True Ending & Achievement Guide (with VR workaround) – Hyperbolica

True Ending & Achievement Guide (with VR workaround) – Hyperbolica 1 -
True Ending & Achievement Guide (with VR workaround) – Hyperbolica 1 -

Lists all the things there are to do to get the true ending

Basic Gameplan

The true ending relies on collecting all trinkets. So lets get started filling out your collection.

Row 1

Trinket 1


  • Location: De Sitter Farms
  • Hint: Help out the farmer and bring some distance between you and the gopher
  • Solution: Head to the fields and pacify the gophers. Shoot the gophers when they are large and a fair bit above the “horizon”


Trinket 2


  • Location: Apeirogon
  • Hint: Reach the temple
  • Solution: Always follow the path until a fork, at each fork follow this:
    Right, Left, Right, Left, Straight, Left, Left, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right


Trinket 3


  • Location: Infinity cafe
  • Hint: Help out the staff
  • Solution: Head to the back of the blue section and complete the minigame in the alotted time


Trinket 4

Dodecahedron (Blueprints/Sculpting Tools/Forged Note/Bra*s Key

  • Location: Frosted Fields
  • Hint: Settle the war
  • Solution: Talk to the NPCs by the snowman and follow their questline


Trinket 5


  • Location: NEMO
  • Hint: So no climbing the exhibits, right?
  • Solution: Start at the teeth exhibit and follow the parcour:
    teeth -> head -> palm trees -> balloons -> pillar


Row 2

Trinket 1

Map of Hyperbolica

  • Location: Central gras area
  • Hint: Inquire about your future
  • Solution: Talk to the fortune teller in the caravan


Trinket 2


  • Location: Beach
  • Hint: Look for some “trash”
  • Solution: Find a watch inside a bottle behind the lighthouse


Trinket 3


  • Location: Central gras area
  • Hint: Ready for an MC battle?
  • Solution: Referee the rap battle to the right of the NEMO


Trinket 4


  • Location: Infinity cafe
  • Hint: Find love
  • Solution: Talk to the NPC in the purple vest near the middle of the red section and partake in speed dating


Trinket 5

Ideal Cube Puzzle

  • Location: NEMO
  • Hint: Where does the light lead?
  • Solution: From the gate head towards the pillar and then right to a laser pointer. Make sure the laser doesn’t run into a wall.


Row 3

Trinket 1


  • Location: Hypertropopolis
  • Hint: Find an NPC ready for some hard work
  • Solution: Find the NPC in a hardhat infront of an industrial lift and help him clean the windows


Trinket 2

Graphing Calculator

  • Location: Hypertropopolis
  • Hint: Find an NPC with technical headgear
  • Solution: Challenge the NPC piloting a drone to a race and win


Trinket 3

Safety Beanie

  • Location: Frosted Fields
  • Hint: Help test the extreme prototype
  • Solution: On the red side across from the entrance is an NPC with rocket skis. Help him by completing a test drive without crashing


Trinket 4

Sand Dollar

  • Location: Beach
  • Hint: Go on a treasure hunt
  • Solution: Help re-bury the cursed treasure chest by pushing it in circles (squares)


Trinket 5

Lucky Horseshoe

  • Location: Central gras area
  • Hint: Go for a bit of a bounce
  • Solution: Jump on the trampoline and head for the tree upon which the trinket rests


Row 4

Trinket 1

Giant Pin

  • Location: Apeirogon
  • Hint: Accept some help
  • Solution: Follow the path until there is a fork, there follow these steps:
    Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left


Trinket 2

Ellipticberry Jam (Cowboy Hat)

  • Location: NEMO
  • Hint: Who dropped this here?
  • Solution: Enter NEMO and head straight for the pillar, 2 squares after the pillar on the left is a flock of NPC watching a hat. Fetch the hat.
  • Solution (cont.): Return the hat to its rightful owner who is looking sad in De Sitter Farms


Trinket 3

Souvenir Mug

  • Location: Infinity cafe
  • Hint: A hungry, unhappy gentleman
  • Requirements: The Ellipticberry Jam
  • Solution: Share some jam with the man in the purple top hat who is sitting in the blue section


Trinket 4

Globular Clusters Cereal

  • Location: NEMO
  • Hint: Is that code for something..?
  • Solution: Jump on top of the umbrella exhibit


