The Nora Run Guide – College Kings

The Nora Run Guide – College Kings 1 -
The Nora Run Guide – College Kings 1 -

College Kings : The Nora Run. (Acts 1, 2, & 3 )
8 Romantic interests, (56% of the romance options)
21/33 of the Romance scenes unlocked in gallery (64%)
KCT = Popular or Confident for most of the run with close KCT scores throughout.
Also even though this guide isn’t a full walk-through exploring all available choices in the game it does have some useful information for each act.
The main function of this run is to avoid any of the women who want a committed relationship, ( in my opinion this is the best route to avoid most of the negative drama as all of the women you end up having fun with don’t expect anything more than a good time, and for most of them the idea of a relationship is a turn off. Generally you can group the women into one of two categories outlined by those pursued in this guide and those that are avoided. You get more scenes in this run, and you don’t need to feel guilty about “cheating” on anyone (except Nora cheating on Chris with MC).

Information about Guide

Women pursued in this run (9/16)

NameScenesKCT Preference
Ms. Rose (Lorraine)2Confident

Dreaming of Riley
First Time w/Aubrey
Fun w/Aubrey
First Time w/Riley
Homecoming w/Amber
W/Amber at Josh’s
Lake w/Aubrey
Riley s*x scene
Make out w/Lindsey
More w/Aubrey
Amber Skatepark S*x
More w/Riley
First Time w/Candy
Airplane w/Aubrey
First Time w/Ms. Rose
In London w/Riley
Locked up w/Lindsey
In Paris w/Ms. Rose
First Time w/Nora
Late night w/Riley
Fun w/Emmy
9/16 Romance options
21/33 Scenes unlocked in this guide (excluding the 5 fight scenes)
(56% of possible Romance options, 64% of scenes)
Certain choices are taken to maintain a KCT score of Popular or Confident, while others are designed to avoid relationships with Chloe, Evelyn, Lauren, Autumn, Penelope, Emily, and Samantha.
Samantha is only available if you pledge to the Apes, but if you do that then you’ll miss out on Romancing Ms. Rose as they are mutually exclusive (currently? As of the end of Act 3).
Going out with Josh on Day 24 will give you the option to unlock scene “First time with Candy”.
In Act 3, while in Europe you’ll unlock new app Simplr and have conversation with Emmy, the girl that Handed you Lindsey’s number in Act 1. You’ll meet for a speed date on (Day 38) and have a scene with her “Fun with Emmy”.
Free Roam events can be navigated by clicking on the sides of the screen: left, right, up, down. Not every screen can be navigated in all directions.
Character Key Moments is what I use to refer to moments that will effect your relationship with certain characters. Not only romance options.
I have this guide separated by each act, and designated “Days” to keep track of conversations. There is no in game way to keep track of days and it is really just a matter of convenience for this guide.
If you have any questions, concerns, or corrections leave them in the comments below. I hope this helps, Enjoy!

