The Knight: In-depth – Techniques, Builds & More – Vagante

The Knight: In-depth – Techniques, Builds & More – Vagante 1 -
The Knight: In-depth – Techniques, Builds & More – Vagante 1 -

These are techniques and tips to help you expand your knowledge of the Knight. A description of the various skills you can use as Knights, along with some builds and background suggestions.


Be sure to use each section in the right order. I will review all the skills in sequence, then I will discuss which backgrounds and builds are available.


The Knight: In-depth - Techniques, Builds & More - Vagante - Sword - 2C591E7
A tree you can level up regardless of your weapon, comes with omnidirectional abilities, fast attack speed, and positioning perks.

1. Sword Slide

– While attacking, press left or right to slide in one direction. +6 minimum damage will be added to your sword’s base damage. AKA, if your sword is dealing 6-8 dmg, it'll now be 12-14.
The base blade does 12 damage. This is about 12 damage, which is higher than all other weapons in the game. This explains why you want your starting sword to be kept/used.

2. Omnistab

– To attack in overhead mode, hold your head up and attack. This deals 80% more base damage than a standard stab and leaves you with more time to recover. To perform a Downstab, press down + Attack while you're airborne.
If you are worried about the practicality, or inability to reach vertical targets with a base sword, then you need to relax. As much as any opponent. An overhead swing is always more efficient than a single stab. Keep this in mind if you are using slower swords such the Dragon Slayer or need to deal damage at an even faster rate.
You can reach the impossible with a hold jump while downstabbing.
The Knight: In-depth - Techniques, Builds & More - Vagante - Sword - 3717A94
Break your fall with the arm strengtht of the gods (. It can be held and not taken fall damage at 16 blocks of height. You must activate it within the time-frame of 16 blocks).
The Knight: In-depth - Techniques, Builds & More - Vagante - Sword - 77488A4

3. Power attack

– Hold your attack for awhile to deal extra damage. Fully charged increases you minimum damage to +5. It starts at your sword’s base min damage. AKA, if you were to deal 6-8 damage, you would deal 11-13 damage. This calculation will always take into account your weapons, not strength.
Great tool to reposition and gain some damage output. Be warned The sword should never be slid before it is released. Or you'll end up with a slide that causes your sword to slip.

4. Quick Draw

– Draw your sword quickly
It is what it's meant to be, but it works like charm. It is very useful. You can get about +20 ASPD (+20 DEX)

5. Sword Spin

– Press left orright while you are airborne and attempt to deal a blade spin. +2 max damage is required for the finisher attack.
The guaranteed Crit can be more helpful than you think. It will stun your enemy on hit so keep this in mind. It is a great tool to use against enemies that require quick action and have low HP.
You can perform this attack multiple times and it will not be affected by damage.


The Knight: In-depth - Techniques, Builds & More - Vagante - Holy - F0A1FFC
It is well versed in survivability but shines most in its single level damage capacity.

1. Angelic Wings

Avoid falling and do not take any damage.
There is nothing else. It's as advertised. You can use this perk to reposition yourself quickly in places that would otherwise cause fall damage. It's also useful in Rift, allowing you to move quickly from one island to the next without any penalty. Fun fact: You can keep this perk even if you're a skeleton.

2. Divine Weapon

– After striking any enemy, display a holy representation (or a picture) of the weapon used. Which defense ignores And scales of Intelligence
The Knight: In-depth - Techniques, Builds & More - Vagante - Holy - 5988D75
A superb skill. The damage is real and the min/max damage is the weapon you used. The damage of INT scaling is achieved by increasing damage by +1 every 2 points. The projectile can travel about 11 blocks.

3. Holy Shield

A divine weapon stored charge will give you an opportunity to resist any elemental type of damage.
This is mostly useful for overtime damage, such as poison/electrical. Most of the time, you won't be resistant to high damage spells.

