Tactical Combat Guide – The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

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Tactical Combat Guide – The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition 1 - steamclue.com

I will share with you strategies that even the devil would not think of to help you progress in Witcher 2. The game's conflict mechanics make it difficult to fight the way you want. The game is actually very good, though some of the mechanics can be annoying. These are the disadvantages of the game. You can mitigate them by following the methods I have given you. I hope this helps.

Alchemy Tactics

First of all, the guide won't have any photos because I couldn’t locate the images I wanted. This guide, which is purely text-based, will prove very helpful for you. Enjoy your read…
#This is the combination I love. It's hard to die when Swallow and Gadwall have the same health regen and the Virga potion increases damage-critical resistance. However, this potion combination will cause your stamina to be destroyed by Gadwall. Your stamina bar is now 2 points. You can make two marks at once, so you have 2 stamina. But once you drink Gadwall, the stamina bar vanishes. This is the best way to go about trying this combination. This potion combo is for players who are unable to understand it or complain about it. (Like me)
2-Virga–Golden Oriole–Mongoose:
#This potion will increase your resistance to poison and critical effects. Bleeding. (I hope this is all right, and I would appreciate it if someone corrects me.) It has fire- and poison resistance properties. The Witcher 3 version however has only poison resistant. If you ask, I prefer Witcher 3's version. Let's go back to the topic. The Virga potion is above. As mentioned, it increases resistance, but decreases critical effect rates. So if your potions have critical effect (Crow, Wolf or Lightning), I do not recommend using the Virga potion. You will absorb all the critical effects that monsters have on you, and it will do the most damage. The downside to this potion combo is that it does not offer health regen. If you take damage you will lose. Your health will not recover until the battle ends, or only a fraction of it will. This is not good. This is why it is important to use as many Quen signs as possible and avoid attacks.
3-Tawny Owl–Lapwing–Gadwall:
#combination's purpose is to increase your stamina and recover faster so you can do more marks in a row. If you plan to make consecutive signs or do it for damage purposes, I would recommend the Igni signal. If you plan to use the Aard sign for another purpose, it will work well. If you stun your adversaries and attack, the finisher opens instantly and you will be able to kill the enemy in no time.
4-Petri–Stammelford–Tawny Owl:
#This combination could be replaced by Gadwall rather than Tawny owl, but both Stammelford
Gadwall potions can have serious side-effects, so I decided not to use Stammelford. I put two potions with no side affects in order to reduce Stammelford’s effect. That's the right choice for you. Sign strength will increase significantly, so you can make 100 Signs by using functional sign in close combat, such as Ign or Aard.
#Combination for pure power. The Wolf elixir will increase your chances of inflicting critical effects. Additionally, the Wolf and Thunderbolt Elixirs will provide high muscle power. Thunderbolt comes with a significant side effect. It reduces your health and breaks the Witcher’s relatively weak muscles fibers. These side effects are easily treated with the Swallow potion. Since there isn't Swallow in our mix, we will use Quen. (As far i know, there's no way to increase toxicity. )Since the increase in muscle strength is directly proportional to your sword damage, you can go into a trance and pierce what comes in front of you, but you have to be careful, you can die very easily.Quen,Quen,Quen.Quen is very important.
6-Otherwise you don't need combinations. You can make one potion, choose one of my recommendations, or create your combination. It can cause side effects, such as weakness. Drinking rook can help to eliminate this side effect. This combination can be combined with the Swallow. You will both improve your health, be more resistant for attacks, increase muscle strength, and get a life refresh. Even though Ak Raffard Decoction is still available, there may be side effects. These side effects will still exist if you consume Swallows.
Finally, if your goal is to progress through alchemy you should make sure that you turn on any feature that prolongs the elixir period. There are many other features that can increase oil duration, increase damage from bombs, and trap damage. The most important alchemy option is 'Harvest'. This feature will allow you to collect alchemy if you turn it on. This means that if you collect 2 Wolfsbanes, you will get 4 pieces.
Oh my goodness! I forgot the oils! !
Excuse me guys! Let's move on with the oils:
1-Falka’s blood: This oil can either be used on people or monsters or applied to silver or steel. It will make anyone squirm and cauterize their hands. It is a great oil to be used.
2-The Hanged man's venom: You don't need to apply this oil on your steel sword. It only hurts people, which is why it has the name. It is very effective and you can use it in every fight.
3-Brown Oil (or 3-Brown Oil): This oil can cause very serious bleeding. If you use it, you could make your opponent suffer from severe bleeding or even die. I advise you to use it against powerful creatures.
#Samum:it's easy to build and will give some relaxation if used in intense battles. It is ideal for when you are fighting too many enemy simultaneously. It explodes and blinds everyone around it. Beware! You could end up being one of the bomb's victims! The bomb can also stun and make you vulnerable to monster attacks.
Yes, my friends, I wrote all that I believe may be helpful, let's get on to the next section…

