Troubleshooting and tips for new players – Hidden Deep Playtest

Troubleshooting and tips for new players – Hidden Deep Playtest 1 -
Troubleshooting and tips for new players – Hidden Deep Playtest 1 -

WARNING: SPOILERS TO THE MISSIONS. If you are stuck somewhere, then i think you should read this.


Be careful as of that there will be spoilers to the missions! It would more interesting if you will achieve everything without other help! But if you’re tired of searching for something, then go ahead.


– Press M to open the map and to see the current objective. There is also important notes that show up at the bottom left, mostly the codes.

– You can use a gun while using a grappling hook, but you can’t reload.

Level 3. Day 90

I apologize in advance for grammar errors!

Troubles with finding a key to emergency pumps

The most common thing here is searching for a key to emergency pumps. It is located in flooded sector 6, in a dead-end, under.

While you just entered flooded sector 6 there are 2 ways: Straight and down. Go down. You will locate another room, but there’s going to be nothing. Keep going down and to the right, there will be a key laying on the ground. Then you should return to pumps.


Spoiler: this is going to be the most interesting part of your game.

Read this:

How to pass the vent part – Hidden Deep Playtest


Level 4. Day 91

Finding a key to the beams control room

First: go all the way up, and move to the right. You will see a half-opened door here. Crawl and you will see a crank (be careful, as there usually cocoons spawn in) You got the crank? Good. There are elevators which are very very close to the half-opened room (which you are currently in) go up here. Open the door with a crank and get a fuse. Go back to another elevator.

Short instructions

-You got a fuse


-Find another elevator near you got up to this floor

-To the left, there is a fuse box, insert a fuse here.

-Go up again, and move to the left. You’ll see a storage room and elevator near it. In the storage room, there are ammo and medkits, you can take them if you want. Go up on a elevator, to the left, there are going to be a small room, with a steel cabinet and a button. Press the button and get the key.

Congrats! You got the key. Run back to the beams control room.

Most common problem: using a remote control cage

You need to go to sector 8. But, there are a pit and metal cage.

-Select engineer and get close to the cage as possible

-Instructions will show up.


If you really don’t know, just search above.


So, you found a pa*sage, but, where is the entrance?

You need to use terra scanner and explosive, twice. These place are pretty obvious, and don’t forget to use terra scanner.


You are on a very limited time, you need to deliver cubes to a stabiliser pit which located in Sector 7, at the very beginning near elevator. You should’ve notice it, as it’s an hazardous s*ripes and very deep pit. And pretty close to a big pit with metal cage. You need to load 3 cubes and drop them into the pit.

Post Scriptum

Yep, that’s all the most common problems i could find in the missions, if you stuck somewhere else, comment and i will help you.

Feedback in a form of like and dislike would be appreciated!

Written by Cr1t1cal

I hope you enjoy the Troubleshooting and tips for new players – Hidden Deep Playtest guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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