The Librarian’s Achievement Guide – Eldritch

The Librarian’s Achievement Guide – Eldritch 1 -
The Librarian’s Achievement Guide – Eldritch 1 -

Do you want to become the ultimate librarian? This guide will give you all of the info you need to get every single achievement in Eldritch!

Hello Librarian!

This guide will help you get every single achievement in Eldritch. There are only 15 of them, but they can take quite a while to complete, but you can complete most of them in any order. Let’s get started!
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Hello Librarian! - 01F1DDAAB

Story Achievements

These achievements can be obtained by playing through the game normally, or they relate to the story.
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Story Achievements - 308916E27 Gross, It’s All Wet
Acquire the Soul of Dagon.
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Story Achievements - 9F6A88671 Gross, It’s All Sandy
Acquire the Soul of Nyarlathotep.
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Story Achievements - E54A908F3 Gross, It’s All Slimy
Acquire the Soul of Cthulu.
The soul achievements are fairly easy since they’re obtained by playing through the game normally. If you want to speedrun 100%, use the compa*s that spawns at the beginning of Dagon. You should probably do that anyways.
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Story Achievements - D3307712E These Timeless Words
Perform the Ritual of Binding.
The achievement you get when beating the game. This is given for any ending (I don’t know if the game gives you both achievements if you do the Great ending first, you probably shouldn’t if you haven’t beat the game yet). The Endless Library’s end is high up, so ending the game is best done with some very careful platforming, the Materialize Spell, the Teleport Spell, the Lift Spell, or a pickaxe. It’s easiest with the Lift and Teleport spells since they can take you directly there with no effort.
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Story Achievements - 24F5965EE Free At Last
Perform the complete Ritual of Binding.
The Great Ending has two specific requirements, those being Finding every sacred item and lighting the candles inside of the Endless Library. Let’s start with the sacred items. Find a purple book in every world. Scan your minimap often, since the compa*s reveals special rooms. If you see a symbol with a book on it, go there. They are always located on the second floor of the second level in each world. You should now be at a shadow world filled with artifacts. Each one of the 3 worlds has a different sacred item, this being the Holy Symbol, the Sandals, and the Consecration Kit. Note that you can’t use items that give you an advantage anymore, you must complete the game with these items. Read ahead before grabbing the items! Inside of the Endless Library, there are three candles. They are most likely located on the second floor of each level (The wiki does not state whether this is RNG dependent or not). They are only accessible through the floor above the candle. If you’d like to find the candles the easy way, run through the library with the Compa*s equipped. it highlights the candles on the minimap. You can grab the Sacred items now. After grabbing the Sacred items and lighting the candles, interact with the book at the end.

Challenging / Tedious Achievements

These achievements are challenging, or take a while to complete.
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Challenging / Tedious Achievements - 8778895A4 All That Junk
Deposit 9,999 artifacts into the bank chest.
Gosh, what a long achievement to get. This was the very last achievement I ever got. Not because it’s hard, but because it’s LONG. Basically, deposit artifacts whenever doing normal runs before entering the Endless Library. Remember, there are no shops in there. Unless you’re using them for spells, deposit them into your bank chest! The easiest way to grind for artifacts is the Trick Or Treat world. If you want speed, do the following:

  • Enter Dagon for the Compa*s, return to the Library
  • Enter Trick or Treat world
  • Break any Pumpkins you find, grab all artifacts
  • If found, grab the Dress Boots (x2 artifacts collected when wearing)
  • Return to the Library, deposit artifacts into Bank Chest
  • Pause and click “Resurrect”
  • Repeat!

If you want the most artifacts possible:

  • Enter Dagon for the Compa*s
  • Find the nearest shop in Dagon, if they appear (Cross your fingers!) steal Dress Boots from it
  • Either return to the Library or complete Dagon
  • Enter Trick or Treat world
  • Break any pumpkins you find, grab all artifacts
  • Complete Nyarlathotep and Cthulu
  • Deposit artifacts into Bank Chest
  • Finish game if you want, repeat!

The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Challenging / Tedious Achievements - DCADCE450 Not A Scratch
Finish the game without taking damage.
Basically, play Eldritch as intended, like a stealth FPS game. Play as slowly as possible, wear the stealth boots, and DON’T PLAY AROUND WITH EXPLOSIONS OR TRIPWIRES. Be careful of fall damage. Using the Cloak spell is highly recommended. Good luck!
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Challenging / Tedious Achievements - B155E0357 A Marvel I Cannot Fathom
Finish the game in New Game+ mode.
This is started by grabbing the Soul of the Librarian after beating the game with any ending. All of the enemies move faster, attack faster, and have more health. Less loot spawns in the worlds (This is listed as “Loot is more scarce” in the wiki, just paraphrasing here). Play it slowly and you should be fine. Oh, and no compa*s spawns in Dagon, so going in there first might not be the best idea. Good luck!
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Challenging / Tedious Achievements - 5CEECBC2C Never Enough Time
Finish the game in under 10 minutes.
There’s a more detailed guide on the Eldritch wiki’s Achievements page. – []  I will try to summarize, along with provide notes with how I did it.

