Test Complete Achievements – Metro: Last Light Redux

Test Complete Achievements – Metro: Last Light Redux 1 - steamclue.com
Test Complete Achievements – Metro: Last Light Redux 1 - steamclue.com

It’s been so long but if there’s still some of you that want to get the “Test Complete” achievements, or wanna finish it yourself but stuck at it cuz it’s too hard, then this guide might gonna help you. (Gameplay, not the secret way) here’s my strategy to complete them all, but ngl it was so hard. Tips and tricks are every where, but I wanna make my own so here you go 🙂

First Test – Enter The Reich

The first stage is nothing, basically you shot people, try to aim for headshot distance combo, so you’ll get more mgr and just try your best.

Second Test – Nosalis Nightmare

For the second one you might wanna run around to avoid nosalises and keep an eye on your ammo, also don’t forget to watch the gate, use incendiary bombs to block them while they’re inside. As for the weapon, choose the kalash, revolver, and a one round shotgun.

Third Test – Defenders

The third one is kinda easier than the second one, it will just be about team management, if you can keep all 8 guys alive, you’re through, and same with the second one, watch the gate, and use incendiary bombs to block them while they’re inside.

Fourth Test – Blood-Red Square

The fourth one is really hard, the trick is just save your money for the sniper team, and don’t forget to get kalash and night scope pistol thingy, and then stay with the snipers and hide behind the barrels, you wanna make your enemy goes up and try to activate the other doors, that way it’ll be easier to the headshot distance combo, also make sure to save your mgr, do not buy extra ammunition, just army, if you have enough you can summon the one on the down line, but it’s wiser to keep it with you untouched till the stage 4, on stage 4 you can use all your mgr to help you go through.

Fifth Test – Last Stand

For the fifth one, you wanna use the minigun with thousands bullets from the start, in the middle of stage 2 you’ll have enough mgr to summon a heavy army which is 35 mgr, choose whichever you want (there’s 2 of em) and then you’ll farm for more mgr more easier also make sure to pay attention to the gates, use incendiary bomb to burn them while they’re inside, once you get another 35 mgr, summon the other one, at this point you’ll be in stage 3 which will gives you librarians, not very deadly, but reaaaaallllyyy tough and hard to kill. here you just wanna stay on the middle platform while helping your guys, once ONE of em is dead (which will leave you with 3 guys) slowly fall back to that bunch of claymore mines or sumth. then try your best to make your way through :).


As for every test, don’t forget to always refill your ammo every stage on every test, you don’t have to buy more packs, 3 is enough as it will fill all your needs in ammunitions. And not recommended to choose any level beyond normal if you never play on ranger hardcore in story mode, well it doesn’t matter, just choose normal, one time I choose the very right one and it gave me extra stage ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
if you have anything to ask feel free to comment if anyone still playing this game and try to get the achievements xd, oh and this doesn’t recommended on console as aiming is kinda hard with analog, unless you’re god at it.

Written by Daga~, AnTiJi~

Here we come to an end for the Test Complete Achievements – Metro: Last Light Redux guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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