The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory – Armello

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory – Armello 1 -
The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory – Armello 1 -

Do you think that Armello is all about luck and RNG? Do you believe that only the luckiest win here? Do you leave games whenever you have bad time? Then this guide is for you: here I shall introduce you to the bright side of this great game and tell you how to win through skill!
This guide is the translation from Russian. Expect minor mistakes.



That’s the first thing I’d like to say. The second one is this:


I’ve been playing Armello since 2016 and I can confidently say that I have mastered all of its mechanics. These days I notice how more and more new players buy the game, try it out and leave with cries like “RNG! RNG! Everything is based on luck!”. It is painful to hear such things and see how people leave game sessions at first sight of problem or bad luck. Let’s see what is wrong here.

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Part I. Why?

I manage to score victory in more than half of my games, which shows that skill is indeed very important here. Armello is a game that teaches us how to live. It teaches us to be patient and stoic.
If you are too greedy, Armello will punish you.
If you are too reckless, Armello will punish you.
If you are too hasty, if you are too slow, if you are afraid of risks, if you are careless, if you are unable to adapt, Armello will spank your a*s and kick you out.
Armello does not like weak, unstable, rash individuals. But if you do want to win, you must work on yourself first.
This game is similar to our real life – everything is decided by RNG, but he who can minimize it, tame it and use it for himself will gain his crown.
Let me introduce you to the fundamental techniques of taming the RNG and increasing your chances of victory.

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Part II. Cleaning your hand

I often see how players continuously walk around the map with a hand full of useless cards. These cards negatively affect the development of their heroes, and as a result they have to journey with a bad equipment. That’s why you must remember this simple rule:


How can you get rid of useless cards?
1. Use them
The most simple and expensive method. You have a useless item card? Use it in your equipment and replace another useless item! You’ve got redundant spells or trickeries? Use them for whatever, even to your own harm! Armello is not about stagnation: you must be in constant development and movement. Of course, you have to spend gold and magic, so act according to your situation: if you’ve got a lot of gold (more than 4-5), then use the cards! If the night is coming, spend your magic: it restores at noon anyway, so why bother keeping it?
2. Burn them in perils
It’s a standard practice to enter a peril and burn your cards there. Of course, you will most likely fail it, but it’s usually better to clean your hand anyway. Always remember: the most dangerous and damaging perils usually appear in swamps and dungeons. For example, Plague, Dark influence or Banish. Don’t go on these tiles without a good reason or scouting!
A special case is palace perils: you can always enter the palace, burn your cards and die to return to clan grounds.
3. Burn them in a fight
The most dangerous method, since the loss of any health point can be fatal for you. If you don’t want to lose HP and die, then burn your cards carefully, don’t trigger too many attack symbols, or else your enemy will take you with him into the grave. You can also just pick a weak opponent for good measure.

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Remember – with clean hand you can get more new cards. Naturally, there is no guarantee that you will get better cards: sometimes one discards cards every turn and still doesn’t get good stuff. Accept this stoically: Armello is the embodiment of real life.

Part III. Managing your equipment

A good set of items is the best way to minimize the RNG factor. What does one need to equip?

Your equipment must give you at least 2 defences and 2 attacks

I often see players who don attacking items only, then engage other players and, as a result, die with them in battles. I call these people «torpedoes». Such playstyle takes it’s root in this line of thought: «Everything depends on RNG, so why should I care about what to use?». This is a grossly incorrect way to play. Let’s an*lyze the element of randomness in Armello’s combat system…
Imagine a perfectly balanced battle.
Let’s a*sume that Player A attacks Player B. They both have 6 dice. It’s Day. No items, no cards, no burning. Neither of them is infected. Explode pool is disabled.
Both players roll dice. They both get the same combination of Armello’s symbols – the Wyld, the Sword, the Shield, the Sun, the Moon and the Worm. What happens next?

