Ultimate All Achievements Guide – Minecraft Dungeons

Ultimate All Achievements Guide – Minecraft Dungeons 1 - steamclue.com
Ultimate All Achievements Guide – Minecraft Dungeons 1 - steamclue.com

This guide will outline on how to obtain all the achievements, with hints, tips and tricks. So that you can get the achievements as easily as possible.

Wooden Sword

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Wooden Sword - DB2127AF1Wooden Sword: Defeat 50 mobs
This is one of the few achievements, that doesn’t take a lot of effort.
Just defeat 50 mobs and you should get his achievements.
This might get completed while you finish the “Squid Coast” mission, if you decided to defeat all the mobs you encounter there.

Diamond Sword

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Diamond Sword - A4581A624Diamond Sword: Defeat 2500 mobs
Very easy to achieve, just keep playing the game, and you will get this achievement.

Life of the Party

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Life of the Party - 2BC642E60Life of the Party: Revive a downed friend 20 times
There are two ways you can achieve this:

  • Multiplayer: If you play with your friends, this will be easy, just revive them, whenever they get downed
  • Singleplayer: Can be done with two controllers, and can be easily farmed in the Redstone Mines mission. For this, clear an area, where the mincarts are running along the tracks. Now let the player-two get hurt from the minecarts by standing on the tracks, and whenever it get downed, revive it. Rinse and repeat. Until you get the achievement.


Pa*sive Aggressive

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Passive Aggressive - 4DBF5A6FAPa*sive Aggressive: Defeat 50 pa*sive mobs
Pa*sive mobs, are those mobs, which do not attack the player, like Sheep, Cows, Pigs. Play “Creeper Woods” or “Pumpkin Pastures” for encountering lots of pa*sive mobs and defeat them.

Break the Spell

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Break the Spell - B389FB5EDBreak the Spell: Defeat 50 enchanted mobs
On lower difficulty, you can find enchanted mobs(they will have a greyish tint to them) that get enchanted by the “Enchanter”(An Illager that is holding a book) by them attaching a purple beam to an enemy mob.
Tip: If you are having hard time defeating enchanted mobs, try to kite them as much as possible and keep damaging them, with your bow or crossbow. Do not kite them too far, otherwise the Enchanter’s beam will lose connection and mob will not be enchanted anymore, and will not count towards the progress of this achievement.
On higher difficulty. you can find enchanted mobs, quite frequently.

Scrappy Scout

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Scrappy Scout - 8EBE9B124Scrappy Scout: Reach Level 10
Level 10 refers to your player rank, keep playing the game. And you should very easily get this achievement.

Apprentice Adventurer

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Apprentice Adventurer - 30DBEC1E9Apprentice Adventurer: Reach Level 25
Much like the Scrappy Scout, keep playing the game, and completing the missions and daily trails. And you’ll get to Level 25.

Expert Explorer

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Expert Explorer - B9C76C714Exert Explorer: Reach Level 50
Same as Scrappy Scout and Apprentice Adventurer. Complete the missions, daily trails, and if you have the tower, run the tower.

Fancy That!

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Fancy That! - 552319E58Fancy That!: Find and open your first ‘fancy’ treasure chest
You can get your first fancy chest, in the Tutorial/Squid Coast itself.
Go immediate right and you’ll see a small island, stand at the very edge of the land, and roll in the small island and you’ll find your first fancy chest.
If you forgot to get it, keep playing the game, and you’ll find tons of Fancy or Golden Chests(that what I like to call them).


Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Cha-ching! - 1D5CB97BCCha-ching!: Collect a total of 1,000 emeralds
You can get this by either equipping an armour with Prospector enchantment(make sure to upgrade it to the max level) and then playing any mission, this will increase the chance that mobs will drop emeralds when defeated.
You can also found emerald from jars, that are scattered around any mission you play, so make sure to explore the whole map, with the help of your minimap/map-overlay.
As you explore, you will also found lots of chest, which will also give you emeralds, upon opening them.
And also you can salvage your weapons in your inventory that you don’t want, to get some emeralds.

Oooh Shiny!

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Oooh Shiny! - 744A75017Oooh! Shiny!: Collect a total of 5,000 emeralds
Same as the Cha-ching! achievement, run any mission with Prospector enchantment armour, and explore the whole map for emerald jars and chests. And salvage weapons, armours, etc to get emeralds.

Om Nom Nom

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Om Nom Nom - 1CC45921BOm Nom Nom: Eat 200 food items
Very easy to get. Eat any food item, that get dropped from defeating a mob.
And if you have an armour that have the “Food Reserves” enchantment. You will get food items, every time you use the healing potion(So you can get 3 food items, every 45 seconds).

Happy Camper

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Happy Camper - E674EC361Happy Camper: Complete Squid Coast and set up camp
You will get this achievement, after you complete Squid Coast and continue with the main game.
If you skipped the tutorial. Make a new character form the main menu, and do the tutorial.

Out of the Woods

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Out of the Woods - 601050A78Out of the Woods: Complete Creeper Woods
Complete the “Creeper Woods” mission of the game, you should easily get it.

The Plot Thickens

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - The Plot Thickens - 4D020270BThe Plot Thickens: Complete Pumpkin Pastures and Soggy Swamp
Complete the “Pumpkin Pastures” and “Soggy Swamp” missions, and you should get the achievement.

Built on Sand, Set in Stone

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Built on Sand, Set in Stone - A6AFED3EFBuilt On Sand, Set in Stone: Complete Redstone Mines and Cacti Canyon
Complete the “Redstone Mines” and “Cacti Canyon” missions, and you should get the achievement.

High and Dry

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - High and Dry - B035B028AHigh and Dry: Complete Desert Temple, Fiery Forge and Highblock Halls
You have to complete 3 missions to get this one: “Desert Temple”, “Fiery Forge” and “Highblock Halls”

Saved the Overworld

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Saved the Overworld - 32499A65ASaved the Overworld: Defeat the Arch-Illager at the Obsidian Pinnacle
Defeating the Arch Illager is one of the harder boss battles, because it has two stages.
Defeating the Arch Illager is quite simple, keep defeating the illagers it spawns, and keep damaging the arch illager whenever possible. Using your bow and arrow, will be best for this job.
The second stage where it gets challenging, this is the “Heart of Ender” boss battle, here you have to basically dodge all of its attack, dont try to melee fight him, you are going to take a lot of damage when it shoots out the purple beams, there is a huge gap between the beams, so stay inside it, and move with the beam on the direction it is moving. And keep shooting with the bow.
You can use the ‘Iron Hide Amulet’ and take less damage and survive more.
And after defeating the Heart of Ender boss, you will find the Arch Illager ahead and then interact with him. This will play a cut-scene, and after the cut-scene.
You will get the achievement.

