Tips for Calamity Master Mode + Revengeance + Death + Malice – tModLoader

Tips for Calamity Master Mode + Revengeance + Death + Malice – tModLoader 1 -
Tips for Calamity Master Mode + Revengeance + Death + Malice – tModLoader 1 -

Some tips on how to deal with the hardest bosses, on-going project / play-through and will be updated as more hurdles are experienced.

Pre-hardmode Advice and Why The Guide

Well why the guide?
Because me and my mate forgot to record these insane events so I thought I would record them here for you all. Also because at each of these hurdles we did research to find ANYONE doing the max difficulty stuff on master mode, but couldn’t find. Probably because at the time 1.4 calamity had only just came out lol.
My advice for pre-hardmode, get max life abusing the fact that you can make life crystals with rubies, this can be done by mining alot and getting them normally but also by looting and or mining sky islands.
The most important thing to CHEESE this part of the game is to get to hell and farm bone serpents. They drop the “Old Lord Oathsword” which is insanely op. It’s melee btw incase you didn’t know melee is op 🙂
This weapon has a dash which you charge with right click then activate with left click, to make to throw you indirection of cursor for about 2-4s. This means you can around, do a spin or make fly around to make a small octagon if you want. Also pretty much or the entire dash gives I-frames so yeah…
This weapon can be used to dodge all boss attacks and deal decent damage and can be farmed from the start, not that you will need it but makes alot of the bosses much more enjoyable as everything tastes nicer with cheese. Did I mention it shoots homing projectiles when you dash?
Have fun!
This is an on-going play-through / project so will be updated as more hurdles are encountered. (Probs gonna be the twins for the third…) also at the end we might go back through and record the strats used from the hurdles that weren’t recorded (1 and 2)

The First Hurdle

The game has been pretty much normal up to this point, maybe a bit harder then normal but you managed, now you have to fight the WALL OF FLESH.
Now you know how melee is OP? Yeah well lets prove that.
Note: This CHEESE 🙂 will be easier with a friend.
FRACTURED ARC (pre-parried) (decent Item eh)
Bloody worm tooth
Whatever other items u like for some mobility, maybe some more damage items.
The Good potions
Either A. Have Co-op summon king slime on surface to begin stacking adrenaline for BOTH players while the other prepares to summon the WALL OF FLESH.
B. Summon Slime and be a pro dodger while in Hell with all those mobs and stack adrenaline.
Now summon WOF popping adrenaline and rage if u have it (heart of darkness or just pre-stacked), now jump in between the bottom eye and mouth and swing, (If co-op have partner wormhole down and do the same when u summon WOF. Then wow, its dead.
In single player this might not be enough to kill so the mobility will used to dash away to finish off the boss.
Good job!

The Fast Approaching Second Hurdle

Items: Just use whatever is best for you. +Warmth and good potions
Soooooooooooooo, remember how melee is overpowered, remember that oathsword?
Yeah just fight Cryogen to the best of your abilities until approx 50% hp then kite it the ♥♥♥♥ out with the oathsword’s dash.
Note: If you have auto-mine enabled the charge up will cancel when you walk over anything with a right-click to interface, eg your tombstones 🙁
This strat is much easier in co-op as one person can attempt to damage the boss while the other focuses on dodging (Or go summoner in single for kiting part)
There is no time limit to this boss and you might have to enrage it by leaving the ice biome as dodging past the boss is very risky even with the absurd invincibility frames on oathsword’s dash.
When the boss gets really low with its enraged state you will start to have to actively dodge while flying with the oathsword making use of upgraded dodge scarf from skeletron who you should be able to kill as he is the easiest to beat first.
Congrats this was probably the craziest fight I have ever had in this game
(This is first full play-through of calamity)
Congrats on this very crazy achievement.

Written by wilkin987

This is all we can share for Tips for Calamity Master Mode + Revengeance + Death + Malice – tModLoader for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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