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The Sword, the Sun and the Wyld count as attacks – so we have 3 attacks
The Moon and the Worm count as misses.
The Shield counts as defence – so we have 1 defence.
Let’s an*lyze the final result by using the Probability theory:
50% of dice count as attacks
33,3% of dice miss
16,7% of dice count as defences
As you can see, the combat system of Armello, by design, has heavy bias towards attack. Any dice will, with the probability of 50% (and this is a VERY BIG probability), count as an attack. The chance of dice emerging as defence is only 16,7%.
Attacks appear 3 times more often than defences!
What conclusion can we draw from this?

Your equipment must prioritize defence over offence!


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You will never make a mistake if you take too much defence. But you will really regret taking too many attacking items, since it appears very often anyway.

Part IV. Equipment Cla*sification

To make the process of acquiring good equipment easier, I have divided all items into 5 categories.
What are my criteria for these? A good item grants at least 1 attack/defence and also some nice bonus.

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Pierce, in my opinion, counts as 2 attacks.
Reflect counts as 1 attack and 1 defence
If an item gives you a die, then it counts as an attack (remember: attacks appear much more often than defences)
Therefore, for example, Hero’s Shield, which gives Reflect and 1 die, gives us 2 attacks and 1 defence.
Underestimated items are marked with (*)
God Tier. Treasures
1. Royal Shield
2. Helm of Heroes
3. Bane Blade
4. Lionheart Breastplate
5. Hero’s Shield
6. Silver Lance

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part IV. Equipment Classification - 0C576E7BE

Good Tier. Fine weapons
1. War Hammer
2. Marauder Gauntlets
3. Bastard Sword
4. Chainmail Shirt
5. Tower Shield
6. Iron Pike*
7. King’s Guard Armour*
8. Hare’s Halberd*
Mid Tier. Decent items
1. Heavy Flail
2. Battle Armour
3. Leather Armour
4. Feathered Helm
OK Tier. Nice for the start, but one definitely must seek better stuff
1. Shining Steel Sword
2. Trusty Shield
3. Battle Axe
4. Oak Spear
Everything else counts as S.H.I.T. Tier: items that are either not meant for a fight or very situational. When you are about to take down the King, you should not have them in your arsenal.
Note: items are listed in random order.
Exception №1: Heavy Plate Armour should be used only when you stand in the Palace.
Exceptions №2-4: Wyldfyre Staff, Masquerade Mask and Winged Boots are very useful UNTIL you enter the Palace.
Alright, I have marked 3 underestimated items with the (*) symbol. I consider these items to be very good, but most players rarely use them for long in their inventory. Let’s an*lyze their bonuses.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part IV. Equipment Classification - 4490AD998

Hare’s Halberd: If you think about it, it is the same Marauder Gauntlets. Just a little weaker, but it doesn’t taint you with Rot AND it is far less rare. Let’s do some math:
“Opponents suffers -1 die” – this is, at it’s core, +1 defence for us. We deny our enemy a chance to deal one attack.
“Gain +1 die” – we get +1 attack (already explained that)
Even if our die misses, we still get 1 defence, which is great.
King’s Guard Armour: a very useful item for those who have a lot of dice. The more dice you have, the more misses there will inevitably be in combat. This item converts 2 of your misses into precious defence. It is especially useful against the King (he can’t take your dice for himself).
Thus, King’s Guard Armour grants you 1-2 defences and an additional protection against the King. Pretty good, isn’t it?
Iron Pike: the most unappreciated item in the game. A sword is pretty common to see in combat, and Pierce allows you to move even the most armoured enemy away from the tile – you will see it’s usefulness once you get to move such “turtles” from the Palace, especially if your hero is not a warrior.
If you defend yourself, then your sword also protects you.
In this way, usually if you attack, the Iron Pike grants you +2 attack; if you defend, then you get +1 defence. A good item for weaker heroes.
Note: Iron Pike allows even the weakest hero to kill the King with 1 HP. You only need to roll 1 sword. A good choice of items for a mage is to get 2 protective cards and a pike. This will protect him from warriors and he will be able to move them from tiles by poking them where it hurts.

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Part V. Quests and Hero stats

I often see people taking quests not for the sake of improving character’s stats, but for the reward itself (followers or treasures). This is a very big mistake. Always remember this simple truth:

Only take quests that improve vital stats.