High Treason

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - High Treason - B22440EE7High Treason: Defeat the Arch-Illager on Apocalypse difficulty
On Apocalypse difficulty, it becomes more harder to beat the boss, as it have more health and does way more damage.
Its move set stays the same as usual. So just dodge as much as possible, and try to damage the boss with your bow whenever you get the chance.
Tip: One trick you can do, to maximum the chance of your survival. Is to roll of the edge of the platform, whenever your health starts to dip below 50%, when you get revived on the land, you will be placed on the lower platform, and then drink the healing potion, to get to full HP.
Only do this, when you have less 50% of your health, because if you fall from the edge, it takes 20% of your HP, so when you land on the lower platform, you will have 30% HP..
If you jump off the cliff, when your HP is lower than 20%, you will simply lose a life. So you should avoid doing this when your HP is lower than 20%


Post Post-Apocalypse

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Post Post-Apocalypse - 20FE5BF83Post Post-Apocalypse: Complete Obsidian Pinnacle on Apocalypse Plus 5 difficulty
Play the game normally, and keep getting high level weapons, armours, as much possible.
Check the shops or merchants.
After you get some reasonably high level armour, and weapons, you can easily load up in the Apocalypse +5 difficulty and defeat the Arch Illager and Heart of Ender boss, and get this achievement.

Blast Radius

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Blast Radius - 84713EAF5Blast Radius: Kill any 10 mobs at once with TNT
For this, you need to find a large group of mobs, which will be quite easy to spot, and if you can’t you can make some mobs chase you and then kite them, till there are 10 or more mobs.
Now before doing this, you need to gather TNT, which you can randomly get from defeating mobs, and opening chests.
Recommended that you should do this in slightly lower difficulty, as you can easily tank the damage of TNT as well, if the mobs keep following you and getting out of the blast radius of the TNT.
Tip: Multiple TNT will count as single explosion. So, if you find a large group of mobs, throw all the 3 TNTs in them. And this should give you the achievement.

Worked like a Charm

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Worked like a Charm - CEE77DF73Worked like a Charm: Enchant an item and upgrade the enchantment to Tier 3
Upgrade any enchantment of your gear, to the max.
So, you’ll need 6 enchantment points for a common enchant and 9 for powerful enchantment.

Maxed Out and Geared Up

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Maxed Out and Geared Up - 3D574C322Maxed Out and Geared Up: Equip a gear set consisting of fully enchanted items (3 enchantment slots upgraded to level 3)
To get this, you need your melee weapon, your armour, and your bow, to be full enchanted, that means, the all 3 slots of the gear needs to have an enchantment. And you need to upgrade all 3 slots of each of your gear to the max.
That means you’ll need a minimum of 54 enchantment points, if the enchantments are common not powerful. If the enchantments are powerful, you’ll need more enchantment points.
As the common enchantments go for 1,2 and 3 (So a total of 6 point). And the powerful enchantment go for 2,3 and 4 (So a total of 9 points).
And you’ll start to obtain gear of all 3 enchantments filled, when you are playing on Adventure difficulty.

A Friend in Need

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - A Friend in Need - 5A7DCC457A Friend in Need: Use artefacts to summon the Wolf, Llama and Iron Golem allies at least once each
You need 3 specific artefacts which are:

  • Wonderful Wheat – Llama
  • Golem Kit – Iron Golem
  • Tasty Bone – Wolf

These artefacts can be found in (after you finish the mission):

  • Wonderful Wheat – Cacti Canyon and Obsidian Pinnacle
  • Golem Kit – Pumpkin Pastures
  • Tasty Bone – Creeper Woods

You equip them, and them use the artefact to summon the pet.
Golem Kit can be a little hard to find, as its chance to drop is low. But keep grinding you will eventually get it.
You can also just buy these artefacts, from the shops/merchants, if they have it. So make sure to check the merchants, after you finish a mission. As after finishing a mission, their stock refreshes.


Ancient Hunter

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Ancient Hunter - 3A63936A2Ancient Hunter: Defeat 15 different ancient mobs
This is a very helpful spreadsheet, that is being constantly updated.
You’ll find all the information regarding Ancient Hunt and Ancient Bosses.
(Note: I’m not the owner of the spreadsheet, this spreadsheet is handled by the other players. I’m just promoting it because, it is very helpful guide. And not even the MCD Wiki have this detailed information on Ancient Hunt and Bosses)
This is 04AM’s video, where in the description the Spreadsheet link can be found.
Now gather all the information you need from the spreadsheet, and defeat any 15 different Ancient Bosses to complete this achievement.

A Piglin’s Best Friend

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - A Piglin's Best Friend - 0B841BC14A Piglin’s Best Friend: Collect 500 gold over time
While you doing an Ancient Hunt mission, almost all of the chests in the mission have the possibility to contain gold bricks. Collect 500 gold bricks over time.
You don’t need to get 500 gold in a single mission. You can do it in multiple missions.
To know more about how to get an Ancient Hunt mission, and all its requirements. There is a spreadsheet link that contains all the information needed to start an Ancient Hunt on the Ancient Hunter achievement.

Locally Sourced

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Locally Sourced - B1E1D46F7Locally Sourced: Have 6 merchants in your camp at once
For this, you’ll need to release 5 different villagers that can be found on different mission. Once released they’ll appear in your camp.
List of all the merchants, and the mission, where you can find them:

  • Merchant: Village Merchant Mission: Creeper Woods
  • Merchant: Gift Wrapper Mission: Soggy Swamp
  • Merchant: Blacksmith Mission: Redstone Mines
  • Merchant: Luxury Merchant Mission: Cacti Canyon
  • Merchant: Mystery Merchant Mission: Pumpkin Pastures

These are the five merchants, that you can get from the Mainland.
To get the fifth and final merchant, the Piglin Merchant:
You need to complete an Ancient Hunt, after that it’ll appear below the camp. And it’ll be beside the portal.
On how to get an Ancient Mission, check out the Ancient Hunter achievement.