Act 1

Day 1:
Bro 1
Troublemaker 1
Boyfriend 2
KCT = Confident
Start out by selecting your name; Default = Alex.
(Message from Emily) “You cheated on me. Go to hell!” (TM)
In car ride tell Julia “Could be fun” (TM)
Flirt with Autumn
Stay quiet at orientation
(Lauren conversation)
Disagree (TM)
Don’t defend Autumn
You’re cuter
(During free roam):
Riley: She’s Hot (BRO) (KCT changed to Popular)
Elijah: So… the nerds (TM)
Nora: Flirt (TM)
(Left door)Watch Aubrey have s*x with Adam
(Right door) Ends Free roam
Imre: The Wolves sound sick (BRO)
(Lauren phone): Want to hand; Come @ 8; cool
(Julia phone): Love you too (BF)
During drinking game:
Dodged a bullet (TM)
Take off shirt (TM)
Do it or drink (BRO)
At night talking to Imre:
Riley’s mine (TM)
You’re right sorry (BRO)
Keep dreaming (Scene: “Dreaming of Riley”)
Day 2:
Bro 5
Troublemaker 9
Boyfriend 3
KCT = Popular
Lauren: Move in with me? (BF)
You could get any guy
Broken into an Ikea
You’re not ugly (BRO)
Don’t kiss her
(Free Roam) At the party:
ask if she like fighters (BF)
I’ll be fight king (TM)
Go to room on the right:
Yeah, he better watch out. (BRO, TM)
In room on left:
Lauren message:
What is there to talk about? (TM)
Click on Chloe To end free roam
You’re right, I’ll talk to her. (BRO)
Apologize (BF)
Poke fun (TM)
Day 3:
Bro 8
Troublemaker 13
Boyfriend 6
KCT = Popular
Hmmm… Maybe (BRO)
(You pick up a (TM) point here after Imre conversation but before Ryan’s text, don’t know what triggers it)
(Ryan phone):
No, wtf was that?! ♥♥♥♥ Grayson and ♥♥♥♥ the Apes (TM)
Don’t you dare defend that guy (TM)
(Lauren phone):
sorry I can’t
Keep walking; Fight; (win); Kick him (TM)
(Josh phone):
Sooo, did you give it to her? (BF)
Dude, what the ♥♥♥♥?! (TM)
Damn, you got me.
No, sorry. (TM)
(Aubrey phone):
I need to buy a costume (BF)
I’m not talking about tonight, I can pick you up right now.
Cool, I’ll be 20 mins
(Penelope encounter);
Yeah, I’m just on my way, I’ll be right there. (BF)
At store:
For each costume:
Peek; don’t risk it. (+3 TM)
It’s definitely something (BRO)
certainly practical (BRO)
Cowboy: (Aubrey doesn’t want to show you but your KCT will be popular so you can select)
Oh come on. (TM)
Buy suit of armor (only to avoid the extra scene with Viking costume)
Imre in dorm:
That’s not cool (BF)
Hell yeah (BRO)
Ask her about it. (TM)
Let her win (BF)
Day 4:
Bro 12
Troublemaker 24
Boyfriend 11
KCT = Popular
Show off (BRO)
Leave it (BF)
Dare (TM, BRO)
Kiss her. (Scene: “First Time w/Aubrey”)
I don’t know… (TM)
Answer (BF)
Shopping sounds great. (BF)
Agree with Ryan (BRO)
Walk away (BRO)
She’s into me. (TM) (Riley Key Moment)
Kiss her (TM) (Riley Key Moment)
Let’s ♥♥♥♥ him up. (BRO, TM)
Take responsibility (BRO, BF)
Ask to sleep here (Riley Key Moment)
Day 5:
Bro 18
Troublemaker 29
Boyfriend 15
KCT = Popular
It was an accident. (TM)
Tell her about Riley
Don’t buy
Chloe phone:
(BF point when talking to Autumn in library)
Talk to him (BRO)
Magic powers (BRO)
We should watch some (TM)
Yeah it was nice
Josh phone:
uhh sure (BRO)
I can move (BF, BRO)
Join the wolves (BRO)
Sounds good (BRO) (body shot scene)
Do a hand stand (BRO)
Kiss her (TM)
Accuse her of lying (TM)
It’s Chloe (Nora Key Moment)
Tell her (Nora Key Moment)
Day 6:
Bro 25
Troublemaker 33
Boyfriend 17
Lauren Phone:
Yeah, sure.
Amber phone:
We did, I’ll make it up to you. (BRO)
I give some world-cla*s ma*sages (TM)
Lauren in cla*sroom:
Disagree (TM)
Agree (BRO, BF)
Disagree (BRO)
Pull the lever (BRO)
Yeah, let’s do it.
don’t pull the lever (TM)
Yeah, okay.
don’t pull the lever (BRO)
That was too far. (TM)
Leave it (BF)
Keep it to yourself (BRO)
Amber phone:
Keep talking to Amber (TM)
Amber phone:
Oh wow, you’re so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hot (BF)
Day 7:
Bro 31
Troublemaker 38
Boyfriend 20
KCT = Popular
I guess we are (TM)
Check it out (BF)(Ms. Rose Key Moment)
Run after her (Nora Key Moment)
Reject call (TM)
Aubrey phone:
yeah, sure.
A few different girls. (BRO, TM)(Scene “Fun w/Aubrey”)
Aubrey Phone:
Meet (TM)
Question (TM)
I’m not in (BRO)
Save Riley (BRO)
Day 8:
Bro 34
Troublemaker 43
Boyfriend 21
KCT = Popular
Amber phone:
Maybe we should do a home workout together sometime
Praise her (BF)
Mock him (BRO, TM)
Mock her (BF)
Okay, I’ll do it. (BRO)
Make something up (TM)
At party free roam:
Take a shot with Josh (BRO)
Peter and Harry:
Pick Kourtney (BF)
Talk to Aubrey/Emily
Talk to Chris
Riley and Finn:
Ask Riley something. (BF)
You’re such a tease (BRO)
Talk to Sebastian and Perry
Check out the office (room on right) click on all 4 objects (Trophies, Encyclopedias, Certificate, Photo) in order to bring someone up. (I pick Amber because she seems most into it, but I don’t think it matters)
Middle room: (select window to talk to Nora)
Don’t defend Chloe (BRO) (Nora Key Moment)
Left door, if KCT = Popular she’ll open door. Chloe:
Maybe you should step down (BF)
Talk to Amber again (KCT = Popular take her to office)
Talk to Chris again to end free roam
Why aren’t you on here (TM, BRO)
Walk Riley home (BRO)(Riley Key Moment)
Start flirting (TM, BRO)
Yeah, I’d like that. (TM, BRO)
Day 9:
Bro 43
Troublemaker 46
Boyfriend 26
KCT = Popular
Riley phone:
Kiwii responses:
I’d destroy you in air hockey (BRO)
Ignore Chloe and Lauren posts
Yeah, he really is
Yes, of course (TM)
That’s really cool (BRO)
Lauren Phone:
Sorry, I can’t I’m really busy today
Pledge to Wolves (BRO)
Decline (BRO) (Win)
Continue (BRO) (Win)
True (Win)
Of course not (BF)
Pull away (BRO) (Win)
Day 10:
Bro 49
Troublemaker 47
Boyfriend 27
KCT = Popular
Ask Amber (KCT must be Popular)
Alright I’m in (TM)
Riley phone:
Sure, on my way
(Scene “First Time w/Riley”)
Day 11:
Bro 49
Troublemaker 48
Boyfriend 27
KCT = Popular
Scene with Amber
“Homecoming w/Amber”

