Tips and tricks – 7 Days to Die

Tips and tricks – 7 Days to Die 1 -
Tips and tricks – 7 Days to Die 1 -

Tips for beginning
– Locate a city immediately
– Read all books (can find lots in supply drops).
– Use Skill points immediately on The Survivor or The Camel
The Mini-bike can be used to run down animals once you have it for Raw Meat. They die in one hit.
Get a bow & arrows as soon as possible.
After cutting down trees, make sure you keep the seeds. You can plant them all around your base so you have an unlimited supply of wood.
You can keep all Large Bones. These can be made into blades that can extract honey from boatfly’s and other animal products like meat, fat, and pelts.
You can make 50 stacks of torches using coal and wood. Use LT to attach them anywhere. If you want to light up your town/base area, just place them in good places.
Where to find the items.
Bottled water-Mainly Refrigerators
Empty gla*ses everywhere
Iron-take apart cars with Wrenches
Oil-Take apart cars with wrenches
Cloth Fragment – Take apart cars with Wrenches
Spring-Take apart cars with Wrenches
Gas Cans-Grab for gas tanks and disa*sembly of cars with wrenches
Gas Barrels-Found at junk yards, repair shops, garages

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