Back to Back

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Back to Back - C2F010DF5Back to Back: Complete two Ancient Hunts and two Daily Trials, in two-player co-op, on the second day of the month
This achievement takes a bit of time to complete, as you’ll be doing 4 mission in a single day or more if you lose any of them.
If you play multiplayer, this can be done easily. As described complete two Ancient Hunts, and two Daily Trails on the second day of any month.
On singleplayer, it becomes a bit tricky but can be achievable. For this, you’ll need two controllers. Plug them both, and then load up the game, now on the camp, bring up the player list and join from the second controller.
Now this load up a mission (daily trail or ancient hunt) and play the mission and when you reach the end of the level, STOP there, and from the second controller, do ‘Teleport to friend’. Now simply complete the mission.
Do this 3 more times and the achievement will be yours.


Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Homecoming - 14BE92EE9Homecoming: During Ancient Hunts, bring a wolf, a bat and a soul entity to visit familiar locations
This mission relies on RNG luck. You may need to do multiple Ancient Hunts, to get the desired area.
For this mission, you’ll need 3 different items.
Now firstly where these 3 items can be found on the Mainland:

  • Soul Lantern Artefact (Soul Entity) – Found after completing Cacti Canyon, Creepy Crypt and Underhalls.
  • Tasty Bone Artefact (Wolf) – Found in Creeper Woods or Creepy Crypt
  • Spelunker Armour (Bat) – Found in Cacti Canyon or Redstone Mines

These gear and artefacts can also be found from the merchants. So keep checking on them.
Secondly which locations you should be spawning or equipping the gear in the Ancient Hunt.

  • For the Soul Lantern Artefact – In the Soul Sand Valley in Ancient Hunt (Near a room with SoulSand blocks on the wall)
  • For the Tasty Bone – In the Creeper Woods in Ancient Hunt (Close to the Portal area there will be cave or a den with 2 dogs in it)
  • For the Spelunker Armour – In the Cave or the Spider Area (Look for a Rock Cave, when you are close, lots of bats will fly out)


Seriously Overpowered

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Seriously Overpowered - BA0AB237ESeriously Overpowered: Equip a gilded, unique, fully enchanted weapon
This is one of the harder mission, as this relies on luck and RNG.
To get this one, you need to do an Ancient Hunt, and in there, if you are lucky, an Ancient Boss, will show up, after defeating the boss. It will drop a gilded gear. If the gear is not Unique, you are not getting this achievement, also if the Ancient Boss, drops an armour piece, again you’ll not get this achievement.
The gear has to be a weapon (melee or ranged doesn’t matter) and it has to be a unique.
Now, even if you get an unique gilded weapon, it has to have all 3 enchantment slots filled.
Then just simply upgrade an enchantment from each of the slot to its max, and then equip it.
Tip: Keep checking the Piglin Merchant after completing an ancient hunt, you can potentially save a lot of time, if it has a unique and all 3 enchantment slots filled gilded weapon.

Abomination Domination

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Abomination Domination - 8A8329086Abomination Domination: Complete Overgrown Temple on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty
Adventure 4 will be lowest difficulty, you can get this achievement on.
Simply defeat the Jungle Abomination in the Overgrown Temple in the Jungle Awakens DLC


Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Pandamonium - C641B86DBPandamonium: Complete the Panda Plateau secret mission
Panda Plateau is a secret level which can be unlocked from getting a scroll from Dingy Jungle
If you have unlocked the secret level, just play and complete the Panda Plateau, to get this achievement.
Tip: To make sure you get the secret location in Dingy Jungle mission, open up the map, when you start Dingy Jungle, if the secret count is more than 10, you will be guaranteed to get the secret scroll from the Dingy Jungle. If not, simply restart the mission.
Now, if you get a 10+ secret count in Dingy Jungle when you start the mission. Now keep playing the mission as normal until the objective is ‘Cross the Canyon’, look for an alternative route and ignore the marker for now.
Follow the alternative route, at the end of it there will be a door, go inside the dungeons and at the end of the dungeons, there will be an ambush event, after clearing the event, find 3 panda shrines with buttons on them, click all of them, this will lower the barrier leading to Panda Plateau scroll.


Leader of the Pack

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Leader of the Pack - D632F6A2ELeader of the Pack: Wear the Ocelot Armour and complete any mission featuring Ocelots without killing any of them
Firstly obtain the Ocelot Armour, then equip the armour before starting the mission, go to a lower difficulty and simply do the mission.
And if you see an ocelot, while fighting a horde of mobs, try to kite the mobs, away from it.
Note: If you mistakenly harm an ocelot, don’t worry. Just don’t kill them. Otherwise you’ll not get this achievement.

Survival Skills

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Survival Skills - 63976D767Survival Skills: Complete Dingy Jungle without using a healing potion or losing a life
If you have trouble completing this on normal difficulty, try doing this on lower difficulty.
Now, play the game normally and try not to die. And you can heal yourself from the food items that the mobs drop after defeating them, just not from the healing potion.

Jungle Fungus

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Jungle Fungus - 3A7E7B57DJungle Fungus: Defeat the Mooshroom Monstrosity using only gear unique to the jungle.
Firstly you’ll need to unlock the secret level in the Mainland by obtaining different runes from different areas.
There are 10 runes in total, that you need to collect, to unlock the secret MOO(???) mission.
Here’s how to unlock each rune:

  • This rune will given to after completing the story(defeating the Arch Illager) in Default difficulty.
  • And then in your camp, head southeast. At the edge, you see some jump pads, jump into the pads to reach the south side of you camp.
  • Now after walking a little far ahead, head west(which will be the bottom left). After travelling west you’ll see a path leading to a wooden bridge. Lower the bridge, to get shortcut access to the church.
  • Inside the temple at the very end, you’ll find 3 gold block, clicking the middle one will prompts you to ‘Place Runes’. Upon interacting with it. You’ll notice the Rune B will be glowing.

Note: The rune’s names are not randomly chosen, this is font known as the ILLAGER RUNE FONT
Now after collecting all the runes. You need to go inside the church, and interact with the ‘Place Runes’ gold block. This will now open up a room inside the church. There you will find a scroll for a secret area in the Mainland.

Now to get this achievement, simply equip gear that is unique to the Jungle, like the Whip and the Ocelot Armour, and UNEQUIP everything else, and run the secret MOO(???) mission on a lower difficulty. And then defeat the Mooshroom Monstrosity boss, with the Whip.
After completing the mission. The achievement will trigger.

