Underwear Guide – Robin Morningwood Adventure

Underwear Guide – Robin Morningwood Adventure 1 - steamclue.com
Underwear Guide – Robin Morningwood Adventure 1 - steamclue.com

More underwear is going to be added in future updates, everything listed is what’s available currently, and the achievement doesn’t unlock yet.

Purchased in the Bandit’s stolen underwear shop

#1 – Robin’s Tattered Green Boxers [bought at the Bandit’s shop] (50 Gold)
#3 – Selim’s Chainmail Briefs [repair Selim’s weapon shop] (100 Gold)
#7 – Valdo’s Traditional Underwear [repair the dock next to the lake] (100 Gold, 30 Meat)
#9 – Hanth’s Two-Toned Briefs [repair Hanth’s forge] (150 Gold, 15 Meat)
#12 – Rafaelo’s Thong [repair Rafaelo’s workshop] (150 Gold, 15 Vegetables)
#13 – Arthur’s Mankini [repair Arthur’s library] (100 Gold, 15 Meat, 15 Vegetables)
#14 – Liam’s Purple Briefs [repair Liam’s tavern] (150 Gold, 30 Meat)
#17 – Giant Loyd’s Red Briefs [repair Whellcum’s mine] (100 Gold, 25 Meat, 25 Vegetables)
#19 – Horace’s Ghostly Briefs [repair the bridge to Horace’s house] (150 Gold, 30 Vegetables)
#21 – Arthur’s Thong [finish Horace’s 2nd affinity story] (150 Gold, 30 Vegetables)
#26 – Zack’s “Floury” Briefs [rebuild Zack’s bakery] (200 Gold, 30 Meat, 30 Vegetables)
#28 – Grant’s Combat Briefs [beat Grant’s tournament (quest)] (300 Gold, 50 Meat, 50 Vegetables)
#30 – Daddy Orc’s Briefs [unlocked during Robin’s time in the dungeon] (250 Gold, 25 Meat)
#31 – Rulius’ Jockstrap [finish Astaroth’s 2nd affinity story] (300 Gold, 50 Meat, 50 Vegetables)
#33 – Stone Underwear [unlocked after defeating Grant X] (350 Gold, 40 Meat, 40 Vegetables)
#34 – Grant’s Rags [unlocked after defeating Grant X] (500 Gold, 50 Meat, 50 Vegetables)

Affinity Underwear

#4 – Hubert’s Favorite Underwear [finish Hubert’s affinity stories]
#5 – Orderic’s Favorite Underwear [finish Orderic’s affinity stories]
#6 – Gregor’s Favorite Underwear [finish Gregor’s affinity stories]
#8 – Valdo’s Favorite Underwear [finish Valdo’s affinity stories]
#11 – Hanth’s Favorite Underwear [finish Hanth’s affinity stories]
#16 – Ghart’s Favorite Underwear [finish Ghart’s affinity stories]
#18 – Giant Loyd’s Favorite Underwear [finish Loyd’s affinity stories]
#20 – Horace’s Favorite Underwear [finish Horace’s affinity stories]
#22 – Beton’s Favorite Underwear [finish Beton’s affinity stories]
#23 – The Twins’ Favorite Underwear [finish the Twins’ affinity stories]
#27 – Zack’s Favorite Underwear [finish Zack’s affinity stories]
#29 – General Grant’s Favorite Underwear [finish Grant’s affinity stories]
#32 – Astaroth’s Favorite Underwear [finish Astaroth’s affinity stories]

Randomly unlocked

#2 – General Grant’s White Briefs [unlocked automatically in the tutorial for sniffing underwear]
#10 – Hanth’s Blue Briefs [unlocked after Robin wakes up from his first encounter with a Dark Knight]
#15 – Robin’s Swimsuit [unlocked after completely repairing and furnishing Robin’s house]
#24 – Voyeur Santa’s Briefs [Drink the holiday eggnog at Liam’s Tavern] {The story/eggnog is accessible only from December 10th to January 10th, the underwear however can be viewed all the time after unlocking}
#25 – Bandit’s Favorite Underwear [found in the Bandit’s lair in Golden Sand’s last section after beating the Bandit while collecting the King’s statue piece] {item can only be collected when visiting the location as part of the story, the room cannot be accessed again afterwards}
#35 – Dragonscale Briefs [finish Dodoro the Dragon’s side-quest]
#36 – Robin’s Favorite Underwear – automatically unlocked and found in gallery after defeating the king

Written by BGGSZ

This is all we can share for Underwear Guide – Robin Morningwood Adventure for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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