Tips for Playthrough – Eastward

Tips for Playthrough – Eastward 1 -
Tips for Playthrough – Eastward 1 -

This guide contains tips that can help people who never played or just started the Eastward game


1. Talk to every NPC
2. Visit every shop and buy food (ingredients)
3. Better buy the treasure radar as soon as possible, it will help find treasure chests whenever they are close to the character
4. When you save enough gear upgrade your backpack, bang-bang gun and ammo box (bombs as well)
5. There’s hidden chests on the maps, in the nooks, behind the closed doors and walls
6. You can find unordinary ingredients in the shops that buff main recipes, each ingredient adds a specific buff and goes as 4th in the dish
7. Try getting two and up similar things in the lottery when you cook, it gives extra time for the buff and extra hearts
8. If you talk to every NPC in the New Dam City you will open a quest that will givetwo very useful abilities to Sam in the end
9. Dialogue reading is unnecessary, it doesn’t affect the plot but adds to the vibe
10. The game Earth Born is not a necessity as well, it doesn’t affect the plot, just a little inside meme
11. Blond character with short hair and flying radio is a girl (i didn’t know that until the New Dam City part)
12. Every boss has a behavior pattern, don’t be afraid to understand it first and then reset the level in order not to waste precious food for the hearts
13. Buy the S.O.S. system in a shop as soon as you get a chance
14. Don’t forget to upgrade the backpack!
15. Don’t forget to visit locations you skipped when you didn’t have the necessary weapons
16. Golden chests give you fruits that gives youextra hearts after collecting a specific amount
17. I had no idea what’s going on until the last chapter
18. Before fighting a boss better cook the buffed dishes to use them more efficiently later
19. Miasma is afraid of Sam’s energy
20.Q key change the controlled character, Tab let you control them separately (they don’t walk together anymore)
21. You can change weapons by pressing 1 2 3 keys
22. Key E also opens the weapons inventory

Written by alyonavolf

Here we come to an end for the Tips for Playthrough – Eastward guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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