Lone Champion

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Lone Champion - 0E5F4D143Lone Champion: Complete Lone Fortress on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty
Simply progress through the ‘Lone Fortress mission, and defeat the Wretched Wraith boss.
And head to the exit.
After completing it, the achievement will trigger.

Lost in the Snow

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Lost in the Snow - 16F535F2CLost in the Snow: Complete the Lost Settlement secret mission
For this achievement, you need to unlock the ‘Lost Settlement’ secret mission first.
You will find the scroll of ‘Lost Settlement’ in the “Frosted Fjord’ mission.
Progress through the “Frosted Fjord” mission as normal, until you come across.
An area with three switch, one of the three switches, will open a dungeon.
Inside the dungeon, check every dead end. If you are lucky, you will find a dungeon to another location. At almost the end of that dungeon, will contain the scroll for the ‘Lost Settlement’ secret mission.
After unlocking the secret level, play and complete the ‘Lost Settlement’ secret mission. To get the achievement.
Note: Due to MCD being random, you may need to do ‘Frosted Fjord’ mission multiple times to come across the mentioned dungeon.

Frozen Fists

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Frozen Fists - 554841136Frozen Fists: Complete Frosted Fjord without having a melee or ranged weapon equipped at any time
For this, you must unequip your melee weapon and your ranged weapon. You can wear a good armour(with Thorns preferably).
Your fist will do a measly damage of 1. So its not worth taking down mobs, with your fists.
Instead equip 3 artefacts, that summons a pet to help in you in battle.
(The llama, the dog, and the Iron Golem are excellent choices).
And then let your pets take care of the mobs.
And to make this a bit easy on you, you can run this on lower difficulty(Default Difficulty is preferred)

Chill Out

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Chill Out - F66DA9A07Chill Out: Defeat 5 mobs with a single Ice Wand attack
Ice Wand is an artefact, that does reasonable amount of damage and stuns the mobs.
To get this achievement, obtain a high level Ice Wand, as much as you can possibly get.
And use it in group of mobs, in lower difficulty.
The secret mushroom level, should be the best place to do it.

Smooth Operator

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Smooth Operator - 898A3EB06Smooth Operator: Slide a total distance of 500 blocks on ice
You don’t necessarily go after this achievement, as this is very easy to get.
Play any winter themed map, where ice is prevalent.
And simply walking on ice for 500 blocks. Will net you this achievement.

Taming the Storm

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Taming the Storm - 40BEC0084Taming the Storm: Complete Gale Sanctum on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty
As described, simply complete the ‘Gale Sanctum’ mission, on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty.
And you should get this achievement.

Rampart Rampage

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Rampart Rampage - 6C5FB46FBRampart Rampage: Complete the Colossal Rampart secret mission
To get the scroll for Colossal Rampart, you need to play Windswept Peaks.
One way to guarantee to get the secret area for the scroll in Windswept Peaks is to check the secret number in the map, when you first load up into Windswept Peaks. If the secret number is 10+, you can be rest a*sured to get the secret location in the Windswept Peaks.
Now, say you get a 10+ secret Windswept Peaks mission. Then, play the mission as normal, go past the elevator area and after a while, you will come across a fork in the area, one road going upward and one going downward. Head to the downward road, and at the end of it, you will find a dungeon.
Go inside that dungeon, clear the ambushes, and then get the scroll.

Now after unlocking the secret Colossal Rampart mission. Simply complete the mission on any difficulty and get the achievement.

Whirlwind Warrior

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Whirlwind Warrior - 0DDD2B9E4Whirlwind Warrior; Using the Tempest Knife, defeat 10 Mountaineer mobs within 10 seconds
Tempest Knife is a weapon that can only be obtained from the maps of Howling Peaks DLC.
Firstly play any of the 3 maps (Windswept Peaks, Colossal Rampart, or Gale Sanctum), and get your hand on the Tempest Knife. Get is as high level as possible.
Then head to a lower difficulty in those maps, and as described for this achievement defeat 10 Mountaineers that can only be found on those maps, and defeat them within or under 10 seconds.

A Taste of Their Own Medicine

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - A Taste of Their Own Medicine - DE9040306A Taste of Their Own Medicine:] Using the Updraft Tome, cast Updraft on three Wind Callers at once
Updraft Tome, is a artefact that can only be found as an mission end reward or rarely can be obtained from the chest from the maps of Howling Peaks DLC.
Now after you get your hand on an Updraft Tome, play any of the Howling Peaks DLC. And just hope you get lucky and 3 Wind Callers spawn. Wind callers will be greyish in looking, they wear a tall hat, and carry a staff similar to a Shaman. You can easily spot them, as they launch you into the air, if they see you.
Now after you spot 3 Wind callers in close proximity of each other, simply use the Updraft Tome, on the three of them, and you’ll get the achievement.

Woolly Wisdom

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Woolly Wisdom - BBA5ED720Woolly Wisdom: Find the chamber dedicated to the humble Llama and make an offering
The secret chamber to the Llama can be found on the second level of the ‘Gale Sanctum’.
When you go down into the level with 3 launch pads. At the very end of that area, you can find the secret dungeon.
Inside the Humble’s Llama dungeon, interact with the button, and make sure the wind pa*ses through all the tubes. That will cause a wheat stack to fall into the grinder of the Humble Llama.
Doing this net you the achievement.

Giant Slayer

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Giant Slayer - C70D8D698Giant Slayer: Defeat a Ravager and a Squall Golem within 5 seconds of each other
This achievement can only be done in Gale Sanctum, as the Squall Golem, can only be found there.
Squall Golem are the mobs, that gets activated when you power them with the buttons, laid out throughout the mission.
Now, there is a specific place, where you can find a Ravager and a Squall Golem can be found simultaneously.
Progress through the mission as normal, and when you get to the area, where you need to activate the 3 beacons. When you enter the area, you’ll need to run down a long flight of stairs, at the end of it there will be locked gate, and BLUE activate button. But DO NOT activate the button. Clear out the area of all the other enemy mobs, and head down to the main area. And if you found Ravagers, push past and run away from them, as they don’t follow you for too long.
On the main area, activate the Squall Golems, make them follow you to the Ravagers. And take them out with a strong high powered melee weapon.
Run this on a lower difficulty, so that the Ravagers and Squall Golems have lower HP.