Sign Tactics

1-Igni (or gamble): You can win or lose with the Igni sign. It can be extremely beneficial to spend your endurance on this sign. This sign is very useful in close combat. However, you must be careful because even if your enemy has the same health as an ant you should not attack him using the Igni symbol. You will have a panic attack if you play with it. After quenching, sign Igni. You can then attack, even if it's your last stamina. (Take some risks every now and again) This game will be as easy as possible if your graceful and effortless moves are in support of the destructive Igni.
2-Aard. The Aard marker can be very useful, particularly if it is properly developed. If you increase the Aard marks, the chance of stuning the opponent increases significantly. This allows us quickly to activate the ending animation and defeat our enemy easily. Witcher 2's Aard Mark has been replaced by Witcher 3’s Axii Mark. This is great for anyone who wants to kill enemies or enemies quickly.
3-Quen – This sign is the most important in the game. It is a sign to be used whenever we need it, whether our health is in poor condition or to make sure we are well. It is a powerful weapon against the terrible mechanics of Witcher 2. Quen's shield, if improved, can cause damage to many enemies. Particularly an electric one. It works great in rainy weather, since it is a sign.
4-Yrden – Yrden makes a great companion for monsters. This mark takes time. It is not possible to do this every time. You need to be careful and wait for the right moment. It is very useful against monsters such a Kayran and Gargoyle as well as Arakas.
5-Axii, An unappreciated symbol that only works in a few trivial dialectic acrobats but does not help anyone. It is not recommended to be used in conflict. Geralt is shocked. The sign is ineffective.

Combat Tactics

#Now…we are at the most critical point. Here we will combine my Alchemy and Sign Tactics sections together with combat. Don’t let the enemies get in the way. Always be on the move. Use the spacebar in order to dodge and somersault as much as possible. Attack the enemies from behind, as much as you can. This can cause you to suffer a lot. Because your enemies will defend you with their swords, you won't be able escape them. Because Witcher 2 mechanics are cumbersome. Even if your opponent's sword move is parried, it still takes you away. The game will not detect if I am fighting multiple enemies. For example, while I want Warrior Nekker in my sights, the game doesn't know that I want Warrior Nekker so I accidentally pick another one. Nekker was what I wanted to hit, but I hit Nekker. It's maarif to be able complete the game in a realistic difficulty and still have fun. You won't die if the game is played on easy. You can play the game easily. These tactics will allow you to move along the story easily. These tactics are helpful if you wish to play on higher difficulty or normal levels. Enemies will be able to use 2-3 sword moves. They will block your movement and cause damage. You must avoid taking any risks in order to avoid this. After making the Quen signal, approach your enemy. Roll until you hit 2 of them. This will allow you to use the hit-and -run strategy that is accompanied by a Quen sign. You have to take the risk of losing durability. If you enable the counter-attack feature in character development screen, you will be able to block more effectively. The game will also become more fun. Earn money, make deals, sell monster carca*ses. Loot everywhere and sell everything to merchants to make money. Selling monster carca*ses, parts, and hunting loot can make you the most money. It is easy to make money if you have tried them. This is how I won 3000-odd Oren. You can do it, too. Kayran Shell Armor will be your next armor. The Dragon Scale Armor is an armor that the armorer wears. It's very good quality armor. It is possible to purchase it in future and make armor upgrades as necessary. Always strive for better swords. First, Silver Sword before Steel. Before you face monsters or other creatures, drink the elixir. It is crucial to use Use-m tactics. You can also create your own tactics using the framework of these strategies and then use them. Make sure to visit alchemists. Learn new oils, bomb formulas, and potion recipes. Keep improving yourself. To get used to the game, you only need to play it. It's easy to learn the game the first few times I play it. I couldn't handle two of these thugs. I felt very strange but I started to enjoy playing. Anyway, I hope my guide was of use. I wrote everything I knew, and I thank you for your patience. I would be grateful if you left me an award.


Written by LORD VADER

I hope you enjoy the Tactical Combat Guide – The Witcher 2: Assa*sins of Kings Enhanced Edition guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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