Trader Quests – 7 Days to Die

Trader Quests – 7 Days to Die 1 -
Trader Quests – 7 Days to Die 1 -

After more than 800 hours in 7dtd, starting with A16 it’s time to share my quest list.
I was always interested to get as many possible different trader quests. So i decided to create a excel file for it, not just with the name. With quality, tier, biom, coordinate and so on.
Some of them changed, a few got replaced and many added with the release of A20 so did my list 😉
It’s very possible i still miss a few quests at my list, but the majority of them should be listed.

1. What’s this guide about

Imagine you stand at the trader and see between 5-25 different quests. But you don’t remember which one was good or bad, or even which one you already completed.
That’s what this guide/list is for:
• Choose the best quest
• Use the list to safe your quest history (e.g. copy paste my list to your pc)


2. Is this guide interesting for you?

• This guide is not about POI (Point of Interest -> a prebuild location), it’s about possible trader quests
There are possibly around 300 trader quests out there but even more POI, not all of them are possible quests.
For example there are Oldwest_business_1 – 14 POI, but a few of them are even to small to be a tier 1 quest.
• This guide is for Navezgane only, the only static map in 7dtd so far, random worlds add lot to the 7dtd experience, but they are difficult to measure trader quests. E.g. it could be important for a quests in which biom it is.
• I play this game in singleplayer or 2 player coop only, i don’t know how a group of multiple people might affect the questexperience, but it’s possible.

3. Notes about quests and how to do them (for newbie)

• As of A20 you need to do 7 quests to reach the new tier level of a trader. This is unique to every trader, what’s good if you want to do many different quests, and bad if you want to reach tier 5 fast and only want to do these.
• It’s not necessary to do the currently highest quests of a trader to reach the next tier level. E.g. you can do tier 1 quests only and still reach tier 5 level. I don’t recommend to do this, but it’s possible^^
• The primary difference between a non-quest-POI and a possible quest POI is the following: During a quest you never ever have to use any tool to finish it, the only exceptions could be the hidden spot of the White River Supplies you have to find and the final storages in higher tier quests. It’s often the fastest way to clear the Quest by following the trail you should go and don’t break doors or other blocks, that’s how you might miss zombies and have to go back. NON-quest POI on the other hand might be secured by vault doors, could be very small so there is no final room, might be even unfinished and lack lots of details.
• At tier 3 or higher quest i highly recommend to have a backup weapon. You could still kill most zombies with your melee, but even on lower game-difficulties an AK-47 or pumpaction might be necessary to safe your ♥♥♥

4. Difficulty of trader quests

• In A20 the trader quests range from Tier 1 to Tier 5, i recommend to summarize your last done quests. Did all of them feel easy, then you are ready for the next tier
• Not every quests in a tier is the same difficulty. Some tier 3 quests might be more difficult as easy tier 4 quests.
• the difficulty of a quest is not just depending on the tier you choose:
– where is the quests (which biom, how far away)?
– do you want/need to do the quest during nighttime?
I always add “1 difficulty point” for a quest during night, in the wasteland or in a city… e.g. a tier 2 quest in Gravestowne could be more dangerous as a tier 4 during daytime in the forest.
• tier 3 buried supply quests might be one of the most dangouers quests if you are to effective with your shovel 😉
Zombies spawn when the circle shrink
• The experience of a quest is obviously related to your equipment and character lv.
e.g. a tier 1 quest might be more interesting with lower level and bad equipment, a tier 5 quest might be uninteresting just equiped with your awesome stone axe as lv 3 character 😉

5. Details of my quest list

• The object name and number (e.g. ranger_station 5)
• The name of the building if it has a name (e.g. Higashi for skyscraper_3)
• The tier (1-5)
• The biom it’s located in (Navezgane)
• Are there mines or other explosives you should take care of
• The overall quality of the quest (uniqueness, optics, balance, loot possibilites, ….)
• Coordinates (in Navezgane)
• The city name (if the quest is located in one)–mAFkOqGGF0XGlr8BOpRqxTScYmsqWF5CXBJ66TI/edit?usp=sharing – [] 
It seems steam is blocking the link, but tbh i don’t know how dangerous a google spreadsheet with read only access could be^^
Copy the link to your browser if you trust google 😉

Written by Serious

This is all we can share for Trader Quests – 7 Days to Die for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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