Using Console for Fixes [WIP] – Kairo

Using Console for Fixes [WIP] – Kairo 1 -
Using Console for Fixes [WIP] – Kairo 1 -

Rune not collecting? Secret puzzle not “counting”? I’m unsure how to fix this (yet), but I welcome you all to try!

Opening the Console

The console is enabled by default and can be opened with Z. It is recommended to do this on the menu since you’re given control of your mouse’s scrollwheel. Your screen should look like mine after inputting “help”. [imgs will be posted once screenshots have been saved [they did not 🙁 ]]


Help already helped but I’ll provide some shaky elaboration:

  • index – Outputs a list of preset states. One for each room (maybe multiple for flag variations)
  • scene [number] – Loads the index number’s scene. 0-58 with 58 being the ending.
  • mute – Effect unknown
  • dir – Similar to [index], but instead outputs a list of loaded objects. If there’s a thing it probably has a name here.
  • cd [object] – This may be a Quake Engine dependency [GUESS]. It doesn’t seem to be utilized in Kairo, though.
  • del [object] – My console is stuck on RuneQuest1-13 (from dir) ending in a single R [see img]. Either cd broke it or there’s an exit input. Not willing to find out as I write this guide in the overlay

    Main Focus

  • flags & set [flag] – Lists all event triggers, all boolean (“TRUE” or “FALSE” values). Tried activating some runes [globalLighthouseSecret2 &globalLighthouseSecret3] which either did so invisibly by not triggering a separate graphical trigger, failed a check for a prerequisite trigger, or didn’t work. For example, Rune 2 (my broken one) was triggered while in its room. This caused the rune to disappear visually until loaded again without the rune GUI doing anything at all. Ugh.


Conclusions (Currently Unsatifying)

There is no scene titled “SecretEnding” despite the existence of “Ending”.
Changing global[map]Secret1-6 fails to fully activate runes.
Until someone with more time than me leaves an insightful comment, broken runes/puzzles soft-lock the final door.

Written by woahiamme

This is all we can share for Using Console for Fixes [WIP] – Kairo for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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