Vials, Tomes and Accolades: Who gets what? – Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister

Vials, Tomes and Accolades: Who gets what? – Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister 1 -
Vials, Tomes and Accolades: Who gets what? – Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister 1 -

How to distribute in game items among your characters for best results (in mine opinion).

Part 1: Tomes/Manuals

Obtained in: Chapter 1 (On the map)
What it does:Grant a character the potential skill, which increases exp gain by 50% and overrides any prevailing exp growth handicaps the character may have (such as special cla*ses).
Ideal for characters with a strong sense of humor : If you plan to use the cla*s frequently, you will be very powerful at higher levels. Special cla*ses (40% exp gain penal) will also stay with you until the end.
Recommended recipients: Zayid(*), Sheela(*), Drake (*), Drake, Slayne
This is a linear video game with a fixed number. This book has a fixed number (26 – ), and the value of it decreases the more you wait to use it. Therefore, I recommend that you give it to your character as soon as possible after chapter 4. This skill can be accessed by any of 3 tradeable accolades that you can earn, starting at chapter 17. There are two possible approaches to choosing who to give this book to. The first is giving it to a character with difficulty leveling, either because of his/her role or because he/she isn't available for deployment. The second option is to give this book to a strong player to speed up his/her progress to max level. I prefer the second approach and would normally give this to Zayid Sheela and Drake. Drake should also receive the Art of War Manual in chapter 3. This will help you get to the highest leveling combo (fast level + better chance for good stats). Slayne can also be a good choice if your goal is to keep him alive until the end. By getting him to max strength as soon as possible, it will make the rest of the game easier.
Obtained in: Chapter 4 (House at the upper right)
What it does: Grants a character the Lurk skill, which increases the evasion benefits of terrain by 50%
Ideal for characters that are : Are prone to being attacked, can access mountains/water and have good mobility
Recommended recipients: Sujata(*), Castore/Polluck
The benefits of this skill are better described on paper than in real life. It's rare that you will deliberately park a character in evasive terrain and engage long combat. Even if you do, the 50% bonus isn't much. It's not necessary to think too hard about who this tome should be given to. To make Sujata harder to hit, or one the sailors, I'd give this to them. Water, by default, gives you +25 evasion. Note that flying units don't benefit from terrain bonuses.
Obtained in: Chapter 14 (Examine the scarecrow)
What it does:Grants a character the taskmaster skill, which allows them to refresh the actions of an adjacent ally; this is the same skill possessed by Roleck and Phoros.
Ideal for characters that are: You should not be performing an attack/heal in every turn, you should be strong enough for the frontline, mobile enough, and have someone who you will always deploy, if they are available.
Recommended recepients:Sujata(*), Drake, Lilia
I have played through multiple times and believe this skill is perfect to Sujata. She checks all the boxes. Being a taskmaster does not interfere with her primary role, which is to be a counter-attacker and blocker (with her 2nd WP), and in fact increases her utility as well as her exp gain. Drake is my only recommendation, if you want to give this book to someone else. He'll be a counter-attacker for many rounds, but that's not too bad considering he can get critical reprisal with his PW. Don't waste this skill on Zade. He should always be at the frontline cutting things up every turn.
Obtained in:Chapter 14 (Capture a pirate enemy)
What it does:Gives a character's counterattacks a 25% chance of causing a critical hit.
Ideal for characters that are: Often getting attacked, fairly accurate, have ranged attack, sub-par Crit rates and are durable.
Recommended Recipients:Abrahm(*), Penneloupe(*), Zade, Bertoullia, Claude, Lucion
This tome can significantly increase a character’s offensive capabilities during the enemy’s turn…if he/she is able to survive the initial a*sault. These tomes are excellent candidates for Aggro magnets like Penneloupe or Abrahm. Penneloupe will get a full replenishment of her healthbar if this skill activates while she is equipped with her PW. If you're looking for some extra power, Bertoullia (Zade) and Bertoullia (Bertoulia) are also good choices. They do enough fatal damage to be sufficient without the skill. It is a waste of time to give this tome for a character who will often/always attack first or has critical reprisal skills. This skill is by default for Zayid.
Obtained in:Chapter 7x (Capture an enemy)
What it does:Teaches a character the haggler skill, which grants a 25% discount when buying from merchants.
Ideal for characters that are: You are available to deploy in maps with shops, not as an attacking force, and you have good mobility.
Recommended recipients:Ouron (*), Slayne
I don’t know why, but this tome doesn’t seem that useful. Jonathan, your main logistics player, already has this skill and is force deployed in both the'resupply’ chapters (15) and (20). Not all maps from chapter 8 and beyond have shops. I'd normally just give it To Ouron, as he's not strong enough for frontline combat. However, he is force-deployed in chapter 18 (Roswell/Borte town) and is fast enough to perform emergency delivery work, especially during chapter 20. Bertoullia is forbidden from entering shops so you don't need to give it to her.

