Useless Facts – Tap Ninja

Useless Facts – Tap Ninja 1 -
Useless Facts – Tap Ninja 1 -

Totally usless fact about this game.
I just wana say that this is not really a guide and it’s more like my project about my collection of thought and small details I found.
This ”guide” will be actively updated trouh out my whole active gameplay of this game.
Once you start see that some of my usless stuff is outdated, please understand that I probably went touch some gra*s for the first time in my life.
Other than that, enyoj learning literally usless stuff that I found for you in Tap Ninja (steam version only).


How I was saying, This not really guide. I really dont want to make discussion about everythink I found, so I simply made this ”guide” for information purpose that do not teache about bases of the game. Also, I will mention some names here, so if you have some problem with that, just msg. me and I whould do my best to not make anyone angry in here.

Developer Updates

This will be sortet by the oldes to newest versions of the game.

  • Tap Ninja was relesed 17.March 2022. Achievement for Women’s Day is given 8.-15.March which means that last event achievement you’ll get is this one because of this two day gap. (unless you abuse your computer timer)
  • Game update v2.6.4 only made changes in languages + added 3 new. Also this is only update that have someones fan art. (sweet)
  • Game update v2.7.0 included ‘New Energy upgrades’ which that sword had green texture behind, but in game there is non ‘Energy per hit upgrade’ that has green sprite behind. (I am guessing that choice of color was used because everythink that was good for that update was mosly green)
    Update Icon:
    Useless Facts - Tap Ninja - Developer Updates - 218864245
    In game Icons:
    Useless Facts - Tap Ninja - Developer Updates - C393C57C5Useless Facts - Tap Ninja - Developer Updates - C0A4C7AD6


  • Game update (*version name uknown*) was hinting to new stars upgrades which one of them has a name ”Pickpocket” this was suggestion from steam user @Cookedmeat. You can find his idea in ‘Help make Tap Ninja more idle!’ comments.



There will be minor mistakes in textures that I found in my total playtime.

  • Treasury sprite is slightly off centered by 2 pixels to left. Also visibel on achievement.
    Useless Facts - Tap Ninja - Textures - 2E0DFB8E6


  • Sprite for Archangel in shop is different than one in character menu. (this visual mistake is reported and is work in progress)
    In shop:
    Useless Facts - Tap Ninja - Textures - 2754393AAIn character menu:
    Useless Facts - Tap Ninja - Textures - 970BF172E


  • Assa*sin (b) is only character that has one dot as eyes (except Archangel that has no eyes)
    Useless Facts - Tap Ninja - Textures - 1459C0296


  • When helldog is hitted by a hookrope, his movement stops and will freeze on place untile he is destroyed. (animation still goes)



There will be archived bug, glitches, minor mistakes.

  • Nothing for now, but some of this stuff is work in progress 🙂


That’s All For Now Folks!

Thanks for visiting this ”Totally Literally Usless Guide”. If you feel this should not exits i totaly understand. I know this is suppust to be a ”Guide” but there is one very good from @Grimagin. So I wanted to be original but at the same time somehow helpful. @Shamahan if you read this please tell me if i should continue in my work or if I shoud delete it and instade sending these think directly to you.
Thank you all and hava nice day.

Written by vylmex

Here we come to an end for the Useless Facts – Tap Ninja guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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