Act 2

Day 12:
Bro 49
Troublemaker 48
Boyfriend 27
KCT = Popular
Play it cool
Offer to help (BF) (this is actually a different day story-wise, but so little happens and no change to KCT values so I merged these days.)
Day 13:
Bro 49
Troublemaker 48
Boyfriend 28
KCT = Popular
Penelope phone
Check Kiwii:
Chloe: Looking hot, ladies!
Riley: How many Bikini’s did you buy? Haha.
Stay to console her (BF)
Amber phone: Wanna see what thinking about you has done to me?
Day 14:
Bro 49
Troublemaker 48
Boyfriend 29
KCT = Popular
Say no (BF)
Riley phone
Find better pair
Both gla*ses
Josh phone
Go with her (Amber Key Moment)(Scene ” With Amber at Josh’s”)
Day 15:
Bro 49
Troublemaker 48
Boyfriend 31
KCT = Popular
Ask more questions (BF)
Act excited (BF)
Accept Invitation(BF)
Help Nora (BF)
Excited reply
Phone messages from Lauren and Riley
Climb the hospital (BRO, TM)
Excited reply (TM)
Go with it
Imre Phone: I think so, actually. You and Sebastian really helped
(On Kiwii app there are 6 posts that are just red squares pretty sure this is a bug in the game but it doesn’t seem to effect anything, at most there are chances for KCT points and maybe some conversations or these could be posts from the Apes path that aren’t meant to be seen, but I’m not sure)
In dream:
Day 16:
Bro 50
Troublemaker 50
Boyfriend 35
KCT = Popular
Riley phone:
Flirt (BF)
Lake free roam:
Mention Wolves
Kiss her (TM) (Scene “Lake with Aubrey”)
Join her (BF)
Select Ryan to end Free Roam
Day 17:
Bro 50
Troublemaker 51
Boyfriend 37
KCT = Popular
Heckle (TM)
Be happy with Penelope
Be ready (BRO)
Don’t recognize (TM)
Discuss war (BRO)
Tell him to calm down (TM)
Punch the guy (BRO)
Lindsey phone:
Better now that I’m talking to you
Day 18:
Bro 53
Troublemaker 54
Boyfriend 37
KCT = Popular
Lauren phone:
Just listen (BF)
Support Lauren (BF)
Living Statue
Credit Lauren (BF)
Check Kiwii:
Chris’s Post: ♥♥♥♥ yeah!
Julia Phone
Offer to help (Ms. Rose Key Moment)
Talk about working out (BRO)
Offer to help (BF)
Keep quiet (TM)
Make joke (TM)
Agree (BRO)
Hit first (BRO)
Day 19:
Bro 56
Troublemaker 56
Boyfriend 41
KCT = Popular
Don’t correct Waiter (BF)
Skip the gym
Riley phone:
Well you shoulda led with that
(Scene “S*x with Riley”)
Chloe phone:
Likewise. Don’t be a stranger
Lindsey phone:
Hell yeah! Be right there, Linds!
Play it cool (BRO)
Let Lindsey grab your hand (BF)
Make out with Lindsey (BF) (Scene” Make out with Lindsey”)
Be excited (BRO)
Talk about Ryan (TM)
Tell Chris about Ryan (TM)
It was a joke (BRO)
Fight Ryan
Answer door

