The Complete Pylon Guide – Terraria

The Complete Pylon Guide – Terraria 1 -
The Complete Pylon Guide – Terraria 1 -

Struggling with your Pylons? Not being able to buy Pylons? Everything about Pylons will be explained in this guide.

What is a Pylon?

A Pylon is used to teleport easily to other biomes spread around your world. You can’t craft them, you buy them from the store of a specific NPC. An NPC spawns once you made a home that has a door, a chair and table, light and a wall. (House atleast 10 tiles wide, 4 tiles high).
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What are the requirements for a Pylon?

– The chosen Pylon must be in the chosen biome (Desert Pylon => Desert Biome).
– 2 NPC’s must be near the Pylon for it to work.
– All Pylons (Except Cavern) Must be located on the surface in order to work.
– Make sure your NPC’s are safe.
– The Pylon is not located in an evil biome (Corruption and Crimson).

When can I buy a Pylon?

Once the 2 NPC’s spawn, they have to be happy with eachother, otherwise they won’t sell the Pylon. All NPC’s have another liked NPC and a prefered biome. If these 2 NPC’s are put together in the same biome, they will be selling the specific Pylon.
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Anything else?

You cannot use 2 of the same Pylons in their biome, only 1 is allowed. Unless you obtain the Universal Pylon, which is obtained after completing the entire Bestiary (Killing every mob, talking to
every NPC, …). As long as that, that is all you should know about Pylons.

Written by Kazimir

This is all we can share for The Complete Pylon Guide – Terraria for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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