Part 2: Tomes/Manuals

Obtained in: Chapter 18 (On the map)
What it does: Makes the character immune to effects that have modifiers against the character's cla*s e.g. arrows against flying units.
Ideal for characters with flying units, mounted horses-riding, high attack potential, and sub-par defenses
Recommended recipients: Bertoullia(*), Alexander, Hestion, Aslanne, Amlute
Comments: While each cla*s is vulnerable to specific weapons in this game, your aerial and mount characters are more at risk because they typically have less armor than light infantry and heavy knights. Bertoullia has a high defense but is still susceptible to multi-hitting Archers. You can use this skill to send her on lots of solo missions or to use her as an evasive battering ram. Other than that, any of your characters above will benefit, if you use them/her often. Orphelia is and Laffine already have the skill. Zade can learn it at Chapter 18 from Vaughes if he's not busy with Chapter 10.
Obtained in: Chapter 14 (Enemy drop)
What it does: Grants a character the Critical Edge skill, which increases his/her critical hit chance by a % equal to his/her dexterity.
Ideal for characters that are : High in the Dexterity Stat (duh), damage dealers are only
Recommended recipients: Zade (*), Aslanne, Abrahm, Orphelia, Alexander, Laffine, Amlute, Ouron
The choices you have for this Tome will be limited as most of your physical damage dealers (including the mediocre Baymonk) already have the critical Edge skill. Zade is a safe and boring choice, if your mood calls for more. If you are not able to choose one of the characters in the list with decent Dexterity (at least 13, and whom I intend to use often), then I recommend Zade. Ouron is a good choice due to his naturally high dexterity/growth, but I don't see why you should try to make a weaker damage dealer into one that is better. It's much more efficient to turn a weaker damage dealer into one that is stronger. This skill also applies to magical attack, so you could give it a mage who has decent dexterity, if you like.
Obtained in: Chapter 8 (Enemy drop)
What it does:Grants a character the Ambush skill, giving him/her a (5 x Agility)% chance to attack first.
Ideal for characters that are: They are agile, defensely poor and don't use weapons that would allow them to strike first. They are also excellent damage dealers.
Recommended recipients: Sheela (*), Penneloupe (*), Haldyn, Amlute
This tome is extremely useful. It greatly increases the survivability of its recipients, provided it activates often. This skill will always activate when a character has at most 20 agility. However don't be shy about giving it to characters with slightly less (16 is my threshold), or characters that aren't on the above list. I prefer to give this skill to archers or certain light infantry, due their vulnerability and inability to use first-strike weapons. Longspears or Chimnirs can be used by cavalry, flying units, and mage to access this skill, while axe-users can use hatchets. This will make Drake and Zade grid erasers, without the need to overpower them.
Obtained in: Chapter 13 (NPC in green house); Chapter 18 (Enemy pirate ship drop)
What it does: Makes a character immune to critical damage. However, normal damage will still be taken.
Ideal for characters that are : Squishy and prone to taking injury, low HP or having poor luck.
Recommended recipients: Amlute (*), Penneloupe(*), Sheela, Zayid, Fauve, Accorte
I wouldn’t recommend giving this to squishy creatures that have other reliable ways of avoiding/mitigating damage (e.g. Characters with skills/weapons allowing them to give ambush and first blood, life-drain, or 50% DR. Amlute is a good candidate to receive one tome. He checks all the boxes, and especially his terrible luck. I usually give the second one to one of the 3 villages (Sheela Zayid and Penneloupe). If you really enjoy using her, Accorte can also be a good option.
Obtained in:
What it does:Grants a character a (2 x Dexterity)% chance for his/her attacks to be unavoidable.
Ideal for characters who are: Only moderately accurate (medium xterity), using low accuracy tools like axes.
Recommended recipients: Zayid (*), Fauve, Sujata
Acumen is a difficult skill because it relies on the accuracy stat (dexterity). And you can't get much more accurate than 100 percent. It's almost like getting free food equaling the amount you already have. Sharpshooters don’t need it and inaccurate characters won’t benefit much. This is why I usually give this item my average dexterity axe users (at least 13, if possible) to get some mileage. Most of the weapons in the game (including spells), have decent accuracy ratings and can only be used by characters with acceptable level of dexterity. I haven’t tried this tome with a spellcaster yet, but I a*sume it works well for them.
Obtained in: Chapter 14 (enemy drop); will be permanently bounded to the character landing the killing blow.
What it does: Grants a character the Imbecile skill, causing all allies in a 5-square radius to lose 10 accuracy and evasion, 1 attack, defense and resistance.
Ideal for character that is: You will be designated to die and will not be available for the rest.
Recommended recipients: Roleck (*)
I believe that this tome was placed in the game as a trade-off to get the powerful Capheinictotem. However, it is still worth obtaining. The tome is not transferable to the stockpile, nor to another character. I also don't know of any way to remove its horrible debuff. Roleck is your best choice unless you have an alternate character or plan to bench indefinitely. Roleck will be gone after chapter 14. Bennette will return in chapter 25. His Frontier Imperator buff can also mitigate some of the skill’s negative effects. It is risky to give this debuff to Accorte, even if your goal is to kill her before chapter 20, to keep Slayne. You are forced to use the skill in the next chapter on a map which has very limited space. This debuff will most likely result in some members of your team being killed.

Vials & Flasks

Obtained in: Chapter 7x (NPC house)
What it gives: +1 mobility
Recommended recipients: Bertoullia (*)
The increased mobility benefits EVERY character. So the question is not which character has the greatest benefits, but which character. To me, it's flying characters with the hitn-run skill. You can enjoy the extra mobility without being impacted by terrain. Based on this criteria, Bertoullia is the only one I recommend. She will become a rapid-response death machine if her 7-square mobility is increased to 8 and hit-n'run and ranged a*sault are added.
LIQUID MAGIC (2 vials)
Obtained in:Chapter 14 (Examine pink flower); Chapter 16 (NPC in Northeast red house)
What it gives: +2 magic power
Recommended recipients: Bertoullia (*), Laffine (*), Aslanne, Orphelia, Karajan
Bertoullia must be given at most one vial unless the magic power limit is near or reached. I believe the cap is 16 or 18, not 30, contrary to what the wiki claims. With her multistrike ability, every additional magic points has a double effect. This vial would be most helpful to magic weapon owners. I'd typically give it, depending on how often they deploy their magic power, to one of the three girls mentioned above. Although it might seem obvious to give this vial to a mage group, I don't think they require the damage boost. They do good damage once they are sufficiently leveled and have the right spells. If you really want to, I recommend giving it Karajan to improve both his healing spells and his damaging spells. You can do more damage with his life-threatening PW to get more self-healing.
Obtained in: Chapter 10 (Enemy barracks)
What it give: +3 luck
Recommended recipients: Anyone you like.
There is some controversy about this, but +3 Luck is too small to make any difference in gameplay. Because luck itself is a mediocre statistic that reduces a character’s likelihood of receiving critical injury (which can only happen if they are hit) and only affects one rare skill (benison). Instead of trying and figure out who will get most out of this item you can just feed it to a character that you like, and they will deploy it often.
Obtained in:Chapter 14 (Examine skeleton)
What it gives: +2 strength
Recommended recipients: Drake (*), Zade (*), Amlute, Sujata, Slayne,
While strength is beneficial to all physical attackers, some characters are more dependent of the stat to function effectively, particularly if they are often required to use them. If their strength growth is slowing down, I'd give this to Drake and Zade. Drake must meet or exceed his strength cap (15 by the 2nd Half of the game). A noodle-armed Zade is likely to exhaust his Edelstern. If both characters have enough strength, you could consider giving the Amlute to Amlute. Amlute's strength growth rate isn't too high. Sujata's attack frequency and the desire to keep Slayne at bay are two options.
Obtained in: Chapter 14 (Capture a pirate enemy); Chapter 18 (Enemy pirate ship drop)
What it gives: +2 agility
Recommended recipients: Hestion (*), a character with multichance and ambush (*)
Agility, like mobility or defense, is a helpful stat that affects two very important damage-dealing capabilities – multichance (or ambush) and multichance (or multichance). I would therefore prioritize boosting characters that have one or both of these skills. Hestion (innate multiplexance & ambush via Longspear), and a character with multichance who was also granted the ambushtome are both suitable recipients. As mentioned previously, ambush is guaranteed to activate when a character's agility is greater than 20, and any amount more is considered wasteful in the context of this skill.
What it gives: +3 HP
Obtained in: Chapter 4 (Examine the mushroom)
Recommended recipients: Zade (*), Karajan (*), Aslanne, Lilia, Ezrel
Unlike most stat-boosting tomes or items that should be used quickly, I would keep the Liquid Vitality vial until Chapter 8-9. I will then have a better understanding of which characters I need to boost their HP due to unlucky random numbers. Zade should be the main hero and should get first dibs on any HP that isn't below 38 by Level 15. If his HP is below 38 by Level 15, Zade should always be first in line. Ezrel is also a viable choice if his HP grows really slow, but the little runt often gets enough protection from his skills (high level of evasion, bloody nourishment, and lurk), as well as 50% DR from his holy magick spellbooks.
Obtained in:Chapter 9 (Examine sea shell)
What it gives: +2 defense
Recommended recipients:Karajan (*), Zade (*), Zayid, Sheela, Penneloupe
+2 defense is almost equivalent to the benefit from most bond buffs. This makes a significant difference. Zade should receive this item if he doesn't have at least 14 defense (before any buffs) by level 15. He'll be fighting many bosses and heavy-hitters in the game. I recommend giving this item to the character to whom you gave the critical dodge tome and liquid vitality.


Obtained in: Rewarded at the end of chapter 20, if all villagers in Alexander's village survive.
What it gives: Weaponguard skill, Stat growth boost
Recommended recipients:Drake (*), Sujata (*)
This is without doubt the most prestigious of the three accolades due to his incredible weaponguard skill. What could be better than an extremely powerful PW One with unlimited durability. The PWs of three characters stand out: Sujata and Karajan's. I always give this to Drake, who is force deployed during chapter 21 – because with weaponguard he can go ham with his TWO weapons and effectively become the game's best character. It is possible to trade it between chapters, especially if the character is going out to kill many enemies. This item can only be equipped in two chapters (21, 24 or 25). However, there is an easy way to make it available for use in both chapters 25 and 24. This item can be pa*sed along to Zade, before he goes up the stairs into Athol’s chambers. Once it's transferred to the inventory, it can be accessed and accessed by other characters in chapter 25.
Obtained in:Rewarded DURING chapter 17, if you liberated the village without killing any conscripted villagers.
What it gives:Potential skill, Stat growth boost
Recommended recipients: A character who is strong at higher levels but is lagging behind in level/stat growth. A character that is at maximum level or who has the Art of War weapon.
This item grants stat boosting effects similar to those gained from the Art of War items in chapter 3. The accolade can be traded and also has the potential for great synergy. The stat boosting benefits of this item do not stack with Art of War. It's difficult to recommend a character to give this to. It depends on the characters you use and how they were treated by the RNG. It is risky to give this to Haldyn because it is difficult or even impossible for a strong (higher strength) Haldyn, to recruit Ravinia. This is due to bad game design. Ravinia should be rewarded with this or the People's Accolade in Chapter 21 if she is recruited.
Obtained in:Rewarded at the end of chapter 20, if all 6 NPCs inside the city survive. Not strictly necessary to extricate them with Accorte.
What it gives:Potential skill, Stat growth boost
Recommended recipients: See Rosen Accolade
This item and its principles of use are identical to the Rosen Accolade. However, it is only possible after chapter 20.


Written by Pookiebear

Here we come to an end for the Vials, Tomes and Accolades: Who gets what? – Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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