Act 3 (part 1)

Day 20:
Bro 59
Troublemaker 58
Boyfriend 44
KCT = Popular
Riley phone:
Lindsey phone:
If you need someone to talk I’ll come over right now!
No, I had no clue
Keep listening
Talk about her
I understand
Accept help (BRO)
Two truths one lie
I could play
Walk her home
Maybe (TM)
Compliment her (BF)
Ask about her (BF)
Ask to watch (TM) (Scene “More with Aubrey”)
Don’t defend them
Jenny phone:
Go alone
Make a joke
Josh phone:
I have no idea what you’re talking about
Day 21:
Bro 60
Troublemaker 60
Boyfriend 46
KCT = Popular
Rea*sure her (BF) (Jenny Key Moment)
Flirt (BF) (Jenny Key Moment)
Be helpful (BRO)
Check it out
Hot girls
Lauren phone:
Push back
Encourage her (TM)
Speak up (BF)
Comfort her (BF)
Make a move (BF)
Amber phone:
Condoms or beer? (BF)
Yeah, you should
Got caught masturbating
Let her (Scene “Amber Skatepark s*x”)
Day 22:
Bro 61
Troublemaker 61
Boyfriend 52
KCT = Popular
Ask about Nora
Mention last night
Help Nora
Cute (BF)
Support him
Day 23:
Bro 61
Troublemaker 61
Boyfriend 53
KCT = Popular
Leave it be (BRO)
I’d be here without (BF)
Park free roam event:
Go left
Go right
Compliment (BF)(Lindsey Key Moment)
Paint Lindsey
Ms. Rose/Mr. Lee:
side with Ms. Rose (Ms. Rose Key Moment)
Go up
it sucks
it looks good
Go up
Go up
arm arm pose
cross lean face
encourage Perry
Go right
play the game (BF)
How’s sorority life (BF)
What do you mean? (BRO)
Go down
Go down
it’s not okay (TM)
Go down
Go right
Invite her to Europe (BF)
Go down
Go up
Go right
Flirt (BF)
invite her to Europe
Click on Autumn to end free roam
Root for Nora (Nora Key Moment)
Root for Aubrey (Aubrey Key Moment
Root for Riley (BF) (Riley Key Moment)
Talk to Nora
Make a move (Scene “More with Riley”)
Day 24:
Bro 63
Troublemaker 62
Boyfriend 60
KCT = Popular
Wake up to a bunch of messages from Penelope
Before exiting phone go to Simplr app and select the heart icon on all girls
Speak about Penelope
Who hacked?
Do what’s right
Free Roam
it went well
Talk to Jenny
Select Hallway on right
Talk to Mr. Rose
Go back and select door then select Jenny to end free roam
I’ll be there (BF)(Nora Key Moment)
Don’t defend Chloe (Nora Key Moment)
Mellow (BF)
Hanging with the girls(BF)
(KCT changed to Loyal)
leave her alone
Let him (BRO)
I don’t know
Her or the frat (TM)
(KCT changed to Popular)
Scare her (TM)
Of course (BRO)
Emily phone:
I’m pretty busy right now
That’s fine
Josh phone:
Cool (BRO)
Whatever you want (Candy Key Moment)
Sure (Candy Key Moment)
No (Candy Key Moment)
Act like family (Scene “First Time with Candy”)
Riley phone:
Check Kiwii:
Wish I could see more mud wrestling!
Day 25:
Bro 66
Troublemaker 64
Boyfriend 63
KCT = Popular
The blue one
Get something
Of course (BF)(Amber Key Moment)
You should run (BF)
(KCT changed to Loyal)
Sure (TM)
(KCT changed to Popular)
Day 26:
Bro 66
Troublemaker 65
Boyfriend 65
KCT = Popular
Check kiwii:
Someone’s got “balls”
Be excited (BF) (Riley Key Moment)
(KCT changed to Loyal)
Tease her (TM)
(KCT changed to Popular)
Don’t tease her
Of course
Kiss her (BF)(Penelope Key Moment)
(KCT changed to Confident)
Be a ♥♥♥♥ (TM)
Go after her (Scene “Airplane with Aubrey”)
Kinda hot
Chase after Nora
Not really
Kiss her (Ms. Rose Key Moment)
Just tell her (BF)(Riley Key Moment)
Day 27:
Bro 66
Troublemaker 67
Boyfriend 68
KCT = Confident
She won’t miss (Riley Key Moment)
Not real (Nora Key Moment)
Museum Free Roam:
Seek revenge (TM)
Don’t snitch on Riley
Go up
Mr. Lee:
Feel bad
Mention Nora
Go Right
Just being me
Go Down
Go Down
Click on Nora to end free roam
Sneak out(TM)
Something fruity
Go to her room(TM)
Open the door(TM)(Scene “First Time with Ms. Rose”)
Save Riley (BRO)
Day 28:
Bro 67
Troublemaker 71
Boyfriend 68
KCT = Confident
Flirt (BF)(Riley Key Moment)
Not really
Lauren phone:
Check Kiwii:
Riley: Glad to have you as my roommate Riley!
Don’t defend Chloe (Lindsey Key Moment)
Support Lindsey (Lindsey Key Moment)
Lindsey, Returning the Promise
Something dark
Do something about it (Riley Key Moment)(Scene ” In London with Riley”)
Day 29:
Bro 67
Troublemaker 71
Boyfriend 69
KCT = Confident
Ride w/Lee
Having responsibility
Be excited
Overtake (Win)
Riley’s here (Win)
Sharp turn(Win)
Stand up for Amber (Amber Key Moment)
Relax her
Side with Nora (Nora Key Moment)
Tell her about Lindsey
I know
Join them
Never smoked before
Day 30:
Bro 67
Troublemaker 71
Boyfriend 69
KCT = Confident
A little (TM)
Chaos (TM)
Stop playing
Go with Ms. Rose
Comfort her (Ms. Rose Key Moment)
Stay FWB
Jenny phone:
Check Kiwii
Chase after robber (TM)
Kick him (TM)
Imre phone:
Boosting me huh?(BRO)
Check Kiwii
You see Charli’s comment?
Don’t reply (BRO)
(KCT changed to Popular)
A little (BF)
(KCT changed to confident)
I know (TM)

