The Ultimate Summoning Circle Guide – Phasmophobia

The Ultimate Summoning Circle Guide – Phasmophobia 1 -
The Ultimate Summoning Circle Guide – Phasmophobia 1 -

Ever wondered how to properly use the summoning circle (pentagram as some people call it)? Ever wonder what the mechanics are? Well lucky for you, this is an in depth guide on everything about the circle.


You’ve found yourself in front of a circle with a star in the middle of it. It also has 5 candles where the points of the star are. Thinking it’s a weird chandelier or something that the ghost has, you light the candles. Suddenly, the ghost looks like it’s having a seizure while floating in the middle of the circle. SNAP! This is gonna be a great pic for insta-… And just like that, YA DED!

What is the Circle?

– The circle is apart of the 6 cursed possessions that spawn in every contract. There is a 1/6 chance to have the circle spawn in your contract.
– The circle has a chance to spawn in every map.
– The circle once lit will trap the ghost for a few seconds, then start hunting.
– Since it is a cursed possession, take a picture of it for some extra cash.
– You can take the circle outside of the investigation area… Just kidding, it’s glued to the ground.


Each candle lit will decrease %16 for ALL nearby players, for a total of %80 sanity deduction. Candles can be blown out and re-lit, useful for the %25 sanity objective.
Lighting all candles
Once all candles are lit, the ghost will manifest in the middle of the circle for 5 seconds. During this time, it is unable to kill players or move around. Make sure to get a ghost photo! While it’s having a seizure, a ghost event is going on, so you can get the ghost event objective done. After is it done having a seizure, it will initiate a cursed hunt (a normal hunt except they last 20 seconds longer and have a 1 second grace period, except for lighting the summoning circle, then you get no grace). Once it is lit, you will no longer be able to use it (you can still get a picture if you forgot to though).


Congrats! Now that you know how to use the circle, you can successfully complete 1-2 of your objectives, or not, you can also just annoy your friends if you want to.
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