There is just one exception for this rule, and this is the Spirit Stone Victory. But, judging from my experience, this is a very “unstable” type of victory completely dependent on RNG. Personally, I never try to gather stones. It’s better to aim for either Kingslayer or Prestige victory instead.
Do not be afraid to go with the “safe” option in the quest: it’s usually better to go safe than sorry.
Advice on how to develop your stats:
Never take more than 5 wits – you simply won’t be able to properly use such a large quantity of cards. If you know how to clean your hand, then 4-5 wits will always be enough for you.
Never take more than 5-6 spirit, even if you play as mages like Sana or Yordana. It’s better to develop your Body and Fight so that you can at least defend yourself from basic threats.
Warriors such as Thane, Magna or Fang don’t even need Spirit above 3: to them magic plays an auxiliary role. It is much more important to get high Fight and Body. 4 Wits is also always enough for Warriors.

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Part VI. The Rot

Many players don’t understand how they should approach the Rot. Some fear it like fire, never use Rot cards and try to burn them as quickly and safely as possible (which results in heroes walking around the map with the hand full of useless cards). Others become infected at the first opportunity and most of the time gain nothing from it.
Let’s an*lyze the Rot itself.
The Rot comes from Item and Magic decks. The former is used by basically everyone, while the latter is mostly used by Mages. Warriors don’t need a lot of magic cards due to their low spirit.
Note that there is roughly an equal amount of Rot cards in both decks. Thus, we can see how Item cards go to everyone, including the Rot ones, while the Magic Rot cards are mostly drawn by mages.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part VI. The Rot - A9C4DA87A

What’s the big deal? Here is what we learn:
Conclusion №1: if you play as a Fighter, you shouldn’t go for the Rot victory, since the Item deck is your main deck. In most cases you won’t be able to draw enough Rot to win over the King. There are 3 exceptions to this:
1. You can take the risk and go for Rot in case you get very lucky and manage to get 3-4 Rot cards in 2-3 turns or if you get yourself a good Rot event.
2. You can use Rot if you play as Dragon Clan Hero.
3. You can use Rot if you play as Fang.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part VI. The Rot - 24C50D2F5

Conclusion №2: you can go for Rot if you are a mage. The Spell deck is not used as widely as the Item deck, so you will be able to get a good amount of Rot cards. This applies to any mage, even for Sana (who is, according to lore, a big anti-rot priestess), who is one of the best candidates for the Rot Victory. There are also a few exceptions:
1. Don’t go for Rot if there is already someone with 2-3 Rot. You will have to compete with him for Cards and you might not get lucky.
2. If you are not infected and the King already has 5 rot, then don’t try to out-rot him. This applies to all heroes.
3. It is not advised to go for Rot as Yordana: she is the only hero in the game who can transform Rot cards into “curses of skill”. You will lose one of her most important abilities if you don’t burn Rot cards.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part VI. The Rot - 4AB77C806

How should one win through Rot? Frankly speaking, this type of victory is not so different from the Kingslayer victory: you still need to breach the Palace and kill the King. The Rot simply helps (or hurts) you in the process.
As such, you just need to complete your quests and gain Rot. It will be difficult until you gain 5 Rot. Here is the advice I can offer:
1. Draw cards from the Spell deck. You will get more Rot and cards such as Teleport or (Banish) – very useful cards that allow you to quickly get to your quests. This is especially important for infected heroes who may die more often than others.
2. Don’t try to kill yourself by attacking a Bane if you already have a good equipment or a lot of HP. In most cases the Bane will only damage you, giving other heroes a chance to kill you for prestige.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part VI. The Rot - F180EFD4C

3. The best Rot cards are (Plague) and (Dark Influence). Do not be afraid to poison yourself with Plague. If you don’t have enough magic for Dark Influence, then try getting it from dungeons or certain items: Blackberry Dust or Moon Juice.
4. If you enter the swamp while poisoned, there is a good chance that you will get a Rot event.
Once you get 5 Rot, begin eating Banes to gain more. Don’t forget about quests though.

