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Tips – Lost Ark 1 -
Tips – Lost Ark 1 -

General tips and tricks that I’ve learned playing Lost Ark, feel free to correct any misinformation


  • Click on the chat box, then Shift Right Click to enter items in chat
  • You can speed up leveling up your strongholds past level 25 by spamming the craft Structure: Dyorika Waterwheel. The crafting recipe is sold by the NPC Tago that visits your stronghold. It costs 10 Iron Ore, 10 Timber, and 5000 Silver to craft.
  • 1N-2E-3S-4W, or any variation of that, when typed in a raid refers to the cardinal directions relating to party number. Party Member #1 takes North, Party Member #2 takes East, etc etc. x3 is more complex, but it refers to party number and positions on a clock. If you are party 1, it is just [Your Party Number] * 3, and then take that clock position. If you are party 2, its ([Your Party Number] * 3) + 1. Example: You are in party 1 with the party number 3. 3*3 = 9, stand at the nine’o clock position. You are in party 2 with party number 2. 3*2 = 6. 6+ 1 = 7, stand at the seven o’clock position.
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  • Having trouble with ghost ship? If you want to have an easier time with Ghost Ships in T2 or T3, it is recommended having a sailor with the Fighter:Ghost Ship skill equipped. To find them, go to – []  and check mark all sailors that have that skill. Only Berald and James have that skill.
  • Looking for groups to run maps? Most people are looking for groups after a Chaos Gate. Instead of asking in area chat for 30 minutes, just enter/ wait outside a Chaos Gate.
  • That one Feiton quest where you have to sneak past all the guards and rescue the children isn’t that bad. Don’t take any chances with the circle and make you there’s plenty of room to avoid its hitbox, and just remember after you rescue a child, a guard dog will walk to where the child was standing before you rescued them.
  • I didn’t realize this until later, so maybe it’s just me that’s dumb, but the bifrost teleport feature actually teleports you exactly where you saved.
  • Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but stagger isn’t affected by damage, crit, or any additional factors. The only source of increasing stagger are engravings and other stagger increasing mods.
  • Also correct me if I’m wrong on this one, but runes like Quick Recharge are close to useless as they have very low proc chance, while Overwhelm does not boost damage, but simply boosts stagger from the spell.
  • I personally use a hotkey script while leveling. I download AutoHotKey and create a script in which if I hold [any] button, it spams G, allowing me to simply hold a button rather than spam ‘G’.
    Credit goes to this guide – [] 
  • The daily event guardian raids where all three guardians spawn on the same map has a specific strategy I believe most people use. First, if you flare, you’ll see 1-2 guardians on the map, but not the third guardian. If you simply go and hit anyone of those guardians, the third guardian will eventually spawn, which is usually the one you need to focus. [Sometimes the 3rd guardian doesn’t show up and they have to look for it.] Usually that third guardian has a sort of destruction/stagger, to which if you proc, it will drop orbs that tremendously boost your damage. If you don’t go for the orb buffs, killing the guardians might take the whole raid and more. if you focus on buffs though, the raid should usually take about 3-8 minutes. The third guardian drops the orbs three times.
  • You can auto sail by opening your map and alt-clicking a location.
  • I use this tool for crafting stones – [] 
  • For the Tranquil KarkosaTranquil Karkosa abyss dungeon, people will type “1234, 12334.” I’m not sure why people type this as it is just confusing, but this simply means that for the last boss in the abyss dungeon, you have to rotate around him and get hit by an orb. 1234 means you get hit by an orb and then rotate clockwise. 12334 means you get hit by an orb and rotate clockwise but at the third orb, you must stay at the same spot, and then continue to rotate after you get hit by it. 1234 occurs when the boss is at 16 HP bars. 12334 occurs at 8 HP bars, so beware that it might just go straight to 12334 if you burst the boss fast enough.
  • That one T1 stone in your inventory you can’t dismantle? Sell it to a vendor for 1 Silver
  • Although people complaining about people giving up and about how the restart vote button is popping up in the middle of their screen, you can simple move it using middle mouse button.


Written by L0stpengu1n

Here we come to an end for the Tips – Lost Ark guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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