Herd Mentality

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Herd Mentality - 5451018CCHerd Mentality: Defeat the Tempest Golem while four pets are active
For this you need 4 pets active, when you go into the battle with the Tespest Golem in Gale Sanctum.
You can equip all 3 artefacts be pet summoning artefacts, like the (Dog, Llama, Iron Golem or Sheep), and for the fourth pet, you can either the Spelunker Armour, that automatically gives you a pet ‘Bat’, or you can use a weapon with a ‘Busy Bee’ enchantment or the ‘Tumblebee’ enchantment for the armour.

Dress for Success

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Dress for Success - B296BCA09Dress for Success: Complete a Daily Trial with a level III challenge while wearing Emerald Gear
To get this achievement, you need to get your hand on the “Emerald Gear”.
Emerald Gear only drops from 2 maps: Gale Sanctum and Colossal Rampart.
It can also be obtained from the shops and merchants in your camp, only if you have Howling Peaks DLC.
And the rarity of the Emerald Gear, doesn’t matter.
Now, equip the Emerald Gear and do Tier III Daily Trail. And you should get this achievement.

Repeat Customer

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Repeat Customer - 3199F24E5Repeat Customer: Save yourself by using the Death Barter enchantment twice in a single mission
Find any armour, with the ‘Death Barter’ enchantment on it.
Upgrade it to the max level. So it only takes 50 emeralds, to save yourself from a death.
Now load up any mission, and collect 50 emerald first. Then let the mobs, hit you, until you die, and trigger the ‘Death Barter’.
Then keep playing the map as normal after being revived, because you need another 50 emeralds. To trigger the ‘Death Barter’ the second time.
After collecting another 50 emerald, let the mobs hit you again, till you trigger your ‘Death Barter’ the second time.
This will cause the achievement to pop up.

Turn the Tide

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Turn the Tide - 3034C17FBTurn the Tide: Complete Abyssal Monument on Apocalypse difficulty
Complete the ‘Abyssal Monument’ on any Apocalypse difficulty level.

Glow and Behold

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Glow and Behold - E684CCAFCGlow and Behold: Complete the Radiant Ravine secret mission on any Apocalypse Plus difficulty
You need to get the scroll for ‘Radiant Ravine’ from the the ‘Coral Rise’ mission.
In the ‘Coral Rise’ mission, keep progressing through the mission. And keep on the lookout for a dungeon, on the wall of a rock.
If its a small dungeon, simply run the mission again. If its a big one, the scroll will surely be there.
Explore that dungeon and all the routes in it, until you come across an area, where an ambush event will trigger and a Drowned Necromancer will spawn. Defeat and clear the mobs in the ambush event.
By now, you should have spotted the scroll, then simply bounce around that area from the clamps. until you reach the scroll. And obtain it.
Now after unlocking the secret area, simply complete the secret ‘Radiant Ravine’ mission.

Iceologer’s Revenge (Secret)

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Iceologer's Revenge (Secret) - 3DA49D579Iceologer’s Revenge: Kill a Glow Squid using an Ice Wand. (Secret)
Pretty simple.
Glow squids spawn at the end of the ‘Radiant Ravine’ mission.
Obtain a get high level ‘Ice Wand’ artifact, and on a low difficulty ‘Radiant Ravine’.
Use the ‘Ice Wand’ to defeat a Glow Squid.


Gone Fishin’

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Gone Fishin' - 43A1DB97CGone Fishin’: Hit each type of underwater mob with the fishing rod
These are all the mobs, that you need to hit with the Fishing Rod:

  • Drowned / Baby Drowned / Armoured Drowned
  • Trident Drowned / Armoured Trident Drowned
  • Sunken Skeleton / Armoured Sunken Skeleton
  • Wavewhisperer
  • Large Tropical Slime / Medium Tropical Slime / Small Tropical Slime
  • Guardian
  • Pufferfish
  • Turtle / Baby Turtle
  • Dolphin
  • Squid
  • Glow Squid (only spawn in Squid Coast and Radiant Ravine)

These are the mobs that you cannot hit with the Fishin’ Rod:

  • Drowned Necromancer
  • Elder Guardian
  • Eponymous Squid


Lost Power (Secret)

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Lost Power (Secret) - 10920FF6ELost Power: Return the lost conduit to its rightful place. (Secret)
At the start of the secret ‘Radiant Ravine’ mission. On the minimap you can see there is a secret area behind you.
To get access to that area, go near the edge of the start area, and roll into the secret area.
From there, its pretty much a straightforward mission, progress through the area, and get to the ‘conduit’. Fight the ambushes, then take the conduit to the end of the secret level. There will be a spot to place the conduit.
After placing the conduit, you should get the achievement.


Feeling Bubbly (Secret)

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Feeling Bubbly (Secret) - 0A9162B93Feeling Bubbly: Relax for 5 minutes in a bubble column. (Secret)
One of the easiest achievement to get, just stand in a bubble column in any of the underwater maps for 5 minutes. And you should get this achievement.

Save Your Breath

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Save Your Breath - 6E6CD3BECSave Your Breath: Survive without oxygen for 60 seconds
Easiest way to get this achievement, is to equip 3 totems of regeneration and using them along side with your healing potion. You can easily survive 60 seconds without oxygen, in any of the underwater maps.

Seafood Skewer

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Seafood Skewer - D83FD3CDBSeafood Skewer: Defeat 10 mobs with a single Trident explosion
On Radiant Ravine, you will encounter a room, that continuously spawns Tropical Slimes.
Hopefully, one the slimes when defeated can drop you a Trident and you can use that.
Defeat all of the larger slimes, and keep kiting the smaller slimes, once you think you have 10 or more small slimes in an area, throw the Trident on them, hopefully they will get taken out, with the Trident explosion.
If not, keep grinding.
Note: The slime room may not contain any water column, so make sure you are carrying the conduit with you. Otherwise it might become difficult for you.

Bubble Trouble

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Bubble Trouble - 4ED7E1EBABubble Trouble: Using the Bubble Bow, have 10 mobs bubbled at the same time
The Bubble Bow can be found in two missions (Coral Rise and Abyssal Mountain).
One the best way, to achieve this, that you’ll need a Bubble Bow with Piercing enchantment on one its slots. (you need to grind those missions and keep checking the merchants at you spawn, to get this one exact bow, but it makes doing the achievement, a lot easier)
After you obtain one, go to the secret Cow(???) level, there it would be the best place to do it. Simply kite a large number of cows, and shoot until you get 10 cows bubbled at the same time.

