Vigilante for Beginners – Town of Salem

Vigilante for Beginners – Town of Salem 1 -
Vigilante for Beginners – Town of Salem 1 -

A simple guide on how to play the second most powerful town killing role!


This is a guide for aspiring vigilantes! This guide will teach you the very basics of ‘scumreading’ and how to shoot accordingly.
Hopefully this guide will elevate you from “Random shooting and hitting a Mayor” to “Carrying the game”!

The Beginning (D1/N1)

So, you rolled Vigilante! Congratulations.
Your biggest goal for night 1 is to just to survive. Obviously, if you get controlled by a Witch/Coven Leader, your toast. And dying Night 1 is bad too, duh.
ALWAYS keep a updated claims list!
Keep in mind a few things :

  • Who talked Day 1
  • Who whispered Day 1
  • Look for baits, they could possible be a Veteran or a Mafioso/Godfather trying to confirm later on


The Fun Part (D2-N4)

This is where the real fun of vigilante starts! The shooting!
As a vigilante, you can single-handedly change the tide of a game. This revolves around alot of circumstances.
The worst possible case scenario is a pa*sive town, where you get no information and might as well random shoot (DO NOT RANDOM SHOOT, EVEN IN ALL ANY!).
And obviously, the best possible scenario is a active town. It’s a requirement to stay focused on several things, which are :

  • Who’s talking?
  • Who’s voting?
  • How are people acting?
  • What do they vote on trials? If they guilty or abstain on VFR (Vote For Role), they become a priority suspect. This also goes for voting innocent on confirmed evils.
  • Ask for roles of people you suspect.

For Night 2 shooting, read all of the above and make a decision. Does your suspect not respond when asked for role? Ask for TP/LO (Town Protect / Lookout) and shoot them. No good townie has ANY reason to not respond to your request. The biggest tell for a evil role trying to blend in is their activity. Talking less frequently than other townies and voting suspiciously (Abstaining/Innoing Evils)
Another thing to keep in mind is to not put suspicion on yourself. Vote accordingly. Talk some but not too much, as Mafia/Coven should have better targets than you (such as confirmed townies, suspected other evils).
This strategy should continue into D3/N3/D4/N4.

The Last Stretch (D5-Onwards)

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Vigilantes are a priority target for evils WITHOUT basic defense.
Hitting all shots on N2-N5 is no easy feat. If you manage to do that, you’re a great vigilante and the skill ceiling is neverending!
Vigilante is a hard role for many to play because of its reliance on town activity and scumreading of others.
So, you’ve made it to D6 (or onwards!), and you’ve used all your bullets. Good job!
What now?
Remember to always :

  • Keep an updated will.
  • Keep all behavior monitored.
  • Always have an updated claims list
  • Vote accordingly, if all 3 of your shots hit evil factions (Coven/Mafia), town should be in a good spot.
  • If there’s any important roles (Confirmed townies, Jailors, etc), keep them updated!

With all this information town should be smooth sailing towards victory!

Notes (Any D/N)

So there’s some things i didn’t mention!
Some roles have defense higher than basic, which they will not die to your bullets.
Keep in mind what roles have basic (or higher) defense, such as Arsonists, Serial Killers, Godfathers, Coven Leaders (with the necronomicon), and Werewolves.
If this happens at all, IMMEDIATELY alert confirmed townies first, THEN notify the entire town.
If this happens on your first bullet on Night 2, you may be called an Executioner. This is obviously not a good situation for you as it puts the blame on you, and diverts suspicion away from your target.
It is a MUST to confirm town of your existence if you hit defense. Likely they won’t believe you.
For cla*sic+coven, where Coven Leader/Witches are common, keep this in mind :
If you get controlled, or your role gets revealed from VFR or TI (Town Investigative), ask for an Escort on you constantly. Escorts are the only way to protect you from getting forced to shoot an innocent townie, which you will die from guilt too.
Regarding Transporters and Town Protects
Coordinate with them accordingly if they are confirmed (Such as Crusaders, Doctors or Trappers)
Bodyguards are a big threat N2 if there is no targets for a bodyguard and you being unlucky enough to hit a protected person.
Transporters are a different story as you MUST work with them or you risk the chance of shooting an innocent transported townie or the transporter themselves.
Happy shooting.
Let me know anything i should change or add.

Written by Void

Here we come to an end for the Vigilante for Beginners – Town of Salem guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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