Terran’s Guide to: The mantis lords! – Hollow Knight

Terran’s Guide to: The mantis lords! – Hollow Knight 1 - steamclue.com
Terran’s Guide to: The mantis lords! – Hollow Knight 1 - steamclue.com

Guide for Hollow knights 1 – Mantis lords.
This guide is aimed at new players and helps them overcome the first challenge of Hollow knight-The mantis Lords

Brief Introduction

Welcoming you to my first guide!
Terrandragon is me. My goal today is to teach you, an aspiring hollow knight player, how I beat the mantis Lords.
They are quick and can move around the arena at a rapid pace. More specifically, you need to be aware of their attacks and how they can be overcome.
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Before we get into attacks, it is important that you know that this fight has 2 stages. The first stage involves fighting one of the mantises. (manti?) You will fight two. These stages are almost identical in terms of attacks, except for their blade throws.
Stage 1
Dash attack
Nail pointed to the fact that the mantis lord would appear on either end of the arena. After a brief delay, she will run horizontally across the arena floor.
This attack is quite well telegraphed. All that's required to dodge it is to jump.
Once you are comfortable with this fight, I recommend you do a downstrike while she is running under you. After that, chase her to try to hit her one more times before she vanishes.
Ground pound [b/]
The mantis Lord will appear just a few feet above you, and will soon fall down.
To dodge, just move left or to the right. If you are in the initial phase, you can get some hits in before she vanishes. If you are in the second phase, you should ensure you are safe and secure from the other mantis lords before you do this.
Disc throwing Throw
Shortly after appearing on either wall, the mantis Lord will throw a disk at you. The trajectory is similar to a boomerang.
IMPORTANT: IMPORTANT: Pay attention to where the mantis lord is positioned on the wall. She will throw it lower if it is closer to the ground then if it is further away.
This is one of only two attacks that can allow you to heal during a fight. However, you must be careful.
You can also be attacked by the mantis Lords if you climb on the walls.
Disc throw 2 Disc throw 2
Both mantis Lords will appear on the walls in the second phase only. After a few seconds the mantis lords will throw 2 discs each, one per mantis. As they descend, the discs follow a boomerang-esque, wavy pattern. While dodging, be sure to time the jump correctly
Disc throw 3 Disc throw 3
This attack is only available in the second phase. The mantis Lords will appear parallel to one another on the walls. After a few seconds each mantis-lord will be able to throw 2 discs. The discs will collide in the middle of arena and descend down, before splitting and flying in opposite direction upon reaching bottom.
I've managed to avoid this by standing in middle of the arena. The discs just barely missed my hitbox. However, it's much safer to stand to one side of the arena to jump when necessary. You can also heal while the discs fall.


Recomended charms

Quick Focus
A charm that heals quickly is all you need for a fast-paced battle.
Fragile Strength
You should not underestimate raw power. Flesh strength is a Godsend in any fight
Fragile heart
2 Extra masks. You can always appreciate more of your life, just like…
Lifeblood heart
Two free masks will make your survival easier. Plus, it won't fall apart if you are killed. They can't be replaced once they're used up.
Longnail, aside from being a charm in general will allow you extra hit where you otherwise wouldn't due to reach restrictions. Pogoing is made much easier by longnail.


Before you start the fight, move all the way left from the arena. One of the mantis-lords may close a door. However, you can use this advantage to your benefit. Your wall jump will allow you to climb up the door to the little wall above. Once you reach the wall, climb all the ways up until you reach a breakable wall. Once you have destroyed the wall, you will find a lifeblood pouch that you can open for bonus health.
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Terran's Guide to: The mantis lords! - Hollow Knight - Bonus - 13C773E

Respect others

This is the most important part. Be attentive! Once you're done fighting, hold S until you bow back to your mantis lords.
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Written by TerranDragon

I hope you enjoy the Terran’s Guide to: The mantis lords! – Hollow Knight guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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