Day 31:
Bro 69
Troublemaker 76
Boyfriend 70
KCT = Confident
No (BF)
Murder Mystery:
Go up
Finish conversation then “Kill” her
Ms. Rose:
Not really (BRO)
Finish conversation then “Kill” her
Go left
Go right
help her out(BF)
Chase Lysol
Finish conversation then “Kill” her
Go through door
Go through door
Go down
Finish conversation then “Kill” him
Go down
Go up stairs
Go left
I’m Rich (BRO)
Make Riley leave
Talk to Chloe again
Enjoy Europe (TM)
Go down (or just click behind Chloe)
Go right
You’re the best actor here (BRO)
(KCT changed to Popular)
Select area behind where Josh was to return to Left viewpoint
“Kill” Chloe
Go down
Select door on the right
Tell Ryan to cool it (BRO)
Imre will leave
Go up
Riley will leave
A little (BRO)
Finish conversation then “Kill” her
Select door (Utility room)
Finish conversation then “Kill”
Go Down
Go Up
Go Up
Go Right
Major fight (BRO)
It does hurt bad. (BF)
Aubrey will head to Bathroom
kill her after she says the quicker the better
(Alternately you can select these options for more dialog & KCT points, It’s unnecessary takes longer and makes it harder to keep your points even as there are so many BF choices already.)
• Want some company? (BF)
• Of course I care (BF)
• I’d choose you (BF)
• Your KCT will change to Confident here
• Finish conversation then “Kill” her
Go Down
Go Down
Go Down
Go Down
Finish conversation then “Kill” him
Go Down
Select Left Door
Select door twice (Aubrey will be visible behind it)
Let her (BF)
“Kill” her when she tells you to leave first (only so you don’t have to travel all the way back here to do it
Go Down
Select the stairs on the right
No nothing (BF)
More investigators
“Kill” Charli
Go Right
Go Left
Go Down
Go Left
Me (BRO)
Finish conversation then “Kill” her
Go Down
Go Down
Go Down
Go Right
Go Up
Me (BF)
Finish conversation then “Kill” her
Go Up
Go Down
Go Right
Select door (Foyer)
You can “Kill” him whenever
Select Mr. Lee to end free roam
Let Chris help her (BRO)
Convince her (BF)
Say something (BRO)
Support her choice(BF)
No (BF)
(There are 2 mystery TM points in this section that I couldn’t find the source for)
Day 32:
Bro 78
Troublemaker 79
Boyfriend 79
KCT = Confident
I don’t think I’d be able to tell (BF)
Oh yeah, good idea (BF)
Keep looking (BF)
Carry her (BF)
Kiss her (BF)
Hold her hand (BF)
Comfort her (BF)
Be serious (BF)
Kiss her cheek (BF)
Kiss her (BF)(Scene “Locked up with Lindsey”)
Slumber party Free Roam:
Select girls:
Kiss him (TM)
Go Left
Marry Nora (BF)
Select Amber to end free roam
Check Kiwii
Cuddle (BF)