Bad Omen, Good Loot

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Bad Omen, Good Loot - F178BABAABad Omen, Good Loot: Complete 10 missions where the difficulty has been modified by a Raid Captain’s Banner
Keep playing any mission as normal, and whenever you encounter a raid captain (An Illager with a banner on their back). Defeat it, and take the banner.
Either one of two things will happen when picking up a banner. Either ‘Threat’ will increase, or a random modifier will get added to the mission.
Now complete the mission. Do this for 9 more times. And you are good to go.
Note: Threat – Increases the difficulty of the current mission
Tip: I would prefer taking a Threat banner over a random modifier banner. Because sometimes the random modifier banner, will add something very ridiculous like ‘200% mob health’ or ‘80% mob damage increase’. This make the mission, more harder than 2-3 Threat banners combined.
So make sure to get the Threat banner, whenever possible.
And also Pillager Raid Captain are easy to defeat than Vindicator Raid Captain.


Nether Been Better

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Nether Been Better - 7F7FC121BNether Been Better: Complete Nether Wastes on Apocalypse difficulty[/]
You will need ‘Flames of the Nether DLC’ to get the ‘Nether Wastes’ map.
After that, just complete the ‘Nether Wastes’ mission on any apocalypse difficulty.


Trial by Fire

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Trial by Fire - 5BC0F2835Trial by Fire: Complete all secret Nether levels on any Apocalypse Plus difficulty
All the scrolls of the secret and side missions in Nether can be found directly on your path.
When you complete the Nether Wastes, you will unlock the Basalt Deltas and Warped Forest
When running the Basalt Deltas, you will find the scroll for Nether Fortress
When running the Warped Forest, you will find the scroll for Crimson Forest
And when running the Crimson Forest, you will find the scroll for Soul Sand Valley
All of the scrolls will be directly on your path.
Then complete all of them in any Apocalypse Plus difficulty.

Ear Protection Recommended

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Ear Protection Recommended - 3BA2AA5E7Ear Protection Recommended: Activate the Gong of Weakening 6 times in 5 seconds
Firstly, you will need 3 Gongs of Weakening for this achievement.
Now, there are 2 ways you can achieve this:

  • Wear any armour with the ‘Final Shout’ enchantment, and let yourself get hit. When you think your HP is around 30~40%, trigger the all 3 Gongs manually. And let your health drop below 25%, the ‘Final Shout’ will trigger the all 3 Gongs again. Be mindful that all of this needs to done in under 5 seconds.
  • There is a new Piglin armour, that can be found in the Flames of the Nether DLC maps, that has a built in stat, that resets the artefact cooldown when potion use.
    So simply trigger the 3 Gongs manually and then drink your healing potion. This will reset the cooldown on your Gongs. Which now allows you to trigger them again.


Acclaimed Acrobat

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Acclaimed Acrobat - 956BFEE11Acclaimed Acrobat: Achieve 70 hits with a single activation of the Spinblade
The Spinblade is an artefact that you can obtain as a mission end reward from Nether Wastes and Basalt Deltas.
When thrown it hits everything on its way, and then comes back(like a boomerang) again hitting everything on its way.
After obtaining it, go to any mission, with lots of mobs. The MOO(???) level would be best for this.
Simply round up 35 or more cows, and activate your spinblade. The spinblade will hit the cows going forward, and coming backwards.
Doing this will net you the achievement.

To the End!

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - To the End! - E373A095BTo the End!: Travel through the End Portal to the End Wilds
Firstly, when you go to the Stronghold for the first time, this will give you a expository cutscene.
Now, on 6 of the 9 maps in the Mainland, will have a Eye of Ender above them.
Each of these missions now will contain a ‘secret’ mini boss, that you must defeat.
Check all of the alternate routes, in the mission. All the mini boss fights will be in an interior dungeon.
You will know you have reached the mini boss, when the glowing purple blocks are sticking out of the surfaces, and walls, and when you walk on them, you get the ‘Voided’ status effect applied to you.
These mini bosses will be of a unique Enderman variant, as seen in the Stronghold cutscene.
After defeating the mini bosses, you will find a Eye of Ender, upon collecting all 6 of them, and bringing them to the Stronghold. Which will now activate the End Portal
Then you can travel through the End Portal to the End WIlds.

Treasure Trove

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Treasure Trove - D49104EA1Treasure Trove: Enter the Stronghold Vault
The Stronghold Vault is a secret dungeon in the Stronghold, that you can only access after pressing 6 keys, that are laid throughout the map.
These keys will not change their positions. So I’ll post some screenshots of the key locations, that you can find, when you run the Stronghold for yourself.
//TODO: Add the Screenshots
Upon activating all the switches (which will make almost like firework noise when activated), a dungeon will open a little far ahead of the End Portal.
Upon entering the Stronghold Vault, you will get this achievemennt.
Note: If you don’t get the achievement immediately, upon entering the Stronghold Vault. Don’t Panic. Keep playing inside the dungeon, and get the Obsidian Chest and other chests. And you will get in some time.

Heartbreaker (Secret)

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Heartbreaker (Secret) - 7CDFD4C32Heartbreaker: Defeat the Vengeful Heart of Ender. (Secret)
Defeat the Final Boss of the mission ‘Broken Citadel’

I Need Them All

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - I Need Them All - B367C4CE0I Need Them All: Unlock all mission item drops in the base game and DLCs
This requires you to have all the DLCs. Which will be a bit costly.
But achieving this is pretty simple.
When you click on a mission, It shows you the loot you can get, during the mission and after completing the mission.
Now, if any of the weapon, armour or artefact is blacked out. That means, you have not obtained it.
Simply, do the mission, however many times you need to, until you unlock that specific gear or artefact.
Do this for all the missions and maps. And you’ll get this achievement.

Take the High Road

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Take the High Road - DF691F4FFTake the High Road: Reach the top of the Broken Citadel without ever getting hit by a Shulker
Shulker bullets behave very predictably here than in Minecraft.
So you can dodge and kite the Shulker bullets.
One of the best artefact, that will help you immensely is the ‘Totem of Shielding’.
Simply wait for it to recharge, before going into a new area.
At the start of the map, some Shulkers are needed to open some door, so they will respawn will killed.
But later, Shulker will be hiding in not-so-obvious places, and you need to be careful.
Be wary of the Snarelings, as they behave similar to spiders, and will trap you for a second or so, in place. And then Shulker bullets can hit you and ruin the run.