Trinket 5


  • Location: Apeirogon
  • Hint: Help a lost soul
  • Solution: Follow the path and at each fork follow these directions:
    Right, Left, Straight, Straight, Straight, Left
    Talk to the NPC with the hat and turn around tracing back and going:
    Right, Straight, Straight, Straight, Right, Left


Row 5

Trinket 1


  • Location: Infinity Cafe
  • Hint: Hidden deep in a corner somewhere
  • Solution: Venture into the green and blue corner close to the central bar


Trinket 2

Knitting Needles

  • Location: Frosted Fields
  • Hint: Chop some firewood
  • Solution: Behind the wooden hut through which you enter


Trinket 3

Chocolate Bar

  • Location: Apeirogon
  • Hint: Closer to the end than the beginning, maybe it belonged to Iris?
  • Solution: Follow the path if there are no forks, at each fork follow this guide:
    Right, Left, Right, Left, Straight, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Left


Trinket 4

Paper Award!

  • Hint: Help an up and coming influencer along in his journey


Trinket 4.1


  • Location: Infinity Cafe
  • Hint: Blue section


Trinket 4.2


  • Location: Frosted Fields
  • Hint: On the blue side, slightly left when coming from the gate


Trinket 4.3


  • Location: Apeirogon
  • Hint: Close to the beginning
  • Solution: At each fork walk:
    Right, Straight, Right


Trinket 4.4


  • Location: NEMO
  • Hint: Head from the pillar past the palmtrees toward the black and white pyramid


Trinket 4.5


  • Location: Central gras area
  • Hint: Close the lighthouse on the beach


Trinket 5

Executive Toy

  • Hint: Help with an NPC with a flower on her journey to CEO


Trinket 5.1


  • Location: Infinity cafe
  • Hint: Around the central bar


Trinket 5.2


  • Location: Frosted Fields
  • Hint: On the red side, close to the snow block. Coming through the gate on the right side


Trinket 5.3


  • Location: Apeirogon
  • Hint: Close to the temple
  • Solution: Always follow the path until you are at a fork, there follow these directions:
    Right, Left, Right, Left, Straight, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Straight, Left


Trinket 5.4


  • Location: NEMO
  • Hint: By the rotating platforms/ferris wheel


Trinket 5.5


  • Location: De Sitter Farms
  • Hint: By the red silo next to the entrance



The missing piece


  • Hint: Present your completed collection to another famous collector
  • Solution: Once you have all 25 trinkets head back to Benni atop the pillar in the NEMO


Where does it belong?


  • Location: Central gras area
  • Hint: A party in wonderland
  • Solution: Take part in the tea party which is located along the path



Achievements included in True Ending:

  • Beat The Game
  • Collector
  • The True Ending
  • Entrepreneur
  • Content Creator

Skill Achievements:

  • Speedy Service (Do the waiter minigame fast)
  • Drone Legend (Do the drone minigame fast)

Miscellaneous Achievements:

  • Top Of The World (Stand on a platform of the Ferris Wheel in the NEMO and ride it to the top)
  • Curator (Read all plaques in the NEMO
  • Study Beats (Head to the back of the green section and change the music twice, then keep the wall to your left and move along the walls till you see an NPC with headphones and books, talk to them)

Impossible Achievements:

  • HyperReality (Own a VR headset :’c)


VR Workaround

  • Download SteamVR
  • Launch SteamVR and close it to initialise a file
  • Navigate to the folder where Steam is installed
  • Find folder named config and open it
  • Find file name steamvr.vrsettings and open it with a text editor (e.g. Notepad)

The file should look similar to this (the numbers need not match):

 "DesktopUI" : {
 "pairing" : "262,272,200,202,0",
 "settings_desktop" : "262,272,200,202,0"
 "steamvr" : {
 "installID" : "21262922212824214252",
 "lastVersionNotice" : "1.21.11",
 "lastVersionNoticeDate" : "1646622264"

Delete the last


and paste the following (the leading comma is important):

 "driver_null" : {
 "enable" : true,
 "id" : "Null Driver",
 "windowHeight" : 1080,
 "windowWidth" : 1920,
 "windowX" : 100,
 "windowY" : 100

Start SteamVR then start Hyperbolica in SteamVR mode
Once it is loaded press Enter twice to first dismiss a nausea warning and then enter the game proper.
The achievement should unlock.

Written by Rumo

I hope you enjoy the True Ending & Achievement Guide (with VR workaround) – Hyperbolica guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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