The Guide – Super Bullet Break

The Guide – Super Bullet Break 1 -
The Guide – Super Bullet Break 1 -

Everything you need to know about Super Bullet Break including a glossary featuring key features and items as well as general tips and tricks useful to you as you battle your way through the maps. Once you’re familiar with the basics, take a deep dive into each of the levels and find out about their unique mechanics. Are you ready to beat Super Bullet Break?

The Super Bullet Basics

Welcome to Super Bullet Break, your new favourite deckbuilder with a twist! Super Bullet Break is all about strategy, cute girls, and a little bit of luck 😉
We’re here to help you out with the strategy bit! This simple guide will help you battle your way through Super Bullet Break by explaining its core and level mechanics, and by giving you some useful tips to help you pave your way to victory.
Are you ready to become a Super Bullet Break Champion?


Bullets: The characters doing the fighting
Cartridges: Equipment attachable to Bullets, they influence the game in various ways by applying delays, restoring HP, and much more
Giga: In-game currency
Magazine: Bullet collection, during battle random Bullets from your magazine will be added (your magazine has a max. capacity of 30 Bullets)
Graveyard: Used Bullets, they are returned to the magazine once its empty
Support Bullet: At the start of every mission, you may roll for an extra Bullet (up to 3 times)
Scout: Scouting requires Scouting Tickets, spend them in the shop to scout for Bullets of a certain type
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - The Super Bullet Basics - 6595C13C4
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - The Super Bullet Basics - F5EA9E2B9

How To Battle & Strategy Tips

Battle Mechanics

  • Action Gauge: Shows the cost of using the selected Bullet, as well as the wait value of the enemy
  • Shield & Armor: Can prevent damage from enemy attacks, they are depleted based on the damage received – any excess damage is dealt in HP (Shield and Armor are displayed on the right of the HP bar)
  • Heartsplosion: Exclusive to Bullets from Seasons of Love, charging it to 100 will cause an explosion
  • Combo Beam: Exclusive to Bullets from The Aquarhythm Deep, charging it to a multiple of 10 will cause damage to a random enemy
  • Drone: Exclusive to Bullets from Phoenix Gunner, up to 5 drones may be deployed

The Guide - Super Bullet Break - The Super Bullet Basics - 735978071
The Heartsplosion Mechanic in Seasons of Love

Strategy Tips


  • Choose a route after checking the entire map: When you lack the firepower, it’s best to avoid fighting multiple battles in a row, and to make sure not to miss rest, shop, and treasure blocks.
  • Predict the damage you will receive: If there are multiple enemies, prioritise the ones that deal more damage. If that proves difficult, keep in mind to use Bullets that provide defense or armor to decrease the damage you will receive.
  • Have a good grasp of the powers your Bullets have: You can see the details of your Bullets in the magazine. Data traits and the like may influence the effective range of the abilities your cartridges have. Consider these powers when selecting your battle reward.
  • Keep track of turns: The bar on the top left shows you exactly how many turns you have left until your enemy’s next turn. A single enemy will never do multiple actions in a single turn. If there is just one enemy, feel free to use high-cost Bullets before your turn ends. Hover above your Bullets to see how much it will cost to play them as indicated on the bar.
  • Do not neglect combos: They may empower your attacks and actions.

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Monochrome Tactics

Let’s take a closer look at the levels of Super Bullet Break and at how to best utilise some of their Bullets to your advantage!
Welcome to Monochrome Tactics!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Monochrome Tactics - 69CE1B6CD

