Using Arcade Mode – Annalynn

Using Arcade Mode – Annalynn 1 -
Using Arcade Mode – Annalynn 1 -

1.5 introduces arcade mode. Need help getting started? Read this official guide for more information!


One of the new features included in the 1.5 update is arcade mode. Arcade mode slightly modifies the game to play more authentically like an actual arcade game – player options are more limited, a second player can trade off with the first player between lives to compete for a high score, and multiple options can be tweaked to make the game easier or harder.
Enabling arcade mode also makes the game utilize 3 more buttons: one for depositing a token, one for playing a 1 player game, and one for playing a 2 player game. These buttons are mapped to the “5”, “1”, and “2” keys, respectively. They cannot be changed at the moment, but custom keybinds are planned for a future update.
(NOTE: Enabling arcade mode will disable achievements.)

Creating the .ini File

Arcade mode cannot be enabled through the game itself. To turn arcade mode on, a .ini file needs to be created in the game’s local save directory. Here is how to navigate to the game’s save directory:
1. Press the Windows key and R simultaneously to open the Run program.
Using Arcade Mode - Annalynn - Creating the .ini File - 7A6215694
2. Type in “%localappdata%” and press OK.
Using Arcade Mode - Annalynn - Creating the .ini File - 9C224B1DD
3. Open the folder named “Annalynn”. (If you do not see this folder, run the game. It will be made automatically after the game is opened for the first time.)
Using Arcade Mode - Annalynn - Creating the .ini File - E8DFD1D49
Once you are in this directory, a .ini file can be made. The file’s name must be “arcade.ini” for the game to recognize it. A template file containing all the necessary information can be downloaded here – [] .

.ini File Contents

Aside from simply turning arcade mode on, the .ini file also contains multiple lines for adjusting options or keeping track of statistics. The names of the values cannot be changed, but the numerical values that are a*sociated with them can.
This is what the file’s contents should look like by default:
Using Arcade Mode - Annalynn - .ini File Contents - 7F84D87C7
The .ini file is split up into three sections:


Only used to contain the “On” option. If On is set to 1, arcade mode will be enabled. If set to 0, arcade mode will be disabled and the game will play normally.


This section is for multiple options that can be tweaked to your preference. Any changes will take place the next time the game is booted up after the file is saved. Unless otherwise specified, options can be set to “1” for enabled or “0” for disabled.
Simply enables or disables the option to play random mode on the main menu.
With arcade mode enabled, the standard functionality for the start buttons has been tweaked to be more authentic to an arcade experience, such as disabling pausin and preventing cutscenes from being skipped. If you would still like to be able to skip cutscenes, you can hold down the jump button to skip them if this option is enabled.
By default, the game can be freely played as many times as the player wishes. If you would like to have the game require “tokens” to be deposited to be played, however, there are some options in place for this. The game requires one credit to play, and changing this option will affect how many tokens are needed for a credit:

  • 0: Free play/infinite credits (default)
  • 1: 1 token, 2 credits
  • 2: 1 token, 1 credit
  • 3: 2 tokens, 1 credit
  • 4: 3 tokens, 1 credit
  • 5: 4 tokens, 1 credit

If disabled, players will not be able to continue the game after getting a game over.
Determines how many lives the player is given when starting a new game. Can be anywhere between 1 and 5. Set to 3 by default.
If set to a value between 0 and 3, the player will only be able to obtain that many bonus lives throughout their playthrough. Any other value lets the player infinitely collect bonus lives when point thresholds are met.
Changes what point thresholds need to be met before the player is rewarded with extra lives. This option can be set to the following values:

  • 0: 1st life at 20,000 points, 2nd life at 80,000 points, 3rd life and beyond every 160,000 points (default)
  • 1: 1st life at 10,000 points, 2nd life at 50,000 points, 3rd life and beyond every 100,000 points
  • 2: 1st life at 30,000 points, 2nd life at 100,000 points, 3rd life and beyond every 200,000 points



This section is just for keeping track of any statistics for games played while arcade mode is enabled. Changing their values does not affect the game at all; this is just for internal records.
The amount of tokens that were “deposited” (or rather, how many times the deposit key was pressed).
The amount of credits that have been used to start or continue a game. Does not increment if free play is enabled.
How many times a game was started for campaign mode.
How many times a continue has been used in campaign mode.
How many times a game was started for random mode.
How many times a continue has been used in random mode.

Written by Cruise Elroy

I hope you enjoy the Using Arcade Mode – Annalynn guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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