Tip: How to know, when you are hit with a shulker buller: You will briefly freeze in place, and levitate for a bit.

End Run

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - End Run - 3623CFEE8End Run: Defeat a total of 1,000 Enderlings (Watchling, Blastling, Snareling) with an Obsidian Claymore
The Obsidian Claymore is a new variant of the Claymore weapon.
And can only be found on two maps: End Wilds and Broken Citadel
Here’s how you can identify the different Enderlings:

  • Watchlings – It is equivalent to Zombies, a melee mob. These look like the shorter form of Enderman with eyes all over their bodies.
  • Blastlings – It is equivalent to the Skeleton, a ranged mob. These look like a bulkier form of Enderman with purple cannon on their arms. They fire much faster than a Skeleton.
  • Snarelings – It is equivalent to the Spider, a mixed range mob. These look like Enderman, that have a neon belly and they drag their arms. They spit a goo, which if lands on you, will trap you in your position for a few moments, and the Snarelings will teleport to you, and hit you with with their flailing arms.

Now obtain a Obsidian Claymore and play either ‘End Wilds’ or ‘Broken Citadel’, and defeat these mobs, whenever you see them.
Note: Endermites, do not count towards this achievement.


Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Avoidable - B076084C9Avoidable: Survive being afflicted by Voided x999
While playing on the ‘End Wilds’ or ‘Broken Citadel’, you will come across, a glowing purple blocks, that when walked on, will give you the ‘Voided’ status effect.
The ‘Voided’ effect will damage you overtime. So, to achieve this, you’ll need 3 Totems of Regeneration, and a optional armour with ‘Final Shout’ enchantment.
After this, you can stand on those glowing purple blocks, and let yourself be ‘Voided’ x999.
After that simply walk away, and wait for 90s for the status effect to be completely nullified.

Diver’s Dozen

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Diver's Dozen - 181457581Diver’s Dozen: Using the Elytra, dive attack 12 enemies at once
Pretty simple to achieve, but needs a little bit of work.
Firstly, Obtain a high level weapon, and then load up in the Default difficulty. That way you can take a lot of hits, without dying.
Now scout around and group up as much Enderlings as possible (hopefully there are 12 or more in the group). Then take them near a firework station. And then launch yourself using the fireworks.
When you are in the air, hold down the ‘Attack’ button, and your character will do a dive attack, and hopefully defeat 12 or more mobs.

Burning Up

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Burning Up - 19AF387C6Burning Up: After consuming a Burning Brew, defeat a Mob using a weapon with the Fire Aspect enchantment
First acquire a weapon with ‘Fire Aspect’ enchantment on it, and upgrade it to max.
The stronghold is one of the missions, that drops the ‘Burning Brew’ potion.
Simply drink the potion, when it gets dropped, and then defeat an enemy mob, with your ‘Fire Aspect’ weapon.
Note: If the mob dies, from the damage of the Burning Brew, it will not count, your weapon should deal the final hit.

The Eponymous Squid (Secret)

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - The Eponymous Squid (Secret) - 639ED7EA9The Eponymous Squid: That was strange… (Secret)
The Eponymous Squid can be found on the tutorial level: Squid Coast
Change your difficulty to ‘Default’. So, that the ‘Squid Coast’ shows up on the Mainland map.
You will need to find 4 Sunflowers around the level and when you stand on one it will spawn a button, all 4 of these buttons needs to be pressed in order. If you press them in wrong order you will hear a cow noise.
First Sunflower/Button is after the second stone bridge from the start of the level. Turn right after immediately after crossing the second bridge and a lighthouse will be on the right of the flowers.
Second is near the end of the level in a large pond of water on the right. It has a single flower.
Third you need to turn back and head towards the start area. Once you pa*s a stone bridge with the big waterfall behind it, immediately turn left, you will have to go up behind some trees.
Fourth you need to turn back again and head towards the arena/statue area. It is on the stairs on the left behind the statue.
Now that you have pressed all four go back to the beginning of level and on your right side there is a small island you can roll over to, the Squid will spawn there on the dock.


Fashionable Climber

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Fashionable Climber - 34323D49CFashionable Climber: Acquire a melee weapon, ranged weapon, armour and artefact while climbing the tower
When you are climbing the tower, after you clear a stage, you will be given a choice of 6 different gear and artefacts.
If you are lucky, you can get this achievement on your 4th stage of the tower.
Tip: This achievement doesn’t need to done in a single run, if you do it, good.
But if you weren’t able to you can do it, on another run on the tower.


Meet and Greet

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Meet and Greet - 75439C3DCMeet and Greet: Make a purchase from each of the tower’s vendors
There are 3 tower vendor’s, that you’ll meet before going in for a boss fight.

  • Powersmith
  • Uniquesmith
  • Gildsmith

Here’s how the tower is laid out:

  • 1-8 are Combat Floors
  • 9 is a Merchant/Vendor Floor
  • 10 is a Boss Floor
  • 11-18 are Combat Floors
  • 19 is a Merchant/Vendor Floor
  • 20 is a Boss Floor
  • 21-28 are Combat Floor
  • 29 is a Merchant/Vendor Floor
  • 30 is a Boss Floor

After making a purchase form the 3rd vendor at Floor 29. You’ll get this achievement.

Tower Power

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Tower Power - 515A66582Tower Power: Complete a tower run on Adventure difficulty
Very Easy. Complete a Tower run in Adventure difficulty.


Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Indomitable - 4E71D0A7EIndomitable: Complete a tower run on Apocalypse difficulty
A little difficult. But if you be a little careful, and choose good offerings after clearing a floor.
You can do it.

Staff Only (Secret)

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Staff Only (Secret) - 19F2CCD25Staff Only: You aren’t supposed to be here! (Secret)
This can be found in the spawn camp, just to the left of the tower start door. You will need the artefact “Light Feather” as it will allow you to hop to where is needed.
You will stand on the 2 little stairs to the left of the door around the corner (basically on the gra*s to the left of the tower door). Face the wooden railing to the left and using the feather “hop” onto the railing. From there fall onto the roof with the chimney. To continue further down go to the bottom left corner of that roof and roll towards the wall diagonally as to fall onto the roof below. (Rolling left too far will cause you to fall off the map). From there continue to the right to the next lowest roof. You should see a platform of wood below this roof go to the back right and walk off carefully to the platform below. Then walk through the door and being inside the room, will trigger this achievement.



Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Well-Seasoned - 37C913AB6Well-Seasoned: Reach seasonal adventure rank 10
The seasonal adventure rank is the rank, that you get through the Adventure Hub.
Simply complete the weekly tasks, and missions. And you’ll reach rank 10 in the season.
Note: Season 1 or 2, doesn’t matter, simply reaching rank 10 in any of the two, will net you this achievement.


Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Trendsetter - B3250DC1CTrendsetter: Reach seasonal adventure rank 25
Pretty simple. Much like Well-Seasoned, keep playing the game, do weekly tasks, daily trails, and run the tower.

Golden Gauntlet

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Golden Gauntlet - 4269BFCF8Golden Gauntlet: Complete Gauntlet of Gales on Apocalypse difficulty with the golden parrot as your companion
Now this will take a lot of grinding, to reach the level 45 of Season 1.
As the Golden Parrot pet, can only be found in Season 1.
Pretty much the same tactic like Well-Seasoned and Trendsetter.
Now, after you obtain the Golden Parrot, you need to complete the mission Gauntlet of Gales, which is a part of the Howling Peaks DLC with the ‘Golden Parrot’ equipped.

So Many Stairs!

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - So Many Stairs! - 39E5468AESo Many Stairs!: Clear 100 Tower floors
A normal tower run, consist of 30 floors. So complete 4 tower runs, to achieve this.
Tip: 100 Tower floors count is cumulative. So, even if you fail a tower run, all the floors that you climbed, will get counted.

Pet the Dog

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Pet the Dog - C4D44D6AEPet the Dog: “Who’s a good wolf? You are! Yes, you are.”
Whenever you a wolf/dog in your camp, simply interact with it, and your character will pet the dog.
And you’ll get the achievement.

So Last Season

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - So Last Season - EADE74F1FSo Last Season: Complete a mission with a full set of cosmetics (Cape, Pet, Emote, Flairs) from a previous season
You need to attain the final rank(Rank 50) in Season 1: Cloudy Climb, to get a cape.
Otherwise, if you have paid pa*s for the Season 1, you’ll get a cape in Rank 25.
Now, open your inventory, go the cosmetics tab (last tab).
There select a cape, pet, emote and a flair, from Season 1.
And then complete any mission with those equipped.

Mine Is Cuter Than Yours!

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Mine Is Cuter Than Yours! - E7AD94799Mine Is Cuter Than Yours!: Defeat the Redstone Monstrosity with any Ministrosity Pet equipped
The first Ministrosity Pet can be found in the Rank 4 of Season 2: Luminous Night.
Equip it, and then defeat the boss of Fiery Forge.

Same To You, Buddy!

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Same To You, Buddy! - 8E9DEDFB2Same To You, Buddy!: Use the Abomination Roar emote at the Jungle Abomination
You can get the ‘Abomination Roar’ emote in Rank 16 of Season 2.
Then go to the Overgrown Temple mission, which is part of the Jungle Awakens DLC
And while fighting the Jungle Abomination boss, use your ‘Abomination Roar’ emote.

Tower Tourist

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Tower Tourist - 2A98CB68CTower Tourist: Encounter 15 different biomes in your Tower adventures
These are the 15 different biomes that you need to encounter, while running the Tower:

  • Festival of Frost
  • Frosted Fjord
  • Lone Fortress



Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Goal-Driven - 160670468Goal-Driven: Complete 10 Weekly Challenges
Check the Adventure Hub, there you will get weekly challenges for the seasonal pa*s.
At a single week only 6 weekly challenges are given. So you’ll be doing this 2 weeks. To complete at-least 10 Weekly Challenges. And get this achievement.

Daily Destroyer

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Daily Destroyer - 8F041E7DADaily Destroyer: Complete 3 Daily Trials in 1 day
Pretty straightforward. In the Mainland, and if you have DLCs, check those dimensions as well.
For Daily Trails, complete 3 in one day. And you’ll get this achievement.

Hot-Footed Hero

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Hot-Footed Hero - CBC80B64FHot-Footed Hero: Complete Cacti Canyon in under 5 minutes
Get as much high level as you can be, then load up a very low difficulty of Cacti Canyon.
Then just simply run past, all the enemy mobs. Don’t waste your time, killing anything.
Useful artefacts to bring in this run, would be Ghost Cloak, Boots of Swiftness or any Pet artefact (to distract the enemies).
Best armour would be the Ember Robe, that have a built in 15% movespeed, and if you can get ‘Speed Synergy’ or ‘Cooldown’ enchantment on it. That would be godly.
Using this combination, will help you run past, each and all enemies, and get to the end in less than 5 minutes.

Creeper In The Woods

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Creeper In The Woods - F7AC4AF3BCreeper In The Woods: Complete Creeper Woods on Apocalypse difficulty, without defeating any mobs
Get as much as high level as you can get, and then load up Apocalypse I, and run past all the enemy mobs, without defeating any mob.
Similar to the achievement Hot-Footed Hero, you can bring all mentioned gear and artefacts here, and they will help you get this achievement, just the same.

How Does It All Fit?

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - How Does It All Fit? - E38E4E3F1How Does It All Fit?: Store 50 items in the Storage Chest
The Storage Chest is located near the Village Merchant, and then simply store 50 items (armours, artefacts, weapons) from your inventory to the Storage Chest.

Back From Whence You Came!

Ultimate All Achievements Guide - Minecraft Dungeons - Back From Whence You Came! - 113EFBBF5Back From Whence You Came!: Defeat 10 Wildfires
Wildfires is a mob, that can be found in almost all of the maps of Flames of the Nether DLC.
Simply run any of the maps from the Flames of the Nether DLC. Preferably the ‘Nether Fortress’
And just defeat Wildfires, whenever you see them.
Defeating 10 Wildfires will net you this achievement.


All of the images are from the Minecraft Dungeon Wiki and Steam Community.


I’m not a native English language speaker. English is my second language.
So if I make any grammatical mistake, please write about it in the comments, and I’ll fix it.
And there are some places, that I need to add some more images and screenshots.
Ill add them very soon.
Thank you.

Written by ThuNder

Here we come to an end for the Ultimate All Achievements Guide – Minecraft Dungeons guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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