The Only true rulebook for Survivors and Killers – Dead by Daylight

The Only true rulebook for Survivors and Killers – Dead by Daylight 1 -
The Only true rulebook for Survivors and Killers – Dead by Daylight 1 -

The Only true rulebook for Survivors and killers.


Dictionary. Main rules.



  • [1.1] Facecamp – the action, when killer facing survivor untill he dead on hook. Hitboxes of killer don’t let teammates save him
  • [1.2]Camp – the action, when after hooking survivor killer stays near him to make him dead on hook
  • [1.3]Closing phase – Killer is closing phase when survivor is between 2 stages on hook and killer camps him for a shors time to make the survivor go to the next stage
  • [1.4]Tunneling – Killer trying to kill survivor, witch has just unhooked. He is actually ignores his teammates.
  • [1.5]Toxic behaviour – Behaviour of player, witch goes against rulebook.
  • [1.6]Click-click – survivor being clicking his flashlight to the killer.
  • [1.7]Teabag – survivor or killer who can crouch is crouching in front of killer or survivor

[2]Main rules

[2.1]Communicate behaviour

  • [2.1.1]Your comments in Steam profile must be confirmed by facts.
  • [2.1.2]It is forbidden to leave negative, insulting comments.
  • [2.1.3]Rulebook admits comments such as “camper”,”tunneler”,”toxic”, if it was proofed by player behaviour
  • [2.1.4]Forbidden to judge players by Nationality, skin color, age, s*x, orientation.
  • [2.1.5]Rude words in chat is forbidden.
  • [2.1.6]Good players have to be awarded with good comments, in fact, bad players too.
  • [2.1.7]Profile holder mustn’t delete comments from his profile, the only exeption if it goes against rule [2.1.1], [2.1.2],[2.1.4]
  • [2.1.8]It is highly desirable that your comments in the profile are open


  • Dead by Daylight is just a game – don’t get angry if you failed a few rounds
  • This rulebook is a book about ethics in the game. Written by gamers for gamers
  • Don’t become toxic if you’ve met one, it’s not worth it.
  • Don’t talk bad to someone who talks bad to you.
  • Sent this book to you dbd playing friends.
  • Our experience of the game depends only on how we play it.
  • Report on hackers in dead by daylight FORUM – [] . It’s important to save our game clear.


Killers rules.

[3]Killers rules

[3.1]Killers main rules

  • [3.1.1] All killers characters are good. Some of them are stronger, some of them weaker, but playing on all of them is fair. Including bubba.
  • [3.1.2] Killer mustn’t BMing, teabagging, shaking his head, mocking on survivor.
  • [3.1.3] Killer mustn’t tunnel the survivor. If player gets unhooked killer should go to the saver. Exeption is [3.1.4]
  • [3.1.4] If unhooked survivor bodyblocking killer, bming at killer, or playing rude, killer can tunnel him.
  • [3.1.5] It’s highly forbidden to bodyblock the last survivor and wait him DC(Disconnect)
  • [3.1.6] Slug game isn’t forbidden when after knocking all players killer hooks them.
  • [3.1.7] Exposion perks and add-ons are allowed ’cause it’s still not OP and was nerfed many times.
  • [3.1.8] Fake hits to pop dead hard are allowed.
  • [3.1.9] Benjo’s

    build is allowed and it’s not rude or toxic. It’s your mistakes only.
  • [3.1.10] Killing all 4 survivors ain’t toxic.
  • [3.1.11] Mori is not toxic.

[3.2]Killers perk rules

  • [3.2.1] Franklin’s demise IS toxic. Use it at your own risk. If you use it, the survivors can do whatever they want. Begrimed Chains are included.


Survivors’ rules [4]

Survivors’ rules [4]


  • [4.1] Survivors mustn’t BM, tbagging, doing click-click(EXCEPTION 4.2)
  • [4.2] Click-click is not toxic, if you are trying to get killer’s atention. Only counts for 4 seconds of clicking per minute.
  • [4.3]Genrush is a bad behaviour. If 1 generator was already fixed, you need to wait 1 minute to fix another. Your generator can be 99’d.
  • [4.4] SWF teams shouldn’t be toxic and genrushing killer. Discord with more than 2 pp’l isn’t allowed. If you wand to play SWF, chat in game chat.
  • [4.5] Quentin isn’t ugly
  • [4.6] Do not bodyblock your teammates!
  • [4.5] Save your teammates. Don’t leave them on hook.
  • [4.5] Heal your teammates if they need it.
  • [4.5]Don’t sneak so much
  • [4.5]Don’t be sweatty


Players’ rules



  • [5.1] DC(Disconnect isn’t allowed)
  • [5.2] Teamming is not allowed.
  • [5.3] 1×1 till the match is allowed.
  • [5.4] If sb has a streak of kills or escapes, don’t ruin it.


Rulebook rule


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Enjoy the game and remember:
Death is not an escape.

Written by OZeroBTW

I hope you enjoy the The Only true rulebook for Survivors and Killers – Dead by Daylight guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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