4. Second chance

– If you are unable to recover your HP after death, you can return to your HP prior to death.
It is a pocket Death Protection. You should not be dying slowly from fire damage.
The description for the status buff confirms God and Holy Spirit exist at Vagante. :praisesun:
The Knight: In-depth - Techniques, Builds & More - Vagante - Holy - B4E2981


The Knight: In-depth - Techniques, Builds & More - Vagante - Defense - DDBB1F0
It is designed to provide defensive capabilities and perks. You can also deal with situations.

1. Defensive stance

– To block any incoming attacks, hold down. Also, you will gain +1 defense
This skill is very cost-effective, and most people will do fine if they just level one skill in their entire tree of defense. You can also use it offensively by bracing yourself for an incoming a*sault to inflict more damage.
PRO TIP: If you have just blocked an attack, you can gain a really little invulnerability. You don't have to stay put, so don't feel like you must. Jump out of danger, or just walk away.
The Knight: In-depth - Techniques, Builds & More - Vagante - Defense - 793183A
Blocking can not stop spellcasting. Feel comfortable to block & throw whenever you have the chance.

2. Aspect of rock

– Become completely immune from all types knockback.
Keep in mind that you won't get to rise in Vortex Section of the Final Boss. You'll also be a wreck victim in Rust Fiend's case. Since you take no knockback and still get stunned, you'll take continuous damage. It is very situational.

3. Bulwark

– Recharge your shield in about 1.5 seconds and get 10 defense.
A clever pa*sive that will most often reduce your incoming health phys. Defense works in a way that reduces damage a lot. The defense system will give you a -1 to all physical damage. The bulwark protection will protect you from 2 injuries.

4. Reflex stance

Correctly timed block will reflect the attacker's damage. There is a 0.4 second window in which damage can be reflected.
This can be deadly for the right enemy. The monster's attack number is the number that causes the reflect to do damage. This also means you will see a higher damage percentage when you play multiplayer.
Fun fact: Online Multiplayer will surprise you with this skill. Don't tell developers!

5. Aspect of steel

– Some attacks are automatically blocked
Situational and luck dependent. Base luck will block 5 Golem Smashes. Each attack has a one-in-seven chance of being blocked.

Backgrounds & Builds

Now that you have a complete understanding of the Knight's abilities, it's time for you to consider when and where you want to use them. There are also extra perks that can go with it, or enhance it.


Optimal backgrounds – Generally good and can be extended to multiple playstyles.
Strong, experienced, and nimble
Niche background. These are oriented towards a very particular playstyle.
Armored to those who specialize in a defence build
Wanted – for those who specialize with a crit based blade build.
Bookworm, for those who specialize at spells, intel and holy build.
Any background other than the one mentioned here isn't meant that it's incompatible with Knight's use.


All of them will use a nonbackground approach. There will only be twelve levels.
Knight's Oath
Recommended Background: Strong and Nimble
Sword 1->Sword 2, -> Holy 1, -> Holy 2, -> Sword 3, ->Sword 4, -> Defense 1, Defense 2 ->defense 3 -> Defense 4 (defense 3 -> defense 4 -> Holy 3)
My most frequently used build for Knight. I also consider it to be the most practical and practical in many aspects.
Visual Overview of the build and when it will be completed
Iron Fortress
Recommended Background: Experienced or armored
Defense 1->Defense 2->Defense 3 ->Defense 4 -> Holy1 -> Holy2 ->defense 5 -> Holy3 -> Holy4 ->Vit 1 ->Vit 2 ->Vit 3
You will suffer almost no physical damage and will be able kill the Mushroom Gorm as soon as you reach the forest. Although it won't be as powerful as other builds in terms of damage, you will need to put in a lot of effort to get this one to work.
Recommended Background: Bookworm or Disciple of the Light
Holy 1 -> holy 2 -> defense 1 -> int 1 -> int 2 -> int 3 -> int 4 -> int 5 -> holy 3 -> holy 4 -> sword 1 -> defense 2
Oriented towards maximizing Holy Damage while casting spells where and when needed. The Rod is an ideal weapon for this, as they can do damage depending on intelligence. However you can use a Club type weapon to enchance the Paladin feel, which works just fine.


Written by R0XOM

I hope you enjoy the The Knight: In-depth – Techniques, Builds & More – Vagante guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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