Taking inspiration from traditional chess, planning ahead is essential to beating this first map which might otherwise prove itself to be quite challenging – but don’t fret, with a few simple tips and tricks, you will triumph … as long as you don’t give up.
We are unfortunately not able to give you a rundown of every Bullet and how to best use them, that’d take away the fun, wouldn’t it? Instead, we will introduce a handful of Bullets, their traits, and some advice on how and when to best play them!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Monochrome Tactics - 9A2E56DDD
Ninette and Marcel
These are two of your more powerful Bullets – in more ways than one:
Ninetteattacks several spaces at once, so use her to chip away at multiple enemies. At the same time, she is useful to build your shield and armor stats before a big attack to lessen the damage.
You might want to consider ending your turn with Marcelfor a big finish! Her burst ability means that her attack increases by one for every Bullet played that turn, which will come in handy.
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Monochrome Tactics - 6E97EAD15
Spectrose and Dinky Devil
Much like Ninette, Spectrosehelps you immensely in building your shield and armor stats. Gaining 4 armor by playing Spectrose will do wonders when you need to take the least damage possible.
Dinky Devil, on the other hand, comes into play should you have one too many Bullets at hand. This is the easiest way to discard Bullets you simply don’t need this turn and at the same time make your next attack low-cost and high impact!

Seasons of Love

Get ready for Seasons of Love!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Seasons of Love - CB82C3350
Bringing you wholesome romance, cute and quirky girls, and a game design reminding of cla*sic Japanese dating sims. Its adorable cast of characters doesn’t make it any less demanding but its new mechanic – Heartsplosion – thankfully makes beating it a whole lot easier.
Let’s get you acquainted with some of our core Bullets from this adorable second map and see what their strengths are, shall we?
Before we dive in, let me remind you of this level’s new mechanic: Heartsplosion.
All of the Bullets presented to you in this section either add to your Heartsplosion gauge or have a higher attack power in Heartsplosion mode. When your Heartsplosion gauge reaches 100, Bullets will deal extra damange and enemies are hit with delay. Building the Heartsplosion meter over the course of a longer battle can help clinch victory over even the toughest opponents! Keep this in mind when playing with Seasons of Love Bullets!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Seasons of Love - 2FD476644
Springtime Flutterby and Airi
Springtime Flutterby is something of an emergency Bullet, unlike armor, shields only last until the beginning of your next turn, so save your Flutterby Bullets until you’re sure you need them.
Airi Sakurasaka, much like Flutterby, doesn’t deal a lot of damage but that’s no reason to disregard her. She grants the player Regen which heals for a set amount at the end of every turn. Her Regen ability can make or break a run, so don’t sleep on it!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Seasons of Love - D3F168088
Sumire and Lovebird
Sumire Yanagida is an incredibly fun Bullet inside and out of battle. Play her while in Heartsplosion mode to maximise her damage while in battle, or try your best to ace her pop quiz when encountering her on the map. Little word of advice, take some time to study the field guide and learn all about your Bullets and you’ll beat that quiz in no time.
Back in battle, consider using Lovebirdto stack armor and protect yourself from high-impact attacks!

The Aquarhythm Deep

Take a deep dive into The Aquarhythm Deep!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - The Aquarhythm Deep - A3E487ECE
Prepare for music and water-themed items, abilities, and character with a pa*sion (and talent?) for melody! Use the new Combo gauge mechanic in battle against enemies … often to fight several at once.
So, there you go, with every new level, comes a new mechanic: Combo.
Make good use of it in- and outside of The Aquathythm Deep. Every time the Combo reaches a multiple of 10, you will deal a big chunk of damage to a random enemy!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - The Aquarhythm Deep - 77AC7071B
Littlephin and Squeaker
Squeaker, the percussionist of the Undersea Orchestra, will grant you armor which persists across turns as well as +2 Combo Beam which makes her a valuable a*set to your team.
Another one of Super Bullet Break’s mascots, Littlephin, may not deal a lot of damage but keep in mind, once it attacks, your next played Aquarhythm Bullet gains +7 attack power! So, if you’ve got a strong Aquarhythm Bullet, you might want to make use of Littlephin to boost your attack.
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - The Aquarhythm Deep - 576E8E31A
When in doubt, choose Jellie! A Bullet of many talents and perks, the bard not only applies +2 Combo beam and inflicts 10 Delay on enemies, she should also be one of your go-to Bullets when dealing with mulitple enemies at once. Her cost may be a bit above average but her strength and ability to attack 3 enemies in one hit, sure make up for it.

