Tips for beginners – Neodash

Tips for beginners – Neodash 1 -
Tips for beginners – Neodash 1 -

This is a brief guide for new players to help them practice and improve their game.


Neodash is an excellent game I've played in recent times. It can also be very challenging. In this guide I'd like you to quickly grasp the game.

The Level Editor is available to you

The level editor is one the best features of the game. It allows you to make any level you want, with as many or little obstacles as you want.
Play around with it and create levels to become familiar with the controls. Also, practice all manouvers, drifts, jumps, etc.
You can even change the speed at which you want the death walls to destroy the level. So you can take your own time!
Tips for beginners - Neodash - Take advantage of the Level Editor - B184952

Don't drift too often, make it a daily routine.

Tips for beginners - Neodash - Drift a lot, make it a habit. - 113C51A
This tip is available even after you die in the game. "Hyperdrift & Boost – Go faster!"
You need speed to move faster and overtake the death wall. To do this, drift and boost whenever you can. This allows for you to gain enough speed that you can keep up against the wall.
Straight paths and curves are good places to drift and boost. Keep an eye out for your boost gauge to ensure you get a slight boost whenever you drift.
Drifting can be difficult. I recommend you practice drifting on all levels. I also recommend that you create a custom stage so you can practice drifting without fear of making mistakes.

Enable ghosts

In case you didn’t know, ghost replays can be found in this game. You get to see the top 5 replays from each level as well your own replays and one from the level’s author.
Tips for beginners - Neodash - Enable ghosts - 52C9616
These replays are helpful because you can see how others have beat the level you're in. Following their routes can help you a lot when you try to complete a level. I recommend that you enable the author’s replays. But, feel free to check out the other replays and decide which one is the easiest.

The car can HOVER

During my first two hours playing the game, I was oblivious to the fact the car can actually HOVER.
Tips for beginners - Neodash - The car can HOVER - 5B9A374
Although not always possible hovering from certain ramps can give you some great shortcuts.
Tips for beginners - Neodash - The car can HOVER - E8E8945
Tips for beginners - Neodash - The car can HOVER - B687E82
Screenshots of me hovering on the roof, skipping the entire 1-07s
There are many ways you can beat the levels. Be creative! It's more fun this way.


These are my tips! These are my tips. These tips should be helpful to you in order to get better at the game.
If you have any tips for the comments, please let us know! Thank you for reading.


Written by Delta

This is all we can share for Tips for beginners – Neodash for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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