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Using Modifications – The Long Drive 1 -
Using Modifications – The Long Drive 1 -

This is a guide to installing, and using modifications.
It will cover where to get them, how to install them and how to fix it when the mod-loader stops working.

Where To Get The Mod-loader

First you will have to patch the game.
The newest patcher/mod-loader is installed by the “TLD Workshop” tool.
You can find the newest version of TLDWorkshop in the discord.
Join the discord by clicking the link in the bottom-right of the TLD menu screen.
In the discord you will find 3 sections relating to modifications.
The Workshop tool is distributed in the #mod-loader section.
Check the pins for important posts, or scroll up until you find it.
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Installing the Patcher / Mod-Loader

NOTE: Windows security settings may interfere with patching the game if;
1) your steam library is installed in the default system programs folder.
2) you have ransomware protection enabled with one-drive and Windows Defender.
The solution to the first problem is to run TLDWorkshop as admin, and the second problem will need you to temporarily disable one-drive or the ransomware features.
The Workshop tool can be run from wherever you saved it, but it is wise to put it in the TLD folder in your Documents folder, because it will put a DLL file in the same folder as itself when you run it (and this is also where the mods will be installed anyway).
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When you first run the Workshop you must click on the “Download TLDPatcher” button.
If you see an error that says it cannot connect to – []  then it may be temporarily offline or your firewall is blocking the TLDWorkshop tool.
You can check to see if it is a problem at your end or with the site, by using a service like this – [] 
(If the site is offline please leave a message in the TLD discord)
The patcher should download and self extract itself into the mods temporary folder.
eg. D:\MyStuff\Documents\TheLongDrive\Mods\temp\patcher
You should now see the patcher/Mod-loader open on your desktop.
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If the ModLoader does not show your game location, click on the TLD Folder button to set it manually.
You should now be able to patch the game with the “install TLDLoader” button.
This will patch one of the game files (Assembly-CSharp.dll) and make a backup of the original so you can use the “Remove TLDLoader” option if you need to.
Remember !Remember ! You will need to re-patch the game after any new game updates have been installed by Steam.
You do not need to download the patcher again, as it will still be in ..\Documents\TheLongDrive\Mods\temp\patcher

Installing Modifications

Easy Install

Now you are ready to install some mods.
The easiest way is to use the TLD Workshop tool you used to install the patcher.
Click on the button “Go To Mods” to open the curated collection.
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Some mods need special instructions or have bugs, so please read the text before installing.
eg. You cannot use the item spawner until you have travelled far enough to unlock it.
You can also use the Workshop tool to update existing mods.

Manual Modification Installation

You may want to use other mods from places like ModDB – []  or the TLD discord in the #mod-loader section, where you can find some other mods that may be unfinished, unstable or old.
For mods not listed in TLD Workshop, you will have to place the files in the correct folders.
Most small mods will just be 1 file with a *.DLL file extension.
Place the DLL files in the mods folder and you are done.
Bigger mods and those with extra a*sets will be packaged as compressed archives such as ZIP, RAR or 7z.
If you cannot open them by double-clicking, you need to install either WinRAR – []  or 7zip – []  (both are free and can open many types of compressed files).
Open the mod archive and drag the contents to the mods folder.
DLLs go in “Mods” and a*sets go in “Assets”.
NOTE: Any mods you manually installed that are also in the Workshop, can be updated with the Workshop.
Some files may be named differently if installed by the Workshop tool.
The Workshop will attempt to detect these files and offer to change the names.


1) Read the information for the mod you want to use. Some mods have limits or are now obsolete.
2) Add one mod at a time to test, because some will add lag and others may conflict with existing mods, or the current game build you are using.
3) When you start the game, pre-load the mods before loading your saved game. Do this by starting a new game and waiting for the mods to load, then loading your save.
4) Never ask people for a game save over 1000 Km, because they will know how impatient and lazy you are, and that you have no friends and even kittens and puppies hate you.

If you want to use the spawner you must earn it by playing the game first.


Written by Dr.Flay™

Here we come to an end for the Using Modifications – The Long Drive guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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