Part VII. The Regicide

Killing the King is the most reliable way to achieve victory. The Rot victory is also, at its core, a simple variation of it. The other victory ways – the stones and the prestige – are secondary, since they depend on too many various factors.
Whatever hero you play as, the base plan is the same every game – complete all of your quests, enter the palace, kill the king. Other victory ways are chosen according to circuimstances:
Got lucky with stones? Alright, it won’t hurt to find more.
Got lucky with prestige? Very well, the palace can wait, you may do some damage to others.
But these are all secondary “Plan B”s. The Plan A is always the same – kill the King.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part VII. The Regicide - B7B538137

Advice on how to kill the King:
Advice №1: The jackal tactic
If you get extremely unlucky and you understand that you won’t complete your quests on time, do not waver. Instead of panicking, focus on gathering equipment and stay close to the palace. One of your opponents will surely finish his quests and open the palace by himself, and that’s when you must strike. I call it “the jackal tactic”: we take opportunity and steal another players work.
Advice №2: Find the cards
The palace perils that require Wits are locked with the “Wyld-Sword-Shield-Worm” combination. The spirit perils have the “Wyld-Sun-Moon-Worm” combo. With this in mind we can manage our hand until we get the needed card symbols for the entry.
The Wyld, the Worm, the Sun and the Moon cards are more frequent in the Spells deck.
The shield is best drawn from the Items deck. You can also have it simply by using the Leather Armour or the Resist amulet.
The sword can be reliably drawn, surprisingly, from the Trickery deck. Sword cards do not exist in the Spells deck.
Watch out for the “Cursed Lands” cards used on the Palace perils. You will find yourself in a sticky situation if you miss one.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part VII. The Regicide - 2368F28F6

Note: the tainting of palace perils with the Cursed Lands card is usually the only useful thing you can do with it.
Advice №3: Hot Rot Wine and the Strategist
There are three HRW cards in the Items deck, and one Strategist card in the Trickeries. Note how many of them are used throughout the game and whether you have a chance of drawing one before entering the Palace. It’s always more convenient to immediately enter the Throne room instead of holding out the whole turn.
Advice №4: The Royal Mood
The King is not predictable. Usually the fight with him can go two ways:
1) The King graciously allows you to kill himself without a fuss
2) The King turns into an unstoppable killing machine with 999 attacks who will take you to Valhalla with him
Always prepare for the worst option. Best way to do that is to get a good equipment. If you have time, do not attack the King while you are at death’s door, otherwise the fight will turn into pure casino.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part VII. The Regicide - B091E7F6A

What items are best for the Regicide? First and foremost, the items that negate misses: King’s Guard Armour, Royal Shield, Chainmail Shirt. Also notable are the items that take your dice (Battle Armour).
Why is this important? It is not good to have a lot of dice in the King fight. The more dice you have, the higher the chance that the King will steal them. So make sure that you get as much power as possible and don’t give it to the lion.

Part VIII. The Prestige Victory

The Prestige Victory is not as reliable as the Regicide, since there are too many factors to consider. You will have to compete with your foes for prestige points, you will be a target of trickery and spell cards, and the late King’s decrees will not be on your side.
As if this isn’t enough, there are a lot of ways to leave the potential prestige victor dumbfounded and defeated: there is always a chance that your enemy will get HRW or the Strategist and easily get to the unfortunate ruler of Armello. And you will only get to cope and seethe as your “intrigues” become naught in the face of the mighty RNG.
This means one thing: the Prestige Victory should not be your priority. There is always Plan A – kill the king. The PV is the Plan B in case you become physically incapable to reach the King.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part VIII. The Prestige Victory - 19BF56585

Notes on Prestige Victory:
1. Always note how many quests your foes have completed. This is easy to calculate: all heroes start with 16 skill points. Every quest grants +1 skill. A player gains access after completing 4 quests. Once you calculate the total amount of skill points and deduct all the buffs and amulets, you will see how many quests your foe has got to finish.
2. Try to kill your enemies strategically. If you see that your opponent has completed the quest far away from his Clan Grounds, then do not kill him. Let him waste his time going back or killing himself. Otherwise he will gain advantage and quickly complete his quest right after he respawns. Your task is to slow down your opponents by any means.
3. Usually the one who becomes Presitge leader at the start of the game remains as such for the entirety of the first half of the game.

