Top tips – Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts

Top tips – Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts 1 -
Top tips – Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts 1 -

These useful tips and game mechanics are often overlooked in the early stages.

Tricks and tips

Some tips, tricks, and sharing learning are all you need to help new players.
All ships should be aware of the accuracy bonus that cruise speed offers. You will start at flank speed and drop down to full speed once you are engaged with an enemy.
Torp firing ships with the "save" option will not launch unless you choose this option.
The ability to update an old design is possible with the help of new technology. The new design will then be displayed next to the year. Select the new design you like and then choose "refit option". You can then select ships that you would like to upgrade or repair.
Be wary of AI designing your ship to suit your early 1890 designs. My conning tower was continually being destroyed in my early battles. It turned out that the armour on this part was set at zero.
If your ship is unbalanced during design, you can add/subtract from the fore or aft arms to shift weight around and make it better balanced. Sometimes, you will need to drag the front and rear towers as near to center as possible.
The roll will drop by increasing main deck armour
The tower you choose can affect balance. The best towers are generally heavier. Avoid the temptation to always upgrade to the latest version. Smaller ships such as DD can be affected by the weight of towers.
Some BB towers come with gun mounts to accommodate small calibre guns, which are usually 2" & 3, in normal. These mounts are a great opportunity to mount small calibre guns. Although they are not heavy, they can add weight to TBs and DDs. As technology advances, some towers feature a circular turret slot. It is easy to miss.
Gun barrels can either be lengthened or reduced. You can sacrifice muzzle velocity, range and fire rate for a greater rate of firing. You should experiment with this. In the beginning stages of the game visibility and accuracy of ships beyond 8-10km is not good so it might be worth exchanging range to improve ROF.
Facing multiple enemy vessels? If there are 2 ships in your line, switch to the furthest one and shells will pa*s through the one closest. This method has helped me sink quite a few ships. Very effective.
If you look at campaign's fleet screen, you will see a box to add crew. It is easy to overlook. Some people have complained about the lack crew.
You have the option to improve your shipyards with financial a*sistance. If you want win the arms race, this should be done at all times. You will not receive a notification that a stage has been completed. Please make sure to check this page regularly.
For me, the best breakthrough techs were level 5 hull strength for Dreadnought, big guns with better armour, shell & explosive upgrades, and level 5 Dreadnoughthull hull strengthening. The ability to upgrade the last 2 makes lower calibre guns less destructive across the fleet. Krupp armour makes a big difference as it provides more protection and allows you to shed weight. You can also switch to an oil boiler, which has many benefits.
Campaign mode means that your opponent does not follow the historical rules. Between 1890 and 1914 I was attacked five more times. I won and made them very pay for their reparations by taking their top ships. This resulted in a shift in their ship design – less BBs and a high percentage of lighter cruisers. I responded by creating a lighter-armed Dreadnought that I thought would be a cruiser destroyer. 10" main guns with a selection of 6” & 4” down the sides. I was able increase my belt armor to 15" by reducing my weight. I was unable to penetrate enemy ships and ended up taking out 10 of them with this one ship. History would suggest that you don't put smaller guns onto large ships. However it is important to design your vessels to meet the threat of your enemy. Keep checking in on them. I needed a higher rate to fire smaller ships. It helps that the game allows you to add insane belt and deck armor to ships. I was able go beyond Yamato level of protection in 1910 by focusing 100% on research.
You can opt to not add citadel or belt armour to your campaign in earlier years. This allows you to save a lot on weight and can be used for belt or deck armor. Later, as AI fleets advance these torps, bigger guns will start causing you harm.
In campaign, there will be random battles with enemy ships. You will need to select any sea ready vessels from any port, unless you have mothballed. A quality approach is better than quantity. Your super battleship can easily demolish a number of enemy vessels if it is built well. Upgrade or throw out inferior vessels. *edit. *Edit.


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Here we come to an end for the Top tips – Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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