate the creation of rage floods, adrenaline points and anger management abilities. This will allow you to use the Igni signing more than once. When your health is declining, the Quenmark is not sufficient, your swallow poton is exhausted, or your ability to drink is impaired, the Gourmet skill will be there to help. (Griffin armor should be used, but make sure you place veles stone stones on your blades.
4-Axii-Combat(instant kill Build):
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Sign Builds - 045A4F3
This Build includes heavy and fast attack. There are also defense abilities like an extra instant killing feature and counter-attack. We can unleash a flood of anger when in battle trance. Our mutagen is there to make sure we hit critical hits. They will be easily killed. If you have multiple enemies it is possible to use the alternate mode for the Axii signal to kill them one at a time. If you only have one enemy you can stun them by using the Axii signal and stun with a single powerful or fast attack. This Build's goal is to kill the enemy quickly. It doesn't use any green mutagens. Therefore, you should consume plenty of swallow liquid or Ak raffard. Boiling essence has a very low toxicity so I do not recommend it. (Optional). Connect Blizzard essence can be used as a drink.
5-Bear School Quen Build:
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Sign Builds - 9C3C0D0
Our build is perfect for bear school techniques. The Quen Sign has been perfected to the utmost level. The severity of the Quen Sign will be increased if all of your bear school equipment is equipped. There are many enemies and very strong enemies right in front of your. Your Quen mark will be broken by none of them. The Quen sign alone will allow you to kill your enemies. On the alchemy wing, there are features which will increase your potion tolerance and total toxicity. Our Build includes all heavy attacks abilities.

Combat Builds

1-The Most Powerful Tactical Combat Build
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Combat Builds - AFAC8A7
This Build is conflict-oriented. This will increase the hitting power. This Build can either be used using bear school or cat-school techniques. To increase signal strength and weapon damage by providing easy adrenaline point gain. I tried to pick the most useful abilities to inflict maximum damage. You can increase your critical strike probability by using the lightning potion. The adrenaline points that you earn will also increase your cue strength, up to the maximum level, when you make the cue. Its mutagen activates finishing moves to take out any deadly blow or critical hit, and dramatically increases your attack power if you don't suffer any damage (exclusions being toxic). So you can enjoy piercing your enemies. (cat arrow Great, bear school or bear armor is recommended. Any light armor or heavier armor will work, but not to the full extent. You can also place one of the chernobog (svarog), stribog (or triglav) rune stones onto your swords. This Build does not contain alchemy, which will not be a problem for your health. If you use a lot potions, such as swallow or white raffard, your health problem should be solved. Another way to keep yourself from getting hurt is by using the Quen sign.
2-Battle-Based Sign-Alchemy Build:
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Combat Builds - EE6BC13
If we reduce the combat portion and add sign alchemy abilities, it may lower the attack power slightly, but we get a more balanced Build. A balanced combination of Igni Aard Quen signs. This builds allows us to use the rage flood ability to increase efficiency. I added the sword oil abilities to my alchemy skills. These abilities can be combined with the sword oil abilities to allow you both to poison your enemy or protect against it. Your sword oils will never fade. If you have sufficiently reduced his health, a Counterattack will activate a finishing move (heavy armor or light armor can both be used, but bear school and cat school armors are recommended).
3-Combat-Alchemy-Sign Build(For beginners):
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Combat Builds - FDEBC57
This Build is easier and more suitable for beginners. You can arrange the build however you want. There are two options for combat: a fast heavy strike and a defense ability (dodge). Axii abilities, which include a faster, more effective version of Igni, Quen, and Axii (armor melting/exploding shield, deception), are quite useful. The alchemy ability Revive (an alchemy ability) is extremely useful. Each potion will restore 25% of your overall health, regardless of the potion you take. It's an excellent feature to start with. I have added 3 features from the General Section. It will increase 500 Points, refresh your Health for 20 minutes, and increase Your Total Toxicity by 30 Points.
4-Cat School Combat Builds:
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Combat Builds - E0DD5AE
This Build was created exclusively for cat schooling. Our Build includes all quick attacks abilities. The bloodbath motagen is the heart of the Build. The bloodbath mutagen, which increases crossbow damage, allows for two shots with one charge, is the most useful feature on the general skill side. The 3rd and final skill in the general cat school technique is a skill that significantly increases quick attack damage as well as critical strike probability. The alchemy part has 3 abilities: gained endurance and synergy as well as serial killer. Wear light armor to avoid taking as much damage as you can. If you are married, you can increase your attack damage and kill the opponent quickly.