Part IX. The Spirit Stone Victory

Frankly, I rarely score the SS victory. The reason is obvious: it is not a reliable way to win. This is why:
1. Stones spawn randomly. Sometimes you will get lucky, sometimes you will not.
2. Stones randomly appear as prizes in quests. And there is still a chance you will fail the roulette.
3. Taking quests for the sake of Stones means you will develop your hero incorrectly.
4. Finding Stones in dungeons and events is also pure RNG.
5. Someone can steal the stone from you.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part IX. The Spirit Stone Victory - 19DEA4184

So, really, the SS victory is very circuimstancial. One should aim for it only when he gets 2-3 stones in one fell swoop. In other cases always follow your Plan A.
Note: if there is a stone close to you, but you do not aim for SS victory, then think twice before picking it up. There can be only one stone on the map at a time, so leaving it in a far corner of the map can be a good way to slow down a potential Spirit Walker.

Part X. General Strategy

As I said before, the base Plan A should be followed regardless of what hero you play:
1. Complete all your quests
2. Get good gear
3. Get into Palace and kill the King
4. Prevent your opponents from completing steps 1-3
To do all of these, you must get right cards in a right time, manage your resources wisely. You can do that by following the next set of rules:
Rule №1: Getting gear is max priority.
If you don’t have good equipment, you basically put a sign “Kill Me” on your forehead. Any player or creature will be able to cause trouble in a fight.
Remember: do not waste money on trickeries until you get good gear. If you have money, but don’t have gear – draw items and actively seek equipment. You do not have the right to waste money on anything else until your stuff grants you 2 swords and 2 shields.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part X. General Strategy - D5F623B19

Consequently, the Trickery deck is the late-game deck, when the King has 3-4 HP and everyone else rushes to the palace.
1. The Trickeries at the start of the game can be and must be used in order to clean your hand.
2. If you play as Griotte, you profit greatly from using trickeries at day, even without good gear. But don’t go too far: only prepare the Street Queen ability when you feel like there will be a fight at night. Otherwise it’s a waste of gold.
Rule №2: Use as much magic as possible!
Magic is the only resource that gets replenished regularly. It is foolish to ignore it when there is a whole deck dedicated to it!
If you play as a Warrior, it doesn’t hurt to take a few spells at night, when your magic is at strongest. Even with 2 spirit you can still do some damage with Immolation, Aflame, Wake the Trees and etc. And I am not even mentioning the Rot cards, that don’t cost magic!
Spend your magic! If you don’t use all of your resources wisely, you risk falling behind your foes!

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part X. General Strategy - 958F32B6B

Notes on Teleportation:
The most notable cards in the Spell deck are Teleport and Banish, which allow you to save precious time when doing quests. They are rare, obviously: only 2 exist of each kind. But just for them it is worth drawing at least one card from the deck.
The Banish card requires additional clarification: new players usually use it bluntly and incorrectly. You must first and foremost use it on yourself! It is a very precious card for completing far-away quests: just count the number of tiles to the prefered dungeons and make your plan. You certainly may (and must) use Banish on players in one case – when they are already in the palace.
Rule №3: Fight only when it is necessary
As I mentioned before, attacks in Armello appear 3 times more frequently than defences. This means that the chance of getting injuries in a fight is quite high. When you are traveling to a far away quest, every health-point is important: it is really disappointing when you get killed close to your goal.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part X. General Strategy - C06778FBD

Even if you are a strong, fearsome headhunter with good gear, you should think twice before attacking your enemy. Check his equipment, abilities, amulets. Think on why you need a fight: does the enemy stand in your way? You want the bounty? You want to prevent him from doing something?
Remember – your priority should be finishing quests. Any moves that slow you down should be done only when the ends justify the risks.
Rule №4: Do not stand in the way of stronger foes!
I often see situations like this: some weak mage, like Sana, with poor gear, bravely approaches the mega-equipped warrior, like Zosha, and… ends his turn. Usually players do this because they want to walk the shortest way to their quest. In most cases this ends in a one-sided ma*sacre – the warrior executes the mage in cold blood and moves on.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part X. General Strategy - 98975D334

