Tips for MMA fights – Rustler

Tips for MMA fights – Rustler 1 -
Tips for MMA fights – Rustler 1 -

The purpose of this guide is to provide tips and tricks to make the most of Rustler’s fighting system and help you win the 20 arena fights.

Fighting Tips

So, let’s start off with some tips on how to make the most of your fights. These of course will apply to the MMA fights but can also be useful when fighting other enemies.

  • MMA fights do not require any preparation as your health will be automatically replenished. You do make use of the skills you’ve acquired so it might be best to leave the MMA fights last in your quest for 100%.
  • If you’re going for 100% completion within one playthrough (which is completely doable) remember to save before and after every fight as any loss counts as a death for the ‘One Life Guy’ achievement.
  • Unlike primary weapons which can block indefinitely, shields will break after blocking a certain number of hits. As long as you didn’t take any damage, a hit blocked by a shield can be counted as (small) progress towards a win.
  • Dodging is completely overpowered. It costs no stamina and gives you plenty of invincibility frames. It also allows you to reposition on the fly, which is very useful against multiple enemies. Additionally, you can steer during the dodge, so it is possible to dodge a hit and immediately be attacking. It should also be noted that while dodging does not cost any stamina, it does pause stamina regeneration (which is important when using Spear/Halbert).
  • Blocking is much more effective than guarding. Rather than holding your guard up which will make the AI try to flank or power attack you, sit tight and only block as soon as they start their attack animation. That will result in a stagger which lets you deal 2-3 hits (and possibly apply bleed).
  • Generally, power attacks are not worth it – other than breaking block in fistfights and such.
  • When you’re fighting multiple opponents, always try to make them block each other so they don’t overwhelm you. It dramatically reduces the difficulty of most fights.


MMA Fights – Arena 1

Arena 1 can be found in the city above your hometown and should be available very quickly. I strongly suggest acquiring the house nearby as a convenient save location so you can save/load if you die.
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Fight 1: Incredible Bulk – Fists vs 1x Fists

Pretty easy fight. Block his attacks and power attack to get through his guard. Start hitting before he fully gets up to get him caught in the stagger and get a few more hits in.

Fight 2: Lowlander – Sword vs 1x Sword

Sword likes to swing if you’re close and not blocking. You can block just as he’s about to attack to stagger, and get a few hits in. Don’t be greedy and wait for bleed to safely lower health.

Fight 3: Duncan Wyoming – Sword vs 1x Sword/Shield

Same as Fight 2, except he has a better block.

Fight 4: Shortinus – Sword vs 1x Spear

Spear can be blocked, but be careful as they tend to attack in quick succession.

Fight 5: Albert the Halberd – Spear vs 1x Halberd

Halberd basic attacks can be blocked and then you can trade 2-3 hits. Dodge heavy attacks. You can think of a halberd as a sword with extra reach and no block.

Fight 6: Sir Dancelot – Sword vs 1x Sword

Same as Fight 2.

Fight 7: Deep Friars – Fists vs 2x Fists

Same as Fight 1 except 2v1. Position yourself so that one of them is blocking the other. Charge your fist and knock the closer of the two down. As they are starting to get up, start punching so that as soon as the invincibility frames are over, they get hit. Repeat until both are dead.

Fight 8: Men-at-Arms – Halberd vs 2x Sword/Shield

Deceptively easy fight. The halberd cannot block so you cannot play safe. Position yourself so that one of the enemies is blocked by the other. Stare at the closest enemy as they defend with their shield. As soon as they start to attack, attack as well. Even if they hit you with the first attack, your attack with stagger them allowing you to get 1-2 more hits in. Repeat until both are dead.

Fight 9: Torch and Pitchfork – Sword vs 1 Torch & 1 Pitchfork

Focus the Torch first – they can be treated as a Sword. Block and wait for them to strike, then attack when staggered. Same strategy works for the pitchfork, just be sure to dodge the charged shot (!).

