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Tamura’s Haunting Guide – The Benza RPG 1 - steamclue.com

This guide will go over Tamura’s "Haunting” ability. It will also list all of Tamura’s possible skills and what monsters/people can use them.


Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG - Introduction - 1A37AD1
Tamura can learn many abilities that Higashi Nakano monsters and humans can use. This guide lists all the special abilities that Tamura has and which monsters they can learn them from. You may be able to learn more from other monsters. Let me know if I have missed one!
To learn the other abilities, Tamura has to be hit with destructive abilities. You can teach him other abilities by seeing it once. If you want to force a monster use an ability so Tamura has it, the best method is to remove Tamura and have him guard until the monster uses it.

"Dual Attack"

Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
TP: 10
Two physical hits. It is better than nothing if Tamura keeps the spare TP with her and has nothing else to use it for.
This skill is very difficult to learn once Tamura joins your party. It's used by so many monsters early on.
Monsters: Gremlins. Charging Knights. Bugbear. Sewer Squid. Wheels.

"Wither 1"

Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
MP: 15
Non elemental single target magical damage plus chance of inflicting Amnesia. This causes monsters lose the ability to use special (TP) skill. The wither sequence is crucial as it is how you inflict Amnesia.
Monsters: Imp, Mushroom and Willy

"Wither 2"

Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
MP: 30
Non elemental magic damage plus the opportunity to inflict Amnesia.
Monster: Ghost, Train Guard, Wisteria

"Wither 3"

MP: 50
You can inflict single-target strong non elemental magical damage and accuracy down.
Monsters: Josh

"1000 Punch Kicks"

Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
TP: 20
Attacks randomly four to five times, with two hits each attack. Has a high likelihood of getting missed. Has a high chance of inflicting Rage status. Rage causes monsters with abilities to use their abilities against random targets. This can lead into some very interesting situations in the party where the monsters buff and heal.
Monsters: Bob

"Death Toll"

Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
TP: 20
If they don’t remove their ability, any monster that is inflicted with the ability will die within three turns. This ability is available to some characters in The Benza Battle Arena. It can help you move up the ranks quicker than if they were all fighting you normally. This ability is actually available from Lee, using his random negativity effect ability.
Learned From: Shadow Slither Shadow Box and Lee

"Brain Tap"

Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
TP: 10
Tamura's MP is restored by 50mp and does 50mp damage to a single target. This is a great way to remove a boss's MP and prevent it from healing, using magic attacks, or in an emergency. However Tamura has better things to do in the middle of a boss battle.
Learned From: Mimics, Cockatrices Mall Bat, Forbidden box, Hydrangea

"First Aid"

Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
MP: 12
Weak healing, blindness, and sleep are all possible. This is another one of those abilities you have to be careful not to run into, as so many early game boss monsters use it.
Learned from: Charging Knights and Witches, Tatsuyas and Stump Creepers

"Ethereal Balance"

Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
MP: 15
This effect grants a state that will restore HP based on the amount of magic damage done by the team for the duration. This ability can be used in conjunction with Stephanie Lee, Za, Tamura, or Tamura. Tamura can use "Ethereal Balance", while the other party members can do magic damage.
This information was gleaned from Oleander and Sewer Slug


Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
MP: 35
Allows a character automatically to return to life after being defeated. This is essential for the boss fights and easy escape from the Black Flame monster on the 27th floor of the Japanese School.
Learned From: Jilly, Black Flame

"Juju Magnet"

Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
MP: 25
Attracts any single target magic to Tamura. Tamura's healing cost is the MP cost of each spell. AOE magic spells will still heal Tamura and not harm him, but they will cause damage to the rest of your team.
Learned From: Demon. Cockatrice. Wraith.

"Spell Shield"

Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
MP: 20
Prevents one magic attack causing harm to the entire party. This ability is extremely important and will be used in nearly every boss fight between the time Tamura joins a party and the end of the game. You should not have any problems learning "Spell Shield" from Sewer Slimes in Sewer where Tamura first plays as Tamura.
This information was gleaned from: Winky. Sewer slime. Spider. Morion.

"Reflex Ward"

MP: 20
The elemental damage of any spells that hit the player while they have this status is reduced. If a monster uses Fire 2 against the party, the party will be granted a defensive boost against fire attacks.
I believe this will only be of any use if you don’t have “Juju Magnet” or “Spell Shield” as those moves are superior to this one. This is only for completeists.
Learned From: Rock Man. Wrinkles. Kosuke


TP: 10
It removes all negative and positive effects and heals at a cost that is determined by the effects.
Learned from: Giant Robot. Dark Tank

"Drop the Ba*s"

Tamura's Haunting Guide - The Benza RPG -
MP: 15
This will remove all the buffs from monsters. Simple but highly effective! It's also very easy, as Ace1 uses it frequently in the Benza Battle Arena.
Ace1: Learned


Written by craft777

Here we come to an end for the Tamura’s Haunting Guide – The Benza RPG guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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