Act 3 (part 2)

Day 33:
Bro 78
Troublemaker 80
Boyfriend 91
KCT = Confident
Of course (TM)
Catch her (BF)
Share a drink with Nora (TM)
A little surprising (BRO)
Speak her language (TM) (funnier option imo)
Let’s go (TM) (Scene “In Paris with Ms. Rose”)
Kiwii app:
Imre: It’s just a prank bro!
Day 34:
Bro 79
Troublemaker 84
Boyfriend 92
KCT = Confident
Julia phone:
Pick Nora
Go to Nora (BF)(Nora Key Moment)
Support Nora (BF)(Nora Key Moment)
It’s not that bad (BRO)
Day 35:
Bro 80
Troublemaker 84
Boyfriend 93
KCT = Confident
Put your arms around Aubrey
Boost Aubrey
Get Aubrey Flowers
Sneak off (“Free Roam”)
Select each door from right to left.
Middle door Chloe:
Not at all
Ends after left door
Nice towel
Go to Nora
You are
Time is key
Kiss her (Scene “First Time with Nora”)
Day 36:
Bro 81
Troublemaker 85
Boyfriend 96
KCT = Confident
Apology accepted
Day 37:
Bro 81
Troublemaker 85
Boyfriend 97
KCT = Confident
I am
Help no one
Go with Ryan (BRO)
Pretend to tie Ryan’s shoe (BRO)
Stick up for Ryan (TM)
Say hell yeah
Say something
Defend her
Hell, yeah
Plead the fifth
Dance with Aubrey
Let Riley do it (Scene “Late night with Riley”)
Day 38:
Bro 83
Troublemaker 88
Boyfriend 98
KCT = Confident
Don’t text Nora
Charli prank “free roam”:
Soak that ♥♥♥♥ (TM)
Flush, flush, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥! (TM)
Bleach his suitcase (TM)
Computer to end free roam
♥♥♥♥ yeah, let’s mingle (BRO)
No kids for me (BRO)
Yes, I’m a romantic (BF)
Work (BF)
Yes (TM)
Let her (TM)
Okay (BRO)
Why not!?
It’s up to you
Day 39:
Bro 86
Troublemaker 93
Boyfriend 100
KCT = Confident
Push him (TM)
I’m a liar
Stop this (BRO)
Garden “free roam”:
Talk to Chris
Kiss her lips (Nora Key Moment)
Select Lindsey to end free roam
I love sports cars
What about you? (BF)(Lindsey Key Moment)
They should (TM)
You did right (BF)
You’re beautiful (BF)(Lindsey Key Moment)
Day 40:
Bro 87
Troublemaker 95
Boyfriend 103
KCT = Confident
I’m a city man
Haha, okay (TM)
Because I like you (BF)
Get her chocolates (BF)
I meant as a date (BF)
Day 41:
Bro 87
Troublemaker 96
Boyfriend 107
KCT = Confident
Be Respectful (BRO)
Perfume/Bonsai Tree (Not sure if this choice matters, I’d make a save here just in case. I have some hunches that this scene could be important based on MC’s previous choices, but I could be wrong. Just go with whichever one you want. I normally choose the Perfume because it makes the most sense to me.)
Agree (BF)
Teach her (BF)
Act 4
Day 42:
Bro 88
Troublemaker 96
Boyfriend 109
KCT = Confident

I hope you enjoy the The Nora Run Guide – College Kings guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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