Hybrid Mutagen Builds

1-Second Life Mutagen (The most tactical of the mutagens in the game).
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hybrid Mutagen Builds - D2933AD
This Build is a favorite of mine and my favorite in the game. This Build will make your life easier. It is ideal for boss battles. There are different ways to use each sign and every sign in this Build. You can get efficiency. You can use every sign efficiently. It might not be as strong, but it serves the same purpose as real sign builds. The bottom of our build has alchemy capabilities. When it's above, your critical hit probabilities increase every time you kill an opponent, and this bonus continues until end of conflict. The bonus of mutagens found at slots is increased by the ability Synergy. Other alchemy elements are the same ones I added to previous Builds. Revive (any potion dosage % Health Completes 25 – ), poisonous swords (swords oils increase your likelihood of poisoning), stabilizer – (swords oil meat meat people, acquired endurance – increases your maximum toxicity each alchemical recipe you learn) The key part of Build is perseverance. With the Maribor Forest potion, you can increase your adrenaline. With the help of the signs and some solid sword blows, the adrenaline point bars can be raised. Even if the adrenaline point bar runs out, it will still replenish your life with adrenaline points. If you keep at it, you can earn adrenaline points each time. Do not worry about your health being low before you can earn your adrenaline. The second-life mutagen will help to replenish your health and make sure that your health is 100%. You can activate mutagen only once every 180 minutes, so don't forget Heliotrop. If you haven’t been capable of replenishing your adrenaline points, or if your mutagen has just started, you may be able drink elixir. (swallow, white-raffard extract, consume an random dose of the elixir.) If your toxicity level is too high, you can use the Heliotrope to refresh your health. The ekimmara essence should be boiled to ensure that any damage you inflict on your health will be returned to you. He You can consume any potion to replenish health, but I doubt that you will need it. If you use this Build, you will be immortal. This is inept if it causes death. This Build is better than the corrupted euphoria. Balanced. (If you want your attack to be more powerful, your swords must be very strong. I meant strong in terms if tactics, and not attack. I recommend heavy armor. Bear school armor will also work.
2-Adrenaline Burst Mutagen
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hybrid Mutagen Builds - FC99D0E
Your adrenaline bar will always be full when you use this Build. You can do it one after another and melt your enemies. The Heliotrop symbol, which is an alternate to the Quen, can be used to quickly replenish health. If there are too few enemies around, you can use the exploding protection feature. If your Quen shield breaks, the shield will explode. This will damage your enemies as well as repel them. Sharp Focus, a combat skill, will give you adrenaline points for every sword you strike your enemy. Use cat school techniques. You can increase both your attack power as well as your adrenaline levels by using cat school techniques. Griffin school techniques can be used in order to increase the severity. Perun runestone must also be added to your swords. As an Igni sign your points will be thrown at your enemy. This is Build's logic.
3-Magic Conductor mutagen:
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hybrid Mutagen Builds - 5592E90
This Mutagen increases marker strength by 50%, including alternate marker mods. It can also be used to draw the unique and magical Witcher blades. A great Mutagen for skirmishing or leaning on your Mark. 3 quick strikes, 3 heavy hits, 1 defense ability (allows you kill your enemies quickly)1 also has War Trance. This ability, called the rage flood, is especially useful. You can quickly increase the intensity your signs by spending adrenaline, and you can do this by using your strong attacks and light attacks. You can finish.
4-Metamorphosis Mutagen:
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hybrid Mutagen Builds - 35517E3
This mutagen is rarely used by players. It is an underrated mutagen. Metamorphosis mutagen provides you with up to 3 boiled essence effect effects for 120 sec each time you crit an enemy. There is no toxicity cost. Side effects can be added to your Build. This ability works similarly to this mutagen. If you consume any potion, it activates the effect. You will have consumed boiled mutagen. You will experience an increase in your total toxicity each time you learn new alchemy techniques. This will allow you the ability to drink more potions, boil essence, and become stronger. Except for boiled mutagen and potions that are not toxic, this will also mean that your total toxicity will increase. It even forms the foundation of Build. This is why there are heavy and lightweight attacks, and there are 2 defensive abilities. One is about counterattack. When you counterattack, random boiled motagen essences are activated. Serial murder is a ability that increases your critical strike chance with every enemy you kill until victory is won. This ability will allow you to see better in dark places. It will work faster if you also use the cat potion. The blizzard potion can be used to slow down the time it takes to kill an enemy. It can also freeze enemies with the northern bomb. You can also use your heavy attacks to strike critically. You can choose di or Manticore armor.)