Phoenix Gunner

Girls? Drones? Phoenix Gunner!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Phoenix Gunner - 88ACCC42F
You’ve fought your way through bold and quirky maps, now things are about to get serious. Phoenix Gunner is the world of bioweapon Bullets and drones. The stage’s new mechanic will help you to beat it in no time!
So, let’s talk drones then! Several Phoenix Gunner Bullets spawn drones which can stack armor, healing, or attack, so make sure to make good use of them!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Phoenix Gunner - 7AF10A11B
Naru and Fio (Swimsuit)
Feisty water gunner Naru, for instance, will increase your attack by one for each active drone while attacking multiple enemies at once! Although, outside of battles you might want to watch out for her hose attacks which will be sure to cost you some precious HP.
With drones being this map’s core mechanic, you better stack them. If you do, Bullets like Naru and especiallyFio in her swimsuit will come in handy! Fio does not only attack more than one enemy simultaneously but she will also attack multiple times based on how many active drones you’ve got. So, keep in mind: The more drones the better!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Phoenix Gunner - B8F17E3ED
Keeping with the theme, Tinia, much like her fellow Bullets, attacks several enemies at once and increases the maximum number of drones by 1 after her attack! We told you, your drones are important with these Bullets and can significantly impact your run. Keep an eye out for Bullets like Tinia which feature Exclusion– once these Bullets are played during battle, they can’t be played again. Use them wisely!

Bullet Break

It’s no déjà vu, it’s Bullet Break!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Bullet Break - 031351FBA
It doesn’t get more Super Bullet Break than this! Meet (corrupted) NPCs from previous levels as well as Blackcat … in human form? It’s fun, its neon, it’s ‘techy’, its Bullet Break!
In this last and most difficult stage, you’ll meet the Singulaladies, the boss character of Bullet Break, each of which comes with their own, unique effect! We don’t want to spoil the surprise for you when it comes to these ladies. Just remember these girls are worth adding to your team – if you can beat them, that is!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Bullet Break - 7037F9200
Singulalady Misa is one of Super Bullet Break’s Singulaladies

Bonus Levels: Princess Stage! and Beastly Brawlers

Congrats you made it through Super Bullet Break!
What was that? You want more game maps? We got you covered!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Bonus Levels: Princess Stage! and Beastly Brawlers - 90C95A4AE
More cute Bullets await you in these bonus levels!
Challenge yourself in Princess Stage!
The first of two bonus levels is filled with quirky, girly idols and can be reached after completing three random maps from previous stages. Enjoy the show and don’t worry, behind all the rivalries, the girls have a heart of gold.
Practice your moves inBeastly Brawlers!
The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Bonus Levels: Princess Stage! and Beastly Brawlers - 3BBA81C31
Ever wanted to fight a polar bear? How about a wolf? Well, this second bonus stage is the one for you. The Beastly Bullets are beast girls with a talent for martial arts. Infused with the strength of their animal ancestors, they’re sure to put up a fight.
There’s no more special mechanics waiting for you in these levels. They are simply here for you to enjoy and challenge yourself. So have fun and apply what you’ve learned in this guide!


Before we now let you go to attempt and beat Super Bullet Break yourself, here comes the bit where we make sure you remember everything you’ve learned in this guide and give you some words of advice before you are on your way!
Here are some things to keep in mind while you play:

  • If you know your enemy won’t attack next turn, take the time to heal or stack armor to prepare for their next move.
  • Need some fresh faces in your deck? Redeem your Scout Tickets at any shop block!
  • When selecting a reward Bullet at the end of a battle, make sure to keep an eye out for any legendary pa*sive/active effects.
  • Need a party buff? Enemies defeated on event blocks might reward you with items, or even join your team.
  • Shopkeepers may give you a discount on their most expensive items if you buy up lots of their stock at once…
  • Plan your route carefully to hit as many rest blocks as possible – don’t underestimate the power of a cartridge swap!
  • Try to target the enemy with the most damaging attacks first!

The Guide - Super Bullet Break - Conclusion - 76BE9A897
Every map comes with its challenges and sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t. The important thing is, you don’t give up! Making mistakes is part of life and a lot of Super Bullet Break can be trial and error. So, get to know your Bullets better with every run and you’ll soon become a champion.
Good luck!

Written by ificouldwrite

I hope you enjoy the The Guide – Super Bullet Break guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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