The Cave Walkthrough – Cube Escape Collection

The Cave Walkthrough – Cube Escape Collection 1 -
The Cave Walkthrough – Cube Escape Collection 1 -

Our final game in the series and the most annoying. It is recommended to play rusty lake roots before this


Enter the cave
I suggest ignoring everything and doing the spider puzzle 1st. If you let the spider eat a fly it will void the achievement so you will have to reset the game. However you can leave and reset the puzzle if you are 100% sure its about to eat one
The Cave Walkthrough - Cube Escape Collection - Prologue - EA965B516
No flies eaten
Head right and slide the cupboard open
Pick up the book
Pick up melting pot above
Head right
Pick up knife, matches and petri dish from draws
Place the book on the stand

Chapter 1

You need to fix the family tree, if you played roots its obvious where they go, if you haven’t they got little shadows for who they are
Take the card and place it on the other page
The Cave Walkthrough - Cube Escape Collection - Chapter 1 - 9D4BF7A10
Story achievement
Head right twice picking up the wood
Trace the puzzle on the door
Go the dog for a puzzle.
Simply fit all the pieces together, give to man on right then left, get moth
Head right
Light the torch and feed the bat the moth for a card

Chapter 2

Go place this card in chapter 2 of the book
Trace the new image into the door
Back in the spider room is a code puzzle. There’s a bug in each room that will make a pattern to solve Square, hourgla*s, circle, triangle
Pick up the pickaxe
Back to the dog for a puzzle
You need to get the detective to the white cube. You need to move the diver on the right spots so he can move through the spirits bottom right, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom middle
Use your pickaxe on the crack
Give the arm the knife to get the arm
Go grind the arm up for food
Go back to the dog and pet him
The Cave Walkthrough - Cube Escape Collection - Chapter 2 - D57FC6477
Good boy!
Pet the dog
Now feed him the food for a turd
For some insight on the next steps go to the back off the book
Go to the driver and the wall above it
You need to make the pattern on the side, if you make a mistake use the 4th rock to erase
Use your pickaxe to get bottle of water
Go the microscope and use petri dish and turd
You will need to make sure no lines are red and crossing
Place your bottle down next to it
Pick up the elixir and use on bottle
Pick up the elixir and use in mirror. Keep transforming for The Cave Walkthrough - Cube Escape Collection - Chapter 2 - 0926DFC71
Transform a few times
Break the gla*s for our next card

Chapter 3

Repeat the book and tracing process
For our next dog puzzle simply collect the items the fish look at
Use your pickaxe to get ore
Go burn your wood in the fire place
Use the melting pot to melt the ore down
Go make a silver key in the key mold
Use key on draw for tape
Tape up the divers broken tube then keep turning the valve
Lift up his helmet and give the elixir
The Cave Walkthrough - Cube Escape Collection - Chapter 3 - B2EBF02C1
Fresh air
Story achievement
Talk to him until you get diamond and card

Chapter 4

For the final time use the card and trace the pattern
The dog only gives a hint
Go open the door and turn the knobs Left NE Right NW
Pull down the lever and enter the submarine
As soon as you enter you will unlock matches
The Cave Walkthrough - Cube Escape Collection - Chapter 4 - 46E058EA9
Story achievement
Now there’s an achievement coming up, this requires finding a bunch of coordinates. I suggest looking at the achievement guide as its confusing to me and I just ran straight the end. If you dont want to go through all that I will note down how to get to it

White Cube

Head right twice
Pick up shell and inkpot from bottom shelf
We got 4 cubes to find so you will be using the map to get it
Use the note to get our 1st coordinates
Input the numbers into the machine 3 5 40
This machine also has a gps to how you how many spaces to move
Head left
Put the diamond into the machine. The compa*s next to us turns the submarine
Now is our chance to get an achievement, if you don’t want to follow the whole process go this place 11 5 30 there’s a box with a word to input into the machine above the compa*s
The Cave Walkthrough - Cube Escape Collection - White Cube - B5958294A
The story continues
Find some hidden memories
Go back to the gps, you will notice a red valve above this controls your depth
Head right
Use the claw to get the cube
Move the cube through the pipes
Complete the puzzle to pick up the white cube

Black cube

Go to the other window. We need to collect 6 fish
Next to us is a smoker, you need to put all 6 fish inside and light it up Both thin brown. Puffer and dark brown. Blue and beige
Reopening it will reveal a code
Use this code on the letter machine.
Give the crab the shell for a pearl
Put this pearl in the box for a geo triangle and our next clue
Use the triangle to figure your coordinations 2 2 30
Place the white cube into the machine
Repeat everything from before for black cube

Blue Cube

You have noticed a fish while getting the cube
We need to use morse code to eat the little fish and then get our next 3 letter word Ink
You need to get all the tentacle to be sticking out, when done collect the ink in the inkpot 1 2x 2 1x 4 8x
Spill the ink on the coordinates to get then next one 4 6 00
Place the black cube into the machine and repeat the whole process again
You will end up with a blue cube

Gold Cube

If you look out the periscope you will see a boat man
Like before guide the fish to the hook
When done look at the boat man for your next word Kit
Pick up the hook
Use this hook on the bottle ship, a note will fall out for our next place 3 4 50
By now you should know the process. Blue cube in the machine and so on
The machine will be broken so recollect the cubes
Crack open the mirrow, clicking each shadow
Enter the cube
Put the machine on her head and pull the lever
Head right twice
Pull the machine on his head and pull the lever
Head right
Place the cubes into the machine
Move the top into position and press the button
Collect the gold cube
The Cave Walkthrough - Cube Escape Collection - Gold Cube - 2F9BC5DB0
Golden Cube
Story achievement
Head to the elevator and give him the cube

Written by Cece09

This is all we can share for The Cave Walkthrough – Cube Escape Collection for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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