Consider this: why should you waste your whole turn just to die and begin again? We all wish to complete quests as quickly as possible, but sometimes it’s a good idea to simply wait and not perish. Go and hide in the forest, make way for the monster – and you will save more previous time in the long-term. Also, speaking of time…

General Strategy – Continuation

Rule №5: Save time
Time in Armello is one of the most important resources. In a cla*sic match you have, at best, 16 turns to achieve victory. The late-game, when one must act, begins once the King has 4 HP. In the late-game you need to, in the shortest amount of time (2 or 3 turns), breach the Palace. You can do this in 3 ways:
1. Complete the 4th quest and get a free entry. If you haven’t completed the 3rd quest, then make new plans – there just won’t be enough time.
2. You steal the breach from another player (the Jackal tactic).
3. You breach the Palace with the cards.
If you have no intention of killing the King for whatever reason, then you must put all efforts to slowing down players and reducing their prestige.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - General Strategy - Continuation - 295C830AF

Obviously, the most reliable way to victory is completing quests. How can you do them quicker?
1. Any quest spawns on a distance of 6-7 hexes from the previous quest. You can use this info to guess in what part of the map your next target will be.
2. Learn how to die strategically. If you complete the quest very far from spawn, the next quest will certainly appear close to your Clan Grounds. Dying means respawning exactly there.
3. Try not to go astray without a good reason. Do not engage in senseless fights. Do not capture distant settlements. Do not gather stones far from your intended path. And obviously – do not become target of strong players.
4. Do not enter dungeons without a VERY good reason. Chances of a Bane appearing and stealing your Action point is surprisingly high. Worse than that is the Stranger.
5. Try not to lose HP. It is especially risky to walk around the map with less than 4 health. This is a danger level, when anyone can potentially kill you with one spell. If possible, sidestep the swamps.
6. If you have less than 4 HP, it’s a long way to your quest and you have no healing items, then you’d better off just dying by yourself.
Rule №6: Do not approach Banes without good gear
Banes, just like the King, are either kind or murderous:
The “Kind Bane” will miss 3-4 dice and die quickly
The “Murderous Bane” will manage to roll 6-9 attacks with his worms and destroy you. Well-protected warriors will get a nasty scratch, while weak nak*d heroes will just get swallowed whole. You will never know in what mood the Bane is, so, as usual, better safe than sorry – get good gear and do not attack Banes, especially at night (when they get +1 dice)

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - General Strategy - Continuation - 98143D998

Rule №7: Do not hold onto precious cards for too long
You got a very good card, you keep it, keep it… and then someone else shamelessly steals it! Familiar situation, isn’t it? To prevent something like this, you should play the card as soon as possible. Got a teleport? Jump right away. Got a strong item, but got no money for it? Move into dungeon and try to get gold. And etc
Note: it is smart to hold trash cards together with your precious card. If someone tries to steal from you, then the chance of losing the latter significantly decreases.

Part XI – Amulets

When I pick amulets and rings for the game, my general rule of thumb is this:

Amulets and rings must grant constant, frequently appearing, useful buff.

As such, I do not use 80% of Armellian bijouterie. So what are my preferences?

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part XI - Amulets - 32FB28A35

All amulets that grant certain characteristics, except for Scratch, Soak, Think and Feel.
Remember: it is not a mistake to pick one of these in order to fix a weak stat in your Hero. It is indeed a solid, constant bonus. Even 100 level veterans are not ashamed to use these.
Resist. This is one of the best amulets in the game. I highly recommend you to pick it instead of Scratch. How come? Scratch, basically, grants you 1 dice. As I explained before, this dice has 50% to become an attack, 16,7% chance to become defence, and 33,3% chance to miss altogether.
Resist, on the other hand, grants you ONE GUARANTEED DICE THAT BECOMES A DEFENCE! More over, it is also relevant in the perils, which is very useful for breaching the Palace. Pretty neat, isn’t it?
Aforementioned amulets are good for all heroes. The following are specific cases for specific heroes.
Ruin. Very useful for Fang and Dragons. Why not Spoil? Spoil simply grants 2 rot and nothing else. No usefulness during the game. Ruin, on the other hand, gives you gold from pillaged villages. We basically gain profits from villages without waiting for dawn. Of course, we lose all chances of Prestige victory with it, but we really increase chances of acquiring the Rot victory. And in my opinion, this is more than enough.
Sprint. Works on Elyssia and Ghor. For others – not so much, just too situational.

The Art of Armello: How to Achieve Victory - Armello - Part XI - Amulets - 5771C50CA

Discipline. Quite an overrated amulet. It simply grants you 2 dice once every two turns. These dice can miss. Resist, as I mentioned before, grants you a guaranteed shield in any situation.
Discipline is decent when you choose to Rush the Palace in the first 8 turns. This amulet is also good for Mages, who rarely can put up much of a fight to Warriors and Banes.
The rest of the amulets I didn’t mention are either too situational or completely useless. They are not worth picking.

Part XII. Rings

To be honest, I have no time to an*lyse each ring, since most rings are situational or useless. I will just highlight the most useful rings for each clan.

The Wolf Clan

1. Celestite – a mega useful ring for any Wolf hero. Saves a lot of time during your travels.
2. Rubellite – a worthy ring, especially useful for Fang, since he constantly suffers from lack of HP due to Rot. With this ring, an injured Fang can confidently attack anyone and win thanks to his ability.

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The Rabbit Clan

1. Rainbow Quartz – the best ring among all the others. You gain a pocket village which also grants you +1 magic, allowing you to play costly spells like Banish.
2. Pink Topaz – for those who want to never go poor again.
3. Emerald – two shields on plains is a solid bonus.

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The Rat Clan

1. Ruby – swords are rather common. This ring will grant you +1 dice in battles most of the time.
2. Cat’s Eye – a ring mostly made for Griotte.
3. Turquoise – a decent ring for Prestige victory as Sargon. Unfortunately, it significantly reduces your chances of successful Regicide, so don’t use it on warriors.

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The Bear Clan

1. Taaffeite – an unjustly forgotten, underestimated ring. Since there are many forests on the map, this ring will grant you a stable supply of defence and magic, which is cruicial for all Bear heroes.
2. Jade – decent base ring. Not much to say.
3. Amethyst – a pretty complex ring which requires a lot of planning. Allows you to use expensive spells without requiring high spirit. Not for newbies.

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The Bandit Clan

1. Celestit, Pink Topaz, Amethyst – already explained.
2. Serendibite – a ring made specifically for Sylas.

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The Dragon Clan

1. Sulfur– a great ring, useful for all Dragons.
2. Axinite – a decent ring for Agniya.

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Lastly, I’d like to ask you this: please do not leave games due to ill fortune. I triumphed in many games in spite of significant setbacks. The secret to winning is minimising the RNG factor and using the situation to your advantage. You must learn to experience joy not only from victory, but also from the very gameplay.
I do not promise you constant win streaks. I myself win only about 60% of my matches. After all, luck does play a big role in Armello. You may do everything correctly and still lose due to fortune on enemy’s side.
As I said in the beggining, Armello is a good metaphor for real life. 50% is decided by skill, 50% – by luck. You may play as clueless newbie and win thanks to luck, and, well, vice versa. Stoic, cold-blooded attitude, as well as versatility are very important. And even if you were beaten up 5 times and thrown into ditch, simply stand up, wipe the blood from your face and try again. Do not surrender. Work on yourself. Analyse your mistakes. And then Armello will reward you.
Regards, CommonEast
Translated by ilnur


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P.S. When should you leave the match?
1. You have an emergency IRL
2. One of the players left in the first 2-3 days (not turns!). The neighbours of the leaver gain a significant advantage which breaks the balance.
3. There are teamers in the game. Players who are friends and openly help each other.

Written by CommonEast, ilnur

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