Hybrid Mutagen Builds-2

5-Transformed Skin Mutagen:
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hybrid Mutagen Builds-2 - FEEA33A
This Build is ideal for players who wish to take as much damage as possible and to be resistant to attacks. It is combat-oriented. It includes 2 alchemy capabilities and 2 general skills. The goal of the game is to win and reduce the damage that your enemy does to you. Before you start fighting, drink the Maribor Forest Elixir. The Maribor Forest will give your adrenaline levels an extra boost. Place the Perun Rune Stone (which gives you adrenaline point), on your swords. (Recommended use: Bear Armor or heavy armor
6-Manticore Witcher Builder:
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hybrid Mutagen Builds-2 - 6E88AED
The Build of Manticore Witchers. This build, which is entirely made up of alchemy and is extremely useful. Our Build includes Potion, Herb test, and Mutation abilities. General side: Metabolism Control. Metabolism Boosts. Survival instinct and gourmet abilities. The Metamorphosis mutagen allows you to activate a boiled element for 120 seconds each critical hit. This is free of toxicity. The Adaptation ability found in the Potions capabilities section will activate a random potion at no toxicity cost. When you drink any potion, you will become the master Alchemy. Your potions will be filled up with boiled essences regardless of who is ahead. You can easily take down your adversary. (Manticore Armor Recommend)
7-Griffin Witcher:
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hybrid Mutagen Builds-2 - FC20077
The Build of the Griffin Witchers. Aard, Igni, and Aard are at their highest levels. On the combat side, we have our first versions of our fast, powerful attack abilities, which are appropriate for the Magic Conductor mutagen. Injurious Shot is a crossbow ability that allows you to react to lightning and lightning reflexes. This is in keeping with the training style adopted by the Griffin Witchers. The Crippling Shot ability reduces the monster’s special abilities by 25 seconds, while the Lightning Reflexes ability increases aiming time to 45%. On the other side, Griffin School Techniques and the Stable Shot ability are welcomed. The Stable Shot ability doubles crossbow damage by 25%. The Griffin School Techniques ability improves stamina regeneration for each armor of medium weight.
8-Cat Eyes Mutagen
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hybrid Mutagen Builds-2 - D3231B0
If you are a good marksman, grab a powerful Crossbow and apply this Build. It can use all the crossbow and bomb abilities (including general ones). If you use the North Wind Grenade prior to hitting your enemies, your enemies freeze and you will be able to kill them calmly and beautifully. No one can stop your use of arrows (Exploding …)Following, etc). build.

Geralt's Build

Although Geralt can't be built exactly, I tried my best to create the closest Build possible by combining Geralts sign, alchemy & combat abilities as far I can see.
Before additional mutations of B&W DLC
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Geralt's Build - 505D108
After additional modifications in B&W DL:
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Geralt's Build - FF1C5A7


I appreciate your patience and hope you found my guide and builds useful.
Tactical Builds - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Closing... - 93BD314


Written by LORD VADER

I hope you enjoy the Tactical Builds – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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