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Times for Actions! – Dead by Daylight 1 - steamclue.com
Times for Actions! – Dead by Daylight 1 - steamclue.com

All the times it takes for general actions to complete.


I noticed the only other ones of these was outdated, so I updated it!
Time is everything in this God-forsaken game, so here are all the times required for general gameplay … Hope this helps!


Reparing, no Toolbox, no Perk
Note: When two or more survivors repair the same generator, they incur a 15% stackable penalty per survivor repairing.
1 Survivor = 80 Seconds
2 Survivors = 47.06 Seconds
3 Survivors = 38.1 Seconds
4 Survivors = 36.36 Seconds
Repairing, Toolbox (No-Add-ons), no Perk
Worn-Out Tools (Brown) = 74.66 Seconds (Time Saved: 5.33 Seconds)
Toolbox (Yellow) = 73.33 Seconds (Time Saved: 6.67 Seconds)
Mechanic’s Toolbox (Green) = 73.14 Seconds (Time Saved: 6.86 Seconds)
Commodious Toolbox (Green) = 69.33 Seconds (Time Saved: 10.67 Seconds)
Engineer’s Toolbox (Purple) = 72 Seconds (Time Saved: 8 Seconds)
Alex’s Toolbox (Purple) = 77.82 Seconds (Time Saved: 2.18 Seconds)
Repairing, no Toolbox, Prove Thyself
1 Survivor = 80 Seconds
2 Survivors = 40.92 Seconds
3 Survivors = 29.3 Seconds
4 Survivors = 25.08 Seconds
Regression Rate
Kicking a Gen: 2 Seconds
Regression Rate: 0.25 c/s
Complete Regression from 99%: 320 Seconds


Time to Wiggle out of a Killer’s Grasp
No Iron Grasp: 16 Seconds
Tier 1 Iron Grasp: 16.6 Seconds
Tier 2 Iron Grasp: 17.3 Seconds
Tier 3 Iron Grasp: 17.9 Seconds

Killer Stuns

Pallet Stun Duration: 2 Seconds
Time to Break Pallet: 2 Seconds
Brutal Strength Tier 1, breaking pallet: 1.8 Seconds
Brutal Strength Tier 2, breaking pallet: 1.7 Seconds
Brutal Strength Tier 3, breaking pallet: 1.6 Seconds
Decisive Strike
Tier 1: 3 Seconds
Tier 2: 4 Seconds
Tier 3: 5 Seconds
All Tiers: 3 Seconds
Flashlight Blinds
Default time to blind the Killer: 1 Second
Default Killer blindness duration: 2 Seconds


Totem Times
Cleansing a totem: 14 Seconds
Cleansing a totem with tokenless Counterforce: 11.66 Seconds
Cleansing a totem with 10 Token Counterforce: 4.66 Seconds
Blessing a dull totem: 14 Seconds
Blessing a Hex totem: 24 Seconds
Rekindling a totem: 1 Second


Time to Open Exit Gates
No Perk: 20 Seconds
T1 Remember Me: 28 Seconds
T2 Remember Me: 32 Seconds
T3 Remember Me: 36 Seconds
T1 Wake Up!: 19.05 Seconds
T2 Wake Up!: 18.18 Seconds
T3 Wake Up!: 17.39 Seconds
End-Game Collapse
All Survivors Healthy or Injured: 120 Seconds
Maximum Time: 240 Seconds
Note: The timer slows to half speed for dying survivors, or hooked survivors.

Average Game Length

Average Game Length
Between 8 – 25 Minutes

Written by Undertaker334

This is all we can share for Times for Actions! – Dead by Daylight for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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