Becoming A Pirate – Rust 1 -

Becoming A Pirate – Rust

Updated: October 13, 2023SteamClue0

Typically solo rust players are unable to gather resources at rates equivalent to groups or clans because they are unable to hold down monuments and […]

Full Guide – Rust 1 -

Full Guide – Rust

Updated: October 13, 2023SteamClue0

Before I get eaten alive by the rust community cuz ngl yall can be….harsh sometimes xD   NO, I don’t know everything. Yes, I’m a […]

Good Settings – Rust 1 -

Good Settings – Rust

Added: August 23, 2022SteamClue0

Options Gameplay     Field of View 90 Head Bob: Off Crosshair: Off Hit Cross: On Hurt Flash: On Compa*s Visibility – On FPS Counter: […]

Fishing guide – Rust 1 -

Fishing guide – Rust

Added: December 24, 2021SteamClue0

The basic knowledge and advice to teach you how to fish and be profitable.     Minimum requirements To fish with a rod you will […]