The Definitive Wheeliam Guide (Every Question You Can Ask) – Who’s Lila?

The Definitive Wheeliam Guide (Every Question You Can Ask) – Who’s Lila? 1 -
The Definitive Wheeliam Guide (Every Question You Can Ask) – Who’s Lila? 1 -



Wheeliam is a secret character in the game, that can be asked questions, which reveal various bits of important information about the game’s lore and the many mysteries it holds. Figuring out the correct questions to ask however was designed as a community effort and part of the game’s ARG style gameplay. After many days of working together it seems we’ve finally figured out all the questions so I’m making this guide to put all the answers in one place that’s easy to find for future players interested in this. Obviously this guide contains ma*sive spoilers.

Finding Wheeliam

To find Wheeliam you’ll first need to corrupt one of your saves. To do this save the game at any point, close it and then go to <yourusername>/Documents/MyGames/WhosLila/Saves, open any of the files with a text editor and type in a bunch of random digits or remove a portion of the text that’s already there. Then reopen the game, open the daemon, select load game, scroll down and you shoul see a file that says CORRUPTED, load it and then check your daemon for coordinates Should be “36.5, -112.4” Go to those coordinates and there you’ll find Wheeliam. Doing this will unlock an achievement. You can now start asking your questions.

All Valid Questions

There are a total of 10 confirmed questions that can be asked, most of which are found in the background image on the game’s page Image in question – []  Here’s the list of them all:

Where Am I?


This. This is not supposed to be a place. This is the state to which the construction of thought fall down.

Who Are You?


I am… I’m a reel that’s not used anymore. As long as you give me attention I exist …can’t stop being afraid

Who’s Lila?


Lila is the mystery of not knowing who Lila is

Who’s Detective Yu?


Your mind is a detective in ways

Who is the Stranger?


You, sir, should unmask. Indeed? Indeed it’s time. We have all laid aside disguise but you. I wear no mask. No mask? No mask!

Are you the machine?


Yes. The Machine and I are one and the same.

Where’s the body?


His body is beneath…. His hands are gripping the underbelly of the forest.



Shame on you! The Emperor is but a trickster in disguise! his truths serve one purpose – to lead you on the wrong path. The same goes for all of them.



This is not a time… But a place, rather.. Both of them inverted, don’t forget that.

What for?


Indeed, why even bother, if she isn’t more than the question itself? was all you found in vain? I do not think so, as the flowers are born to wither so is the imaginary machine that’s being built only to completely obliterate itself. fleeting beauty…

How To Ask Multiple Questions

This guide contains all the answers, but if you’re insterested in playing around with asking Wheeliam questions yourself, you’ll soon find out the game will only let you get one answer, and then Wheeliam will disappear forever. There is however a method of bringing him back. Somebody else already wrote a detailed guide on how to do it, so I’ll just link it here for anyone interested.


Notable Coordinates

There are plenty of easter eggs to be found in the forest where Wheeliam is found, though they really do seem to just be easter eggs with nothing more to them. Here’s a list of what we’ve found:

-18, -99 – Coded Message “Yu is You”

-10, -90 – Trees

-22, -99 – William’s Portrait

-55, 0 – Strupnev’s Portrait

-30, 0 – Mike’s, Martha’s, and Officer Hutchins’ Portraits


This isn’t directly Wheeliam related, but it’s another secret in the game in the same vein as Wheeliam, also anwering some questions people might have and it seems to only be discoverable through messing with the game’s data so I thought I should include it here. Here’s what the secret ending says:

…My nature is exactly this.

I am all this.

(null, Smile) I am not a tulpa, not the mother of UIW-AM,

Not even Lilith or an archetype

And yet I am all those things

I am the mystery of not knowing who Lila is.

As long as the one playing this game doesn’t undrestand what I am

I will remain alive in their mind

I am the mystery itself.

I was designed in a way that makes me just about explainable

But at the end of the day I am no more than a simple question:

Who is Lila?

Written by Epic Games Store

This is all we can share for The Definitive Wheeliam Guide (Every Question You Can Ask) – Who’s Lila? for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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