Translation Tool 101 – TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children

Translation Tool 101 – TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children 1 -
Translation Tool 101 – TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children 1 -

This Un Published guides are still in the development phase.

Enable the tool

Add the following text to your Launch options in order to enable the tool
–translation volunteer
Translation Tool 101 - TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children - Enabling the tool - EF01B0E
Translation Tool 101 - TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children - Enabling the tool - 5194E68

Accessing the tool

During dialogues, you will see the phrase "Support Translation", in the lower-left corner. Clicking this phrase will open a translation tool.
Translation Tool 101 - TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children - Accessing the tool - 508BFFF
Translation Tool 101 - TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children - Accessing the tool - 2CA8CA2


CaSe'sEnSiTiVe. (Searching for albus returns 0 results.
If you know what you want, it can be a powerful tool in finding the right thing (with a little creativity).
For example, searching for "" (two spaces), will return all entries with a double space.

Notes (please be sure to add them)

Notes are EXTREMELY useful. They disappear almost instantly and may seem pointless to you. They are always there to be read 😀
Compare what you see with what the editors see (left)
Translation Tool 101 - TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children - Notes (please add them) - FA86BFA
Translation Tool 101 - TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children - Notes (please add them) - A4FAFCD
(As can be seen, don't worry about spelling mistakes in your notes. They will not be noticed by anyone except the editors.
Editing is easy.
1. Manually reviewing every single character of the text to check for any changes.
2. To understand the reason behind the changes, guess the answer (to see if it offers any further insight into the scene).
3. For every current and previous suggestion, you will need to repeat the process. To determine which of them (in total or in part), is the best (while trying for ease of understanding, consistency of characterisation, and overall "flow” of the scene).
Adding a note explaining how and why the change was made greatly speeds up each stage.
Keep in mind, that at some point, someone will suggest a modification to your suggestion. When it comes down to checking the "previous suggestions", whoever is reading will have a starting point at 1.
Here are some screenshots of the editor's perspective.
Translation Tool 101 - TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children - Notes (please add them) - AC1C590
It's not in this case. It is also possible to It's not possible to make a note without it. It looks, in context, like an item title. Because it is so short, you can manually do a comparison letter-by-letter… To see that they've deleted a double-space. (A note would save me six times reading through it to make certain I didn't miss any).
But if it takes you a little longer…
Translation Tool 101 - TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children - Notes (please add them) - 570C63E
These kinds of comparisons are too time-consuming.
The more changes that are made to the text, and the longer it is, the more difficult the task of checking it becomes. The length of a text increases the difficulty of making notes-free edits.
In some cases, a not can be. Learn more More important than the suggestion itself. If we don’t understand your suggestion, it’s unlikely that we will make the change. (But if it's understandable, it can be combined into existing translation.
Context is extremely useful, and explaining your thought process can reveal ambiguities and oversights in previous suggestions.
You can also slow down to justify your suggestion, which can help you spot any errors in your reasoning. Or at least it helps me when it happens.


While the note box is smaller than its translation counterpart, it does not have any character limit. (I don't know the exact number.

Editing your notes/suggestions

If you haven’t already left the submission screen, then you can immediately edit your suggestion. Your previous note will be overwritten if you submit this new suggestion.
Attention: The overwritten suggestion is permanently lost after it has been overwritten…with one exception.
A log of all the approved suggestions is kept. These logs cannot be overwritten and may contain multiple suggestions from the same person.

The approval process

  1. A suggestion is made
  2. An editor reviews the suggestions for this line to determine which is the best.
  3. An editor approves each suggestion, including those that have been approved previously.
  4. Dandy was notified about the approved suggestions. Dandy has the final say to prevent abuse of the editing software.
  5. Dandy has someone go through the suggestions and add them to the next update, if necessary.
  6. In the next update, suggestions are processed and implemented.

Please be patient. Dandy's 6 members of staff do not have the resources or time to dedicate to translation work for extended periods. They usually process it within a week after editor approval.


Translation Tool 101 - TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children - xdd - D84DFCC
Where can a culinary novice find help? Me This attempt to approve the suggestion that "beer may chicken" be replaced with "beer & chicken". I think I will leave the food stuff up to the experts.


Why are there some really good ideas?
The most popular suggestions are usually checked first. This is because many people want to see new content, and the text may not be as refined. While older pa*sages are more likely to have 2+ revisions, they are generally still usable. comprehensible Even though they may seem to be Unpolished (so that their priority is a bit lower).
It is important to make the text understandable and accurate. Polishing comes later.
Maybe I'll kill two ducks by doing a new full playthrough of the american server.
Why did you create this guide.
Many complaints regarding this game (especially in early-access) were due mainly to the translation. Although it was partially justified, I did not find it to be proportional. You could easily get the gist from everything (except the spooinists), just by substituting a few sentences. But you'd need a thesaurus to do it in certain cases. But I know it can be difficult and sometimes impossible to engage with a story if the author doesn't really understand what's happening.
To be fair I thought spoonism was an unintelligible joke-religion about food that spoke only in impenetrable riddles. I think these "bad translations" are due to the story's pacing rather than the translation. Most of the "wacky", incomprehensible or confusing stuff is verbally laying out the foundations to later plot points and explanations (mostly, to reduce the need for ma*sive amounts of exposition-dumps).
Translation support is very poor for most games, even AAA titles. Assuming this to be true, some decided to abandon the game and take the "nuclear route". This is a shame considering the amount of effort that was put into improving the translation using community suggestions long before the tool existed.
This tool is still unknown to most people. It's disabled by default. Despite being mentioned in numerous community posts by the developers, steam makes it almost impossible to find these posts. (Try scrolling through this game's news tab to see what I mean).
The system's opaqueness comes from it not being discussed much, but because of some type of intentional secrecy.
I hope that this guide sheds some light onto the process and increases users' faith in the tool. It may even encourage more people, even to vote for suggestions, to use the tool.
Proper localisation Localization is an ongoing community effort. We are always grateful for any a*sistance. Feel free to ask any questions.


Here we come to an end for the Translation Tool 101 – TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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