  1. Enter Dagon, grab the compa*s, go back to the Library.
  2. Enter the Trick or Treat world. Speed to the exit while looking for 2 pickaxes.
    In addition, grab any keys, fountains, kits, boots, and piles of artifacts if you want. Skip single artifacts since they waste time. Only take the following spells: Teleport, Leap, Knock, or Materialize.
  3. Leave Trick or Treat world and complete the world in the following order: Nyarlathotep (Red, hardest due to the enemies and exit), Cthulu (Green, second toughest due to the exit), Dagon (Blue, easiest world, watch out for spikes though) (I just realized the soul order goes RGB, heheh)
  4. Enter the Endless Library ASAP. Rush to the top, using your pickaxes if needed, and end the game!

Notes: The pickaxe has a 33.3% change to break, but this can be skipped by swapping to the other pickaxe after clicking but before the swing happens. A lot of this run is RNG dependent, don’t give up! Good luck!

Other Achievements / Other Worlds

These achievements are for the other worlds, or are achievements I didn’t categorize with the other ones.
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Other Achievements / Other Worlds - 043B5110D Well Read
Read the complete history of the Library.
This one isn’t that hard! Navigate the lobby and find the 4 chapters of the Library’s history. There are multiple copies of it in each lobby, so don’t worry about missing any of them. There are 4, by the way.
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Other Achievements / Other Worlds - A02B4EDC5 Sweet Revenge
Destroy a lizardman statue.
Real quick, I really hate the image for this one. Anyways, grab a dynamite and blow up one of those suckers! That’s what they get for standing still!
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Other Achievements / Other Worlds - F53919DEB What Final Horror
Escape the Mountains of Madness.
The Mountains of Madness aren’t hard after you’ve done a couple of attempts. Basically, go all the way down to Floor 10. Make sure you’ve made a good enough path to go back up! Grab the key and head all the way back up. Something will start chasing you, but it can’t hurt you and is just following you to give you a little spook. And be annoying. I recommend having the Lift spell so you can cancel fall damage and ascend as fast as you possibly can.
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Other Achievements / Other Worlds - B155E0357 Soul Purpose
Free 500 trapped souls from the Asylum.
The Asylum is a very stressful world when you first enter. First of all, there’s a timer. Second, there are tons of monsters! Third, this achievement’s existence. 500 souls is quite a bit. Here are some strats for the Asylum that I use:

  • There is an exclusive spell in The Asylum called Soul Trap. This turns monsters into souls for 10 artifacts (5 with Conjurer’s Talisman). Trap Mummies whenever possible since they don’t die. Scour every single corner of the map for artifacts to use.
  • There is an exclusive item called the Soul Stone. It takes up your gear slot and doubles the souls that you pick up.
  • You’ll want to have two pickaxes whenever you do an Asylum run. Since you can’t take items in there, you gotta get them inside the Asylum. Prioritize finding a key, Dynamite, or – of course – a pickaxe. Break / open a locked door that has a pickaxe behind it. Do the same pickaxe exploit thingy from the Not Enough Time section to prevent it from breaking.


Secret Achievements (SPOILERS)

These are the secret achievements, which don’t show up until you’ve obtained them. Do not scroll past here if you want to avoid spoiling these achievements! They are somewhat specific achievements, though, so I don’t really fault you if you do.
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Secret Achievements (SPOILERS) - BC2B217BF As Fast Azathoth
Survive for 3 minutes after Azathoth appears.
In The Asylum, wait until Azathoth appears. I recommend killing as many enemies as possible beforehand. Once you get the achievement you can continue as normal.
The Librarian's Achievement Guide - Eldritch - Secret Achievements (SPOILERS) - 5C81F4BCD R’lyeh Nice to Meet You
Make friends with a star-spawn.
This one is a very specific achievement. Go to the Mountain of Madness and grab the Soapstone. After going to the last floor with the key, teleport back to the Library with the book. Go to Cthulu and talk to a shopkeeper.

Extra: Low% Tutorial

I’d like to give you guys a little extra challenge: Low%. In speedrunning, most games have a special category, mostly for fun, where your objective is to complete the game with the least amount of items possible. What about for Eldritch? Well, let’s consider what we need to beat the game. You need nothing to beat Dagon. Nyarlathotep has a funny little locked door at the end, so we’ll need at least 1 key. Cthulu stepped it up a notch with two funny little licked doors! So we need 3 keys to beat the game. The Endless Library has no roadblocks whatsoever, you just need good parkour. I would include spells if I didn’t include artifacts and spells as items. Not that it would matter, since the only one that would help us is Knock. The second locked door in Cthulu is completely encased in blocks, which would require another item to open, so that’s a no-go. All we need to do is get 3 keys, right? Well, there’s a funny little item called the Locksmith’s Kit which lets you open locked doors for free! So, in order to do a Low% you need a locksmith kit, some good stealth skills, and some good parkour skills. Sadly, I didn’t record my first low% record and I haven’t done another one. I’ll probably add a video here eventually.


Thanks for looking at my guide! This was basically just a boredom project of mine. I also did this because the only other guide hasn’t been worked on since 2014.
If you have any corrections, please say so in the comments!
KevinYEAAA – Guide creator
Eldritch Wiki – [] 

Written by KevinYEAAA

Here we come to an end for the The Librarian’s Achievement Guide – Eldritch guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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