The Secret Lore of Mayo Sim – Mayonnaise Simulator

The Secret Lore of Mayo Sim – Mayonnaise Simulator 1 -
The Secret Lore of Mayo Sim – Mayonnaise Simulator 1 -

Mayonnaise Simulator might seem like a daunting game at first, you’re thrown into intense action from the get-go with no hand holding. You might even think its quite a simple game despite the complex PvE mechanics, but when you delve into it, there a lot more than meets the eye.
When you jump into the game, you’re already immediately surrounded by hordes of crimson bottles, feeling overwhelmed and probably too busy trying to stay alive to really see where they’re coming from. However, when you take the time to notice you’ll see how they spawn in lines, just like soldiers, marching in straight formation. Now, you’ll be asking how these evil squirt bottles of red have anything to do with the army, but hear me out.
Look at where they spawn, up on the shelves. Most spawn on the bottom, a few spawn on the middle and a couple might spawn on the top shelf. Now, all the bottles will immediately go to you, almost like a trained instinct, but ponder the ones on top. They don’t. Have you ever noticed them literally LEANING down on the top shelf to observe you as you fight for your life? They don’t jump into battle until you go for them. I fully believe the shelves are a metaphor for ranking. The ones at the top, the commanders if you will, are observing and watching you fight their soldiers.
But why? To what end. Well, as you can see, the game is still in its development phase, and I believe as we go on we’ll see more of whats going on, likely more proof that our poor mayo jar character is in a government run experiment of some kind.
Edit: Upon further playing the game and exploring the map fully, I’ve noticed when you jump on the small ledges at the end of each shelf the ketchups display quite specific and odd behaviours. Initially they’ll swarm around you and try to climb on top of each other like WWZ Zombies, but when it doesn’t work they….. pull back. They create a wide circle around you and leave space, observing you like the commanders. Eventually the shelves become overrun and they switch back to the piling tactic but it definitely seems like something to note. Not sure how this fits into the overall lore of the game, but hopefully the community comes up with something soon.



Written by Mushi ♡

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