Tips for solo base building and starting online – SCUM

Tips for solo base building and starting online – SCUM 1 -
Tips for solo base building and starting online – SCUM 1 -

Im not a pro and my English sucks soooooo lets go.
Craft a knife, coerierbackpack (use sticks for rope, cut down bushes) craft a small axe. craft a bow and arrows. (us yor clothes for rags)
So you now have a bag, axe, bow and arrows. Lets begin.
Find a place (in the woods for example) make a blueprint for the flag (if its red you cant place the blueprint because of other player base if that is the case just run son) when blue print is on ground you get a square box around thje flag. Choose a corner with a bush very nearby.
Make blueprint for woodenchest and build it (all can be find in wild not nails you need 2) then make spade. put your important satuff in the box and bury the box in the bushes. At the place of the flag you can start making blueprints for the base such as walls etc. Just loot and important stuff put in box. You can just build the walls, door, waterwell, keep your important loot in the box on the corner. Have some boxes with building stuff and put a simple lock on the door because if they raid you they only brake simple lock and maybe take some crafting stuuf with them but nothing personal bacause its in the box on the corner. Also if you logg out take the most important stuuf first on your body because if they find your box (chances very low) you have the most important stuff on you. Just keep building at an easy pace. when you have like some traps and golden llocks with secruitiy on the locks you can move inside you base.
It takes a lot of time. But the change of losing your stuff is very small. it just takes (depending where you build) a lot of time to walk up and down and looting etc. Fitrst thing i always buy (when not found) is a bike. You can easy bike true wilds not roads. They are strong and need almost no maintanance.
So if anyone has more tips or tricks let me now in commands.

My best way: solo start on multiplay

Just a helpfull guide in multiplayer on scum as a solo

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