Fight 10: Weird Sisters – Sword vs 1x Stick & 1x Sword & 1x Spear

This fight is significantly harder than the others. Avoid the Sword as she likes to power-attack which can lead to a fatal combo. Use positioning to keep Sword behind other enemies. Spear is the easiest to kill as she will just use basic attacks which can be blocked and you can attack while she is staggered. Employ the same tactics of positioning enemies behind one another and using the stagger after a block to get some hits in. If you get caught by a swing from Sword your instinct will be to block but you have to dodge as her hits stagger which delays your block.

MMA Fights – Arena 2

Arena 2 is found within the Tournament Grounds which will be the setting of the end of the game. as mentioned in the fighting tips above, I suggest waiting until the end of the game to start these as you will have a convenient save point and all the skills you’ll need.
Tips for MMA fights - Rustler - MMA Fights - Arena 2 - CDBAC3195

Fight 11: Street Fighter – Sword vs Fists

This fight was missing from the game initially and seems it was just getting skipped. It is so easy that it might as well still be. Fists can’t block swords so just go to town on him.

Fight 12: McCountries – Halberd vs 2x Sword

Same as Fight 8 but even easier for some reason.

Fight 13: Spear Rangers – Spear vs 2x Spear

Pretty easy fight. Stand still without blocking. When an enemy approaches, start attacking before they get in range and they’ll run right into your attack. Mind your stamina. Remember that dodging does not use up stamina – but it does halt its regeneration!

Fight 14: Unwilling Trinity – Sword vs 1x Spear & 2x Crossbow

To avoid the xbow bolts, wait until they fire the projectile and dodge – dodge gives you invincibility frames. Rush one Crossbow at a time – they will switch to Stick if you get close, so try to approach while they are reloading for a free kill. Once the Crossbows are dead, the rest is like Fight 4.

Fight 15: Tree Huggers – Sword vs 2x Axe & 2x Stick

For some reason the enemies are very weak – 3 hits will kill them. The fight is similar to Fight 2 or 6, except there’s 4 enemies. Just position yourself as you did in Fight 7-10 and fight them one at a time.

Fight 16: Lords of the Round Arena – Spear vs 2x Sword/Shield

These enemies actually use more advanced moves but ironically this makes them easier to fight. If you try to use basic attacks they will block and retaliate so don’t do that. If you hold block they will power attack so dodge away if that happens. Stand around and as they start an attack block it and retailiate with 2 hits. Repeat until both are dead (mind positioning).

Fight 17: Knights of the Crossbow – Auto-Crossbox vs 5x Crossbow

Pretty easy fight. You can kill two of them before they even start shooting you, and you can reload at the same time they do. Dodge their shots. Note that if you dodge between reloading the 3/4 shot you can actually skip a bit of the animation meaning you have an extra 0.5sec or so to act.

Fight 18: Injustice League – Halberd vs 1x Halberd & 1x Spear & 1x Sword/Shield & 1x Crossbow

As soon as the fight starts dodge towards the Crossbow so he switches to Stick. You can quickly kill him before the others react. Next priority should be Spear/Halberd. Both like to rush you so just attack preemtively as they approach and they’ll run into your attack. Avoid Sword until the end unless he rushes at you without blocking, in which case again attack preemtively.

Fight 19: Iron Maid – Spear vs 1x Sword/Shield

Slightly better moves and more HP. She will sometimes charge an attack instead of using basic attacks, even if you’re not guarding. Careful, as your AA won’t stop her charged attack and you’ll lose the exchange. Sit around, wait for her to approach, block her AA, retaliate and repeat. If she uses a charged attack instead of an AA, dodge instead.

Fight 20: Black Knight – Sword vs 1x Sword/Shield

Same as Fight 19. Note how wood splinters fall off when you hit him.


I hope you found this guide useful.
If there’s anything wrong or missing from this guide please let me know and I’d be happy to add it in.

Written by Kryn

This is all we can